Braun Wants Investigation Of Emanuel’s Mailings

Carol Moseley Braun says she has asked the U.S. Attorney’s to investigate what she calls “allegations of campaign intimidation.”

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports, Braun referred to the letter sent to scores of city residents – many of them apparently city employees – by the Rahm Emanuel campaign. The letters explain Emanuel’s position on city pensions.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports

The letters have prompted the asked for an investigation, as some city workers question how the Emanuel campaign got their addresses.

“Quite frankly, it has put fear in the hearts of more Chicagoans than it should have – well, it shouldn’t have put fear in anybody’s heart, in fact, because it shouldn’t have happened,” Braun said.

Emanuel spokesman Ben LaBolt, speaking to the Sun-Times last week, insisted the letter was sent throughout the city, rather than just to city workers.

As for Braun’s Election Day prediction, she said: “Actually, it’s probably going to wind up in a runoff… but that’s OK. We can handle that.”

As she spoke, Braun was surrounded by high-profile supporters, including U.S. Reps. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) and Bobby Rush (D-Ill.), and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

The polls open at 6 a.m. Tuesday.

  • Bill T.

    There is no scandal,intimidation,or wrongdoing.She’s grasping at straws.Get used to it,Rham has it in the bag ,hands down.Get used to it because he is going to be around for many years to come!!!

  • Philip J. Wayne

    Please….this crook who was voted out of the Senate for misusing public monies, inappropriate relations…..incendiary racial comments…..and a general lack of integrity is asking for an investigation…please….Carol Mostly Fraud…crawl back into the hole you came from.

    • H.E.

      Well said. I agree 100%

      • John

        Grasping at straws indeed.

        Google “Moseley Braun Crook Slate” for’s rundown of her past shady behavior. Add her clownish mouthing off during this campaign and you wonder how she shows her face in public.

  • rudykzooti

    There may be a run off, but you will not be part of it lady

  • Bushel Foote

    Rham will make a fine mayor because he has(amongst other things)the people’s betterment as his political motives…Chicago will have a heck of a mayor in Rham Emanuel…..WHY is Braun trying SO hard to Keep Him From getting elected INSTEAD OF focusing on Getting Her message out on why we should vote for her?Seems she has a misunderstanding of campaigning….what ELSE does she have a “misunderstand” about?….

  • jb

    pjw.. could not agree more…

  • Addie

    Maybe it is Braun who should be investigated

    • H.E.

      Yes she should!!!

    • Steven

      you hit it right on the head…the problem here in America is that the rich black can will get away with anything and everything

      • john abc

        cmb isn’t smart enough to remain rich much longer.. her our campiagn gave up on her.

      • kay

        Really! White people have gotten away with murder for years. Your comment is pure comedy.

  • Cheewawah

    Carol, instead of tearing down your ropponents, tell mesomething good that you wil be doing and what your qualifications are. You degrate yourself by always putting down the guy who is leading. It only makes you look small nothing to present that will impove your standing. Don’t always point your finger. Point out the good things you can do that needs to be done.

  • jb

    and one more thing… CMB is as crooked as they come…

  • William Lord

    In the racist atmosphere of Chicago politics,I hold these truths to be self evident. Every citizen of the great city of Chicago should have the right to be..lied to…robbed by…and shaken down be a member of their own race…

  • Maggie

    This should be investigated. Carol is correct. However, Chicago desparately needs Chico to be mayor. Rahm making all that money with connections. How sickening is that? In two years, who’s worth 18 million. For six meetings if the lousy Freddie Mac scandal, he gets $340,000. Who needs to be investigated again? Really? Chico for Chicago. An honest man among dishonest pols.

    • Carolina

      I completely disagree about Chico being honest. It is sickening to think about how much money Chico has made due to his connections in Chicago. Chico was President of the School Board and does not even follow its ethics policy. Look at Chico’s finances and listen to him speak. He’s very good at talking circles and would keep the status quo in place.

      • Jen Zak

        Carolina I have to agree all Chico has done is told us what he’s done, he seems to have no specific idea about what to do if he got in office. Living in the past is not good for Chicago’s future! Maggie you are doing the same thing Chico is giving us his resume not his future plans.

  • Rahmfather

    Its time to let it go and stop making yourself look like an idiot CMB. Agree with PJW 100%.

  • Virgie1

    She is a fool grasping for straws! Just makes her look like desperate idiot.

    • john abc

      she’s not deparate, just an idiot!!

  • Lollipop Guild

    I think Rahm looks SUPER in those ballet tights, I really love that Billy Crystal from soap look on my tiny man. Vote for Rahm, a kinder gentler tiny man. All the union City of Chicago workers will be working for less cash and benefits soon. Rahm hates unions, loves powerless servants.

  • Maggie

    Chico is a lawyer too. OMG lawyers make money in Chicago. What an eyeopener for Carolina. Not too many lawyers, even in Chicago, however, made 340,000 dollars to attend six mtgs. Not too many Chicago lawyers made 18 milllion for what exactly? Honesty is not part of yor makeup if you think that is okay, but a hard working lawyer busting his butt makes an okay standard compared with other lawyers in Chicago. Chico is an eloquent speaker. Politics is a dirty game and difficult to keep clean in. He has done it. Rahm’s role in Blago’s mess will be coming out. And how he was a lobbyist without correctly naming himself as one, and how he got gobs of money from “outside” interestes for his campaign, etc, etc. Getting the picture, Carolina?

  • TOM


  • Maggie

    Chico has talked and talked about his plans in debates, on his website Gery Chico for Mayor, in TV interviews, in early debates when Rahm was behind the scenes listening very carefully to Chico for ideas. This was obvious when Rahm decided he better pop up on the scene and started to parrot Chico’s proposals: the garbage grid proposals, the removall of the employee head tax, the medical facility, renegotiating pensions, etc. Rahm is out of touch with what is and has been going on in Chicago. Chico said he will take a 20% paycut in mayor salary. Weeks later Rahm says he wont take a pension. Who needs a pension if you made 18 million dollars in two years within the last ten years, and more if you throw on his salary when he worked his job at the WH. I’d encourage Jen Zak and Carolina to open their minds and look at the website, at least, since you missed the boat on the debates where Chico told of HIS plans.

  • Just the Average Joe

    CMB has demonstrated, repeatedly that she is not mayoral material. Apparently Bill Clinton, and Obama knew that too. Her temperament is clearly not appropriate for someone in elected office, and she seems to have generally poor judgement. Chico or Rahm would be a much better choice, in fact any one of the candidates would be a better choice. Good luck with the organic business CMB, and thank you for your participation.

  • Randy

    Rahm has been quite dishonest. Starting with paying taxes on his home, to changing his filing status, to lying to the public about not changing pensions. Unfortunately he has duped the media and the public, and they somehow thing he is a nice guy who is working for the city. Rahm has indeed stolen Chico’s ideas. Rahm will get a pension from one place or another. If he wants to fix things, why not cut the aldermen? We have twice as many as NY and LA. Plus no one talks about cutting their pensions. Two terms and they get a full pension? The city made the choice to stop funding the pensions, and now they have to pay up and cry poor.

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