Elmhurst Man Arrested For Child Pornography

WHEATON, Ill. (CBS) — An Elmhurst man has been charged with 15 counts of possessing child pornography.

Paul F. Murphy, 55, was arrested late Friday after Elmhurst police discovered he was in possession of hundreds of images and videos containing child pornography.

Bond was set at $200,000 on Saturday during a hearing at the DuPage County Courthouse in Wheaton.

“Child pornography steals innocence from its young victims one photograph at a time,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert. B. Berlin said. “Each one of those images allegedly possessed by Mr. Murphy represents a victim.”

Murphy was due back in court on Feb. 28 for bond review and was scheduled for arraignment on March 21.

In addition to his bond, Murphy was ordered to have no contact with children under the age of 18 and to have no access to computers.

  • Don't Drop the Soap

    Oh, the animals in the jail are going to take a special look at this fine specimen.

  • Skip.

    “Child pornography steals innocence from its young victims one photograph at a time,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert. B. Berlin said. “Each one of those images allegedly possessed by Mr. Murphy represents a victim.”

    First of all, I don’t condone child pornography in any way. So maybe I’m just in a mood today or taking things too analytically.

    What if a person has pictures of the holocaust on their computer? Those pictures would also represent victims of atrocities would they not?

    Is a viewer of a tragedy the same as a committer of a tragety? Were these pictures taken at the request of this man or is he just a viewer of an act that has already been commited?

    Like I said, I don’t approve of this behavior but I’m only curious about the legality of prosecuting a viewer of these acts. That’s all.

    I can see distribution being a crime but viewing?

    Let me say this one more time, I do not approve and especially being a parent of four I can just imagine the damage done I only wonder how they prosecute these people for looking at things that were done by others making them spectators and not perpetrators of crimes.


    Thank You, Skip. Very well said. They sell magazines with minors, posing naked. One comes to mind. Barely legal. Supply & demand. That is what makes the World go round. I, like you DO NOT approve. But, sadly, it happens everyday in every country. The worst part is I grew up in Elmhurst.

  • brotten2u

    Ok. good point. Just a viewer. The images in question were probably sought after. They did not just happen to pop up and oh! look, here are child porn pictures. This is the first step for these guys in their sick obcession. Once he gets bored of pictures and his desires need a more tangible thirst to quench, It is time to move on to a physical type of satisfaction. The object is to nip this thing in the bud instantly, and not have another missing or abused child. as a father, guys like this would not make their court date if they harmed my child. So go ahead and protect his rights, and call him just a viewer, but when he moves on to the next phase, it could be with one of your four Skip,, and then I want your view on this matter after that happens. Shut these predators down, fast and merciless. Just my opinion that i have a right to express. BTW. the images in question were enough to warrant an arrest. I don’t think they are anything short of toddlers and pre-teens forced or unknowingly taken raunchy photos of. somebody has already violated these childrens rights, and these guys fuel the fire to keep this going.

  • Skip M Plonka

    Dear brotten2u

    I agree with you on most parts. If anybody touched my kids they would not only not make their court date, they would most likely not be heard from again after I had at least a few days of fun.

    But suggest that these creeps do this because they have an audience and there’s a market for it, I disagree.

    They do it because that’s what they are. It’s like the old question if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no-one there to hear, does it still make a sound.

    Of course it does! If the laws of physics required human witnesses, we wouldn’t even be here!

    I don’t think being a viewer makes you anything. Except in this case, maybe having a perverted interest. These people don’t do it for profit, they do it because that’s just what they are. The audience in these cases do not create the demand.

    And NO, I don’t have any on my computer or look at any.
    Just wondering about the legality of it all, that’s all.

    I also don’t believe that looking at something automatically moves you to the next phase. Looking at pictures of food doesn’t make me hungry.

    I also collect guns and have many on my computer. That doesn’t make me a killer.

    I don’t know, like I said in my original post, maybe I’m just in a mood tonight.


  • carol

    Skip, trust me I am a ex wife, victim of Internet abuse, exportation are among a few of the things that were done and yes the viewing on-line will lead to the next step in most almost all cases and unfortunately it’s the loved ones that get it first and the law doesn’t take it serious cause yea it’s called Domestic Abuse.. Sooner or latter the visual just don’t work and they take advantage of who ever they can, a child, a spouse, a stranger.. It’s a sickness that needs to be treated. And yes I am not underage but a pic was taken of me with out knowledge and than posted on the net by my ex husband not once, not twice but several times and every email I saw that picture attached to I felt mentally raped all over again..

  • Mr. Justice

    Shoot him and save us, the taxpayers, over $45,000 per year.

  • JPD

    “Just a viewer”? Possession of photographs that were produced during an illegal activity. He and his ilk perpetuate the trade.

    Think about Madison Avenue … they spend billions of dollars every year encouraging a particular behavior: They advertise, we buy. Child pornography uses the same techniques. Perhaps Murphy himself was ‘only looking’ but he creates the demand, and that makes him part of the problem.

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