Mark Buehrle has been the ace of the Chicago White Sox pitching staff for a while. But playing in the final season of his contract the question surrounding Buehrle is how much longer will he pitch.

“I think he wants to, that’s just my opinion,” White Sox TV announcer Hawk Harrelson said on the Mully and Hanley Show of Buehrle pitching past this season. “Mark is one of those guys, as you’ve heard me say many times over the air, it’s amazing the resemblance between Mark Buehrle and Cat Fish Hunter. The only difference is Mark is left handed. And their personalities are the same, their stuff is about the same. And, you know, Cat Fish is in Cooperstown.”

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Buehrle has started at least 30 games in all but one season of his career, he started three during the season he made his MLB debut.

“Mark is one of those guys, that if he wants to, and I think he does, I think he could pitch another six, seven years with no problem,” Harrelson said. “Because the fact is he’s not a 90-plus miles per hour fastball. And he knows how to pitch and just gets better and better. The one thing you do have to surround him with though, is good defense. And last year that was not the case in many of his starts, especially early on. If you put good defense around Mark, he pitches to contact, then he’ll be able to pitch for a long time. And I really believe he wants to.”

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