Quinn Holds Off On Honoring Packers

Governor Angry With Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Gov. Pat Quinn has decided not to make good on his Bears-Packers bet with the governor of Wisconsin – at least not now.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports, a more serious political issue has gotten in the way. Quinn does not support Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to strip state employee unions of their collective bargaining rights.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports

Quinn was supposed to be volunteering Monday at a Milwaukee food distribution center, wearing a Packers jersey. For now, those plans are off.

Quinn says he doesn’t want to make it appear that he is supporting Walker.

On Friday, Quinn welcomed Democratic Wisconsin state senators who hid out in Chicago to delay a vote. He said the Democrats are welcome to stay until Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, in Quinn’s words, “comes to his senses.”

Quinn spokeswoman Annie Thompson said it’s fair to say there Quinn and Walker don’t see issues the same way.

“I think it’s safe to say that, and the governor has said in the past that he does not believe in kicking other states in the shins,” Quinn said.

Quinn has said he thought Walker did just that by trying to lure Illinois businesses across the state line after a hike in the Illinois income tax.

Quinn also supports labor unions, and they’ve returned the favor, Thompson said.

  • Maggie

    OMG, Governor Quinn. If this is true, you are wrong. Does this qualify you as a fair weather friend? What does Govenor Quinn think of Planned Parenthood’s support of sex trafficking? Not one politician in Illinois has even mentioned the fantastic undercover work by Lila Rose of Live Action. Why not? I think it’s fair to say that that is worth a Governor’s glance and brief comment, at least. Did Unions and Planned Parenthood donate to his cause for his reelection. What type of pension does the Governor get? How much?

    • Mr. Justice

      Good comments Maggie. Quinn will receive as much as he wants. I am sure he has sticky fingers too.
      The man is a jerk. Now he is bringing politics into a friendly wager.
      The man has no integrity.

  • Bob

    This guy is a joke, now he won’t even pay off on a bet. He truly can’t be trusted,

  • Steve C.

    Don’t welch on a bet. You make the rest of us Bears fans look bad.

  • Kevin

    Grow up, Quinn. Oh, by the way, thanks for completely ripping away any benefit I received from Obama’s tax actions. The first check of the year and I was up $50. The second check, after your lovely back room increase, I’m back down to where I was. You essentially took a loan from the White House on our backs and ensured that companies tighten their belts to pay for your corporate increases. All this means no raise or bonus for private sector employees which means less money spent in the state.

    Your unwillingness to even approach unions in this state just proves what a gutless wonder you really are. This is compounded by the report that you welcomed the cowardly senators from Wisconsin giving credence to the old adage “birds of a feather”. More politicians running away from doing anything real with their lives.

    Well, we wouldn’t want to break our streak of gutless, cowardly governors now would we?

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  • Sue Holman McCarville

    Well…. add this to the list of things that the poor state of Illinois is behind on paying off

  • southside

    He promised to be against a tax increase over 1%. Welched on that too. He needs to go.

  • Mr. Justice

    Folks we need to rally together and “recall” this ignorant Governor. The only reason he was reelected was due to the welfare recipients voted for him because they knew their taxes would not go up. 1) They don’t pay taxes because they don’t work. 2) They don’t own any property. 3) They continue to receive their welfare checks and other entitlements from the State because we, the tax payers continue to pay more and more taxes.

  • The Truth

    Walker has kept his word. He is doing exactly what he said he would do while he was running for election. Notice the difference between Walker and the moron IL has put into office???? Can’t wait to see which useless individual the idiots of Chicago elect mayor.

  • Anne

    Isn’t there any recourse against the Wisconsin democrats for completely failing to show up to do the job they were elected to do? Are they going to run away from every vote that won’t go their way? Quinn just looks stupid and childish.

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  • logic 101

    First you harbor our runaway state Senators, then you welsh on your bet! Tell you what – if you promise to keep our loser state senators in Illinois for good, we’ll root for the Bears (every once in a while….)

  • Jim

    You made a bet and you lost. I am not happy about the Bears loss as well as many Illinoisan’s. But don’t make our state look bad because you don’t see eye to eye with the man you lost to. That just makes makes you even more of a liar.

  • nauseated

    Just shows what a sleeze Quinn is. Won’t honor his bet because Wisc Gov wont raise taxes to pay for lavish pensions and ridiculous salaries of public workers that’s bankrupting the state.

  • Jim

    Wow I’m shocked that Quinn doesn’t follow through on his promise…oh wait he lied about, and that, and there was. OK, so he is a compulsive lier.

  • My thoughts

    ….so he’s not only a lair, corrupt hack, hired all his friends, gave jobs for votes….sounds like the last two felons we had, …But now on top of all this he is a welcher too! So you won’t pay off a bet, to bad them chicago thugs don’t brake your knees like the old days. you not even a man of your word , you slob, lowlife…..nothing but disgrace fom this clod…..
    RE-CALL QUINN….2011


    Quinn loves them union goon votes and money…thats why in a few years we will be in the same shape, this clown, pandering all for votes and money…with a ego second only to roland burris….soon the nills will come Gov. spineless jell-o man will either be in jail or living on some forgein beach with all our tax dollars. No folks this man cannot be trusted. Won’t even pay a bet between men, what a loser….i’d tell him to stick it …Re-Call the Clown Quinn, I agree!

  • Spacie Howe

    Walker did raise taxes hes raising taxes on the public employees by 5 thousand dollars that wont be showing up on there paycheck each thats 5 thousand dollars per year taking out of the econamy times 300000 people thatsONE BILLION FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS taking out of the econamy that should help produce jobs

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