With agents and managers and representatives all trying to get close to elite college basketball players in an effort to advice them an eventually profit off their success, it makes a college coach’s job that much tougher.

“I think it’s the biggest change in basketball in my coaching, is that how many people get involved,” Bruce Weber, head coach of the Fighting Illini, said on the Danny Mac Show. “When I played, if I had come home and said something about my coach…I’d get a tongue lashing, and maybe another kind of lashing that I didn’t want. And now I think you do have a lot more people involved. There’s a lot more distractions, obviously, the NBA, the money.”

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While the people in the players’ ears may think they know what’s best for the players, it’s the coaches who have experience working with players and getting them to the NBA. When all is said and done, it’s the coach who has the experiences that the “other” influences don’t.

“I’ve been through it before,” Weber said. “I’ve coached number one picks. I’ve coached number three picks. I’ve coached NBA All-Stars. I’ve coached Olympians. I hope I know what I’m doing, and our staff too. And we know you have to keep working at it. No matter how you’re playing, you have to keep pushing yourself and driving yourself and putting in extra time…That’s what you’re hoping to get your guys to believe in and do.”

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