Ministers To Daley: Move Cops To Higher-Crime Districts

CHICAGO (WBBM) – A group of black ministers is demanding Mayor Richard M. Daley and Police Superintendent Jody Weis keep their promise to put more cops in high crime areas.

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The ministers released an open letter to Mayor Daley on Friday, reminding him he promised to take officers out of low-crime areas and reassign them to areas of high crime.

They said because Daley is a lame duck, he has nothing to lose politically, and that Superintendent Weis is likewise safe. According to the ministers, the timing to make the changes would be perfect for Weis, since the major candidates for mayor have said they would replace him with a top cop of their choosing.

But, aldermen from wards that would lose officers would object. The Fraternal Order of Police said it would strictly enforce the police contract, which limits the Superintendent’s ability to move police around.

Daley made the promise in 2003, and Weis promised the change would take place by the end of last year.

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  • Disgusted

    Why is this group of black ministers not standing up very publicly and demanding an end to the out of control criminal actions by so many young black men in the city.Blaming the city or the police is typical.These black leaders need to start leading and stop complaining.

    • Taxpayer 2

      Disgusted, I’m with you. These Black Americans need to start leading and stop complaining.

      Jesus Christ was not punk. We have so many punk preachers that some can actually be bought for the right price.

      Be bless.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      I agree.

  • Kathy Centi

    Why doesn’t these ministers have youth groups for these kids? After all they are non- profit, where is all that money going that they get every week, The don’t pay property tax or water bills and receive thousands every month, they can afford to put together more community events to help these kids. Getting sick of these ministers complaining all the time.

    • Taxpayer 2

      I am with you too. Seem like a lot of these preachers are preaching just for the paycheck. Maybe can not find a job anywhere else. It’s sad. God bless them.

    • SpecialK

      I agree. The ministers should be empowered to go out into the communities and assist the families since they have a better understanding of the neighborhoods than cops. These ministers understand what is going on in the neighborhoods and they should stand up and be men and take back their neighborhoods,

      • Taxpayer 2

        You are right. Maybe they do not have common sense.

  • FHS

    They’re not leaders; just whiners.

  • The Hippie

    Why does the FOP feel that moving more police to high risk areas is a problem?

    • Cityboy

      Because it will leave the areas that are depleted of police presence vulnerable, and the criminal element knows this. Look at the very under reported problems with “wildings” that are happening along the lakefront and gold coast area. To move the police from these areas would just create more problems.

    • taxpayer

      Because the low crime areas pay more taxes. They deserve MORE cops not less

      • Taxpayer 2

        Good point. Makes a lot of sense. Our laws need to be revised. These laws are a joke. We need to stop babysitting these urban terrorist and get tough.

  • Mary

    It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that that you deply more police to high crime areas — these decisions shoul dbe based on need not politics. The ministers are absolutely right and iuf it wasn’t for electoral and uinion politics this woul dhave been done long agop. WHat is “whinning” about taking back our streets from gangs? Do you think the army deplys troops this way? Absurd to see comments blaming the miniusters for crime.

    • OldGuy

      Mary,you just don’t get it.Please refer to gee-reg’s comment below.It’s really all you need to know.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      Mary….you need to check the facts before you make sweeping comments about the crime in Chicago…..The end of the year statistics show the lowest crime rate in ten years…..lower than any other American City……the bulk of the murders are on the west and south sides. All of us deserve protection from these criminals, because they leave the south and west sides and commit murders, rob banks, rape and sell drugs everywhere…..It is time for the black ministers to stop dictating political candidates and telling the police what they need to do….we are sick of it….time to teach morality and the end of racism in your churches….you aren’t doing your jobs.

    • TKMAN

      What is absurd is your grammer go get your GED

    • Disgusted

      Nobody is blaming the ministers for crime.We’re accusing them of not using thier prominant positions in the community to demand a stop to the behavior of so many young black men in thier communities.You never hear Jackson or Sharpton ever say one bad word directly to these individuals.Could it be, they’re afraid of sounding like they are agreeing with so called bigots who recognize the major problem with so many young blacks?

      • Mary

        Nice manners man., “Moron”? WHen there are semia automatic guns and children getting killed walking to school , it it not the job of ordinary citizens to control the viloence, The murder rate is higher in Chicago then in the Gza strip, so the analogy is apt. At the very leastm, yourt beliigerence speaks to the problem…where is your compassion…all people want is safe streets.

      • Mary

        How can ministers stop something the police can’t? If you are suggesting the problem is race you doint deserve a response. If you are suggesting that the problem is systemic socioeconomic problems associated with race, then I agree with you.

      • Gee-reg

        Hey Mary if the problem is not race race then why is it that it is always the “black” reverunds and “black” ministers and “black” what-evers that are the ones that want their fellow “blacks” to stop killing their fellow “blacks” !!!

    • bluecanary

      Only a moron would compare an army to the police. Armies kill people, police arrest criminals. Get a clue.

  • ELois Poole-Clayton

    I think Commissioner Weis, is doing a GOOD job, with what he have for support!
    Alderman Emma Mitts, showed I (during a meeting my landlord asked I to attend with him, at her office, while seeking HELP to combat the distruction on his property and activity surrounding his building), that she isn’t qualified to serve as alderman of the 37th ward anymore(if she ever were).
    She have individuals working during her campaigning,promising them jobs, but when it’s time to produce, she does nothing.
    She told my landlord, when his office was broken into, monitor was destroyed, to watch the activity surrounding his building, that she “had to have some 911 calls”.
    He was asking for her help at getting a CAMERA at North & Leclaire.
    A new RED LIGHT was put there, BUT NOT a camera, for activities that he’s been complaining about, STILL happens on his roperty.
    Even I, have had to call 911, (they don’t call Emma Mitts), because I didn’t want that behavior to spill over to MY domain!
    It just doesn’t seem, that she cares enough.
    One of this corrupts cops workers(whom my landlord gave an apartment to, because he and his familiy was homeless), was only using that opportunity, to carry out the activities for the corrupt cop.
    He caused MUCH trouble and was (by the courts, REMOVED), because he THREATENED, to KILL the landlord, in an attempt to take over his building.
    It’s NOT the building OR neighborhoods.
    In many cases, the children are only mimicing, what they see other family members do and then it becomes a bigger lrpblem for the neighborhoods.
    With that, there isn’t ENOUGH of thre RIGHT police activism, to HELP steer, the children in the RIGHT way.
    Instead, we have CORRUPTION, who’s BRAINWASHING our children and trying to BATE them, with not good lifestyles, so until THAT’S combatted, we will contnue to have these problems.
    It was a PLUS, when the 42 “AGENTS”, were arrested, for we can NOT, as human beings, CLOSE OUR EYES, to the fact that mUCH, of the problem IS because of CORRUPTION for these so-called caring cops and activist.
    It’s time for us to see thm for what they truly are and stop allowing them to talk just the talk.

  • taxpayer

    The truth is that the taxpayers live in the low crime areas, and the tax receivers live in the low crime areas. The people that pay for the services should actually get the services. Wacko concept, I know….

    • gee-reg

      Not wacko Just true

  • gee-reg

    Hey minister you already get too much police service and now you want to take away the few police we have in our neighborhood. The people in your area always complain when the police come in and do the job and arrest a criminal. Your peoople say it was racist to arrest the black man. Well, want do you want the police to arrest in a black area ??? It does not matter how many police you get in your area, your people will alweays kill, rob and steal and look for some one else to blame. Whu don’t you ministers teach your flock to stop having 10 to 12 babies by differnt baby daddy and just maybe get a job ??????

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    […] Ministers To Daley: Move Cops To Higher-Crime Districts A group of black ministers is demanding Mayor Richard M. Daley and Police Superintendent Jody Weis keep their promise to put more cops in high crime areas. Read more on CBS Chicago […]

  • OldGuy

    gee-reg, You say it like it is man.Non-politically correct.Good Job!

  • Mr. Justice

    Good comments gee-reg! Chicago’s crime rate is one of the highest in the nation. Don’t believe what some people have said that Chicago’s crime rate is lower than most cities. That’s garbage.

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