Suspect Held In Indiana Road Rage Shootings

UPDATED 02/23/11 10:13 p.m.

CROWN POINT, Ind. (CBS/WBBM) — A suspect has been arrested in connection with a couple of highway shootings last week in Northwest Indiana.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, Aaron Di Shon Windom, 25, of Michigan City, was apprehended after a police chase that ensued when his Dodge Charger was spotted in Montgomery County in west central Indiana about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, state police said.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

He is suspected in a road rage on Interstate 80/94 in Lake Station, Ind., this past Thursday, in which he allegedly shot at, but missed, a couple who were with a child. The couple reported that someone in a Dodge Charger shot at their car as both vehicles were westbound on I-80/94 around 9:20 p.m. that day, according to authorities.

The victims’ car was struck multiple times by gunshots. One of the adults inside was hit by glass fragments, but refused medical attention.

A police report described the shooting as an apparent road rage incident. The driver of the Charger was, at one point, driving behind the victims’ car and started to flash the Charger’s lights.

During the police chase on Interstate 74 Tuesday, a westbound tractor-trailer on was shot at and hit twice by the suspect in the fleeing Dodge Charger, according to a state police news release, which said the driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured.

Later, the Charger blew a front tire after the Fountain County Sheriff’s Department deployed stop sticks, state police said.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot talked to the Indiana state trooper whose k-9 partner, helped catch him.

“He could have easily shot me, before I had ever seen him and I would have never known it,” said Indiana State Trooper and K-9 handler, Jon Eads.

“He would come up just enough, to where he could get air,” Eads said. The only thing the trooper could see, was the whites of Windom’s eyes.

“I couldn’t see his hands. They were all covered in the muddy water. I drew my weapon and began to order him commands of, ‘Put your hands up. Put your hands up!’ ”

Windom was taken into custody. Nico the K-9 also lead police to the suspect’s rifle. It was recovered by the Indiana State Police dive team in the creek.

“I think there’s a lot of heroes here,” said Eads. “It was a coordinated joint effort that was all led by Nico, at the very end.”

Windom was taken to a hospital in Crawfordsville, Ind., for treatment.

Windom faces local charges in Fountain County, Ind., and was to be transported to Lake County Jail in Crown Point where he was scheduled to be charged, state police said.

The silver 2007 Dodge Charger that Windom reportedly fled in was allegedly stolen in a carjacking that occurred in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wis., on Feb. 17. The description of the carjacker closely matches Windom’s description, state police said.

Gary police also want to question Windom in connection with the Saturday shooting death of 17-year-old Deandre Wilson of Chicago at the Oak Knoll Renaissance apartment complex in the 4300 block of West 23rd Avenue in Gary. Wilson was killed after he and another male had argued, Gary police said.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

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    • Jan

      Tell that to Henry.

  • mel gibson

    lupe fiasco?!?!?

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  • things are Changing

    I`ll bet this is another hate crime that dosen`t get prosecuted,WHY?Lock the racist up and throw away the key!!!

    • Terry

      I agree!!!!!

  • 77777

    Glad law enforcement finally caught this thug.
    Too bad he didn’t open fire on the police so they could save the tax payers of Indiana over $45,000 per year from being in jail.
    Oh, well, they got the punk, now it is time to prosecute and send him to jail for attempted murder.

    • Samantha

      It’s not a perfect world.

    • Sinclaire

      His Bro Henry doesn’t think he is a thug.He is a “good boy” Mistreated by the media.

      • Henry

        @Sinclaire that’s what all those white parents thought when the ole cracker judge was taking kickbacks to send their little darlings to juvie.If you read any of my comments(which apparently you didn’t)I never defended his guilt or ignorance.I defended him against the racist comments made by your fellow ignorant white brethern.Anyway,this is indicative of ignorant whites who subscribe to the myth pf white supremacy but provides no basis for it.Learn how to comprehend what you read.

  • james

    A black male 25 and not in prison? What are the odds?

    • Fred

      Hell yah!!!!HaHaHaHa!

    • Alfred

      James, you are a true comedian. Hilarious!!!!!

  • Teabagger

    Give him a banana and hang the pick.

    • Henry

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    • Henry'sBro

      “Give him a banana” That is absolutely hilarius.HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa,Can’t stop laughing,HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa.More please,HaHaHaHaHa.

      • Jesse

        Agreed, Teabagger kicks butt!!

      • Henry

        How about I give you Albinos some sunscreen and maybe a club and send you back to the dark ages in the caucus mountains.LMAO.

  • Henry

    To the idiots making these racial comments.Where was the outrage when that white woman barbarically shot and killed her two children for being disobedient?Or when the “deranged”white guy shot those politicians in Ariz?Whites always seem to downplay horrific crimes committed by other whites.When a white person commits a heinous crime they’re “victims”of a mental illness or a troubled upbringing.But when someone black commits a crime they are animals.Get real!!!Whites commit way more barbaric and senseless crimes than any other race but it doesn’t spark the same outrage as when a person of color does it.

    • Harm

      Get your facts straight, blacks are only 12% of U.S. population, yet commit over 50% of all violent crimes.

      • Henry

        Who commits the most serious crimes overall,idiot?White collar crime is prevalent to white corporations.Whjat about child pornography,molestation,pedophilia,Patricide,Matricide,serial killings?Who dominate those statistics?Take those blinders off of your eyes and see what’s really going on.If I had a million dollar for every white person thatr maliciously and savagely murdered their kids I would have Bill Gates money!!!!!!

      • Henry

        And 30 to 40% are for dugs and nonviolent offenses.Hemce,the war on drugs is actually a war on us.Now get those facts straight!!!!!

    • Anglo-Saxon

      @Henry You don’t know what the hell you are talking about.Why do you feel the need to make it a racial issue anyway.You really need to look at the crime statistics before making an idiotic comment like this

  • bob

    Yeah Henry because of all those white people turning the south side of chicago into a ghetto…..get real.

    • TiredOfDumbCommentsFromPeopleLikeYou

      Whites invented ghettos Bobby.

      • Comedy

        We had to send them somewhere. Haven’t you seen District 9?

      • Gordon

        White people may have invented them but they are not the disease that infests them.

    • Henry

      Actually they did,you idiot.The crime rate skyrocketed when they demolished the projects and scattered all those residents in neighboring communities.And if you don’t know the low down on “projects”you need to check your facts before you make inane comments.A project by definiton is something in the making,are you following me,idiot?They knew what the hell they were doing when they crammed all those low income people into those subsidized housing that it would have a ripple effect of crime,poverty and hopelessness,and God knows what else.Apparently you don’t the history of Amerikkka and you’re just the typical ethnocentricist who never see the bad in your own kind but always point out the wrong in others.I sure hope the rest of your babyboomer days on this earth are spent trying to discover the truth because you are very ignorant!!!!

      • Henry

        @Gordon have you ever heard of white trailer park trash?What do you think that’s in reference to?Sounds like diseased infested low lifed dwellings for whites,wouldn’t you agree?

  • Roger F. Maslon

    @Henry: If the glove fits, wear it! Be objective and quit your defensive racial whining. Since you seem to be unaware/oblivious of/to reality, it should be an interesting experience for you to sit in at a Central Bond Court call in Chicago, which I kindly have named “Pageant of savages”. Let us see if afterwards you will be so prone to defensiveness. Granted, there are many white and hispanic criminals, but see for yourself the proportion of black -excuse me, African American- offenders, and hear what these predators do. This, perhaps, you would appreciate if them savages were to victimize YOU.

    • Henry

      If what you saying is true(even though it’s not),how does that negate the fact that crimes committed by whites are way more horrific and and barbaric than blacks?How can you say a Susan smith,who drowned her kids,committed a less horrific crime than,say,a black man who killed spmeone in a drive by shooting?We;re looking at the magnitude of the crime.True a life taken is nonetheless more tragic whatever the manner was but let’s look at the facts for the sake of argument.You meant to tell me that you would compare a gang related murder to the woman who just shot both of her kids in coid blood because they were being disobedient?What about John Wayne Gacy and the other white notorious serial killings who killed multiple people because of some sick deranged thought pattern which has always been minimized by whites as some sort of pathology(it’s always an excuse,never he was just a criminal).What about the mulitple school shootings in which young white kids as young as 11 wielded rifles and shot people down sniper style?What about the many white pedophiles (not to mention teachers molesting their students)we see on “To catch a predator”every episode trying lure a underaged children into sex?Must I even mention the regular Joe Schmoes in the suburban communities and white priests who molest and victim little oys,scarring them for the rest of their lives.You have to be one simple-minded person not to put these crimes among the worst of the worse.These crimes,by far,trump the crimes committed by young blk men.I’m not even going to mention white collar crime because that is so prevalent in “white corporate america”.Nor will I mention the horrific crimes that the white man has committed against Huemanity(meaning people of color)throughout history.They committed every crime that’s on the books today,from murder,rape,robbery,kidnapping,germ warfare,chemical warfare.We know who the real terrorists are so let’s keep it real!!!!

      • Anglo-Saxon

        Henry, you sure are long winded.You come off as a racist black man full of hate for whitey.By the way, “To catch a predator” should be called “Operation entrapment”. Try to relax, you can talk all day and in the end, young black men are what they are.

    • Henry

      @Roger I don’t have to sit in a bond court.All I have to do is read some article on an accredited white criminologist or sociialogist who are real and rational enough to admit that there’s a huge disparity in the sentencing laws in this country.With that said,when one race of people holds a majority status in a country here is gonna be disparities in the justus system.Coupled with the fact that this race of people has historically demonstrated a genocidal will toward another race of people the racial makeup of the prison population makes sense.To put it in perspective.Blks MAY make up 50%of the prison popultaion but there is an underlying sinister reason for this.This is not something i’m making up.This is something Your sociologists and criminologists suggest.And by no means is this a “victims”mentality.It’s been demonstrated by facts.There is no such thing as a war on drugs.Secondly,the disparity in the drug laws between crack/powder coke,illustrates my point.So when you go quoting statistics make sure you look at the underlying facts and most importantly make sure you use an open mind(if that’s possible)to undersand that statistics were made to be DISTORTED.There have been so many blk men exonerated for rapes and murder they didn’t commit that if the situation was in reverse and it was whites who disproportionately made up the number of falsely accused that the outrage would have been so fierce that it would definitely have called for an overhaul of the JUSTUS system!!!!But no it’s a blk man’s life that was spent languishing in prison for 30 yrs that it really doesn’t matter because as been demonstrated time and again a blk life means nothing!!!!We see this every day in the coverage of kids being abducted.White abductees get way more media coverage than a blk abductee.And let’s not speak on the Susan Smiths who falsely accused a blk man of kidnapping her kids when,in fact,it was her own demonic self who drowned her kids.How savage was that?And there are many more instances like this that has resulting in a massive manhunt for a fictitious blk man who was falsely accused of a crime by a white woman(as been the case throught the history of Amerikkka)!!!!And you’re going to be naive to believe that this doesn’t translate into alot of of those 50% of blk men being being in prison wrongfully?And here’s a bit of history for those in the dark.During the civil rights movement when FBI chief J.Edgar Hoover was in play.Many blk men were incarcerated and still are uner the alicious COINTELPRO established by the FBI.Where’s the outcry for justice for these men who many were acting in defense of their people against white aggression?Isn’t this the same reason why you all celebrate american revolutionaries like paul revere and ben franklin for?Oh i get it the same doesn’t apply for blk men and women who come together and take up arms against their attackers.Yet,militias are supposed to be a constitutional right.Sad to say that wasn’t the case for blk men and women,i.e,black panther party,Black Guerilla family and the other blk freedom fighters who are to this day suffering in prison for taking a stand against oppresion.Call me anti american but it’s hard to find fauult in those socalled “terrosits”of the middle East.Histroy is a double edged sword depending on who tells it.The american media and Bush and his cronies would have you believe that Bin Laden and his ilk hate american freedom.Let’s look at the flipside and see the invasions and hostile acts america committed over the years in the middle east and ask yourself do those people have a right to band together to defeat globalism, Imperialism and the so called democracy that america feel the world should adopt?????They have about as much right as the Indians had when europeans invaded!!!!!

      • Allen

        You really are sick!!!Get some damn help!!!!!!!Keep your hatred to yourself.

      • henry

        Sick puppy@Allen?I would tell you to suck this BBD.But you might take me up on my offer.

      • Henry

        Thanks@Allen.I feel empowered right about now

      • Allen

        Sick Puppy!!!!!!!!

  • Pam

    Henry I agree wholeheartedly with you . Every time a white person especially male get their fifteen minutes they lash out at the black male not necessary because they are blacks but because alot of white men are angry at black males because they’re dating their wives. girlfriends. daughters. neices, ETC. sO WHENEVER A BLACK GUY DOES SOMETHING IT STIRS UP THAT RAGE. and they lash out. Plain and simple.

    • Harm

      Black men sure are dating a lot of fat, ugly, unwanted white women like you, hey Pam?

      • Anglo-Saxon

        I was going to comment, but Harm got to it first.Good job!!!

    • Allen

      You’re an idiot Pam. You would probably get along well with Racist Henry. Try and keep the sex thing out of it, it’s a stupid comment.

    • Mike

      Hey Pam before you post your stupid comments on a public forum make sure you use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

  • Bob Hamilton

    How did it go from a car chase to the guy floating his eyes above the waterline like an alligator? Anyway, great police work. Not so great reporting.

  • To Henry

    Blacks NEVER get charged with hate crimes Henry,and you know it happens all the tme,white people don`t care who a black guy beds down,and white do commit barberic crimes usually against themslves no doubt about it,thats not the ISSUE Henry.Some years ago Charles Barkley went on TV and said he HATED
    ALL white people,if a white athlete would have said that the press and the Fed Govt would have hanged him,Black Panther in Philly didn`t let white people vote
    at a precint because they were white NO ONE prosecuted for hate crime because of that incident,but if the white panthers did that wow what a racial
    hate crime that would have been.I could go on Henry but I won`t I don`t hate anyone I just want to see Equal justice in the Press and in the law for Racial hate crimes.

    • Henry

      Black racism and white racism is beyond compare.I have never heard about a blk man dragging a white man chained to a pickup truck.I have never witnessed a blk man burning a cross in a white family’s lawn.So to compare blk racism and white racism is absurd!!!!Everything a blk man does gets magnified 3fold.The difference between blk racism and white racism is that white racism is capable of affecting a multitude of blks.Case in point,when the New Black panther party do demonstrations the media rarely gives it any coverage.As a blk man I have a reason to be outraged by racism, and I will not let any one of you discourage me from feeling so.Just know that there are still some decent blk men out here that cares about what is said and done to blks.I will not turn the other cheek,sorry.And the only reason why my comments have sparked so much outrage is because i’m a blk man on a white controlled media outlet making thses comments.If I was on Black voices or some other blk controlled outlet the majority would have agreed with me.

      • VeryConcerned

        Henry, please get yourself some help tonight!!!Don’t wait.There are places you can turn.Please help yourself!!! Segregation ended long ago.Slavery ended long ago.There is no conspiracy against the black man.Not in the media,the government,the system of law,or anywhere else.The actions of people dictate opinions.It’s the way it is.Please get some help tonight!!

      • Henry

        @very concerned please get your facts straight.Do you know america is still segregated to this daywith the exceptioin of a few integrated suburbs and school.Yes,we thought segregation ended years ago but unfortunately to your chagrin it didn’t.And all it took was for the first black president to be elected for us to see that racism didn’t go anywhere either even though that’s what y’all want blacks to believe.I don’t know who you think you’re talking to but I am very informed.I see racism in disguise when I turn to fox news and hear about what Rush Limbaugh and them other cats have to say.I’m sorry i’m not the MLK prototype that will sit odly by and let white people tell me everything has changesd when I see with my own eyes that it hasn’t.I’m a follower of Malcolm X.I believe in self defense so it’s no secret that i’m on a white controlled website saying “horrible”things that you people seem to have no clue what or why i am saying it.Doesn’t suprise me.That’s typical of whites.You have all the reason to be “very concerned”.HA!

      • henry

        The new racism is cowardly whites hiding behind computer screens making racist comments.Can’t wait to see what the next damge the next terrorist act will bring.I just hope my Arab bros will be able to differentiate who the real enemy is.And I hope that my hispanic bros will recognize when they become the majority in about 20 or 30 years who tried to implement drastic immigration reform to reduce their presence in america, a country their distant kin rightfully possess.I don’t hate all white people just the ignorant cowardly ones who spoke on this page.You couldn’t pay half of you cowards to go on the west side of chicago or in certain neighborhoods on the south side.the only ones that dare are the ones going to buy crack.

  • Brose

    There are always going to be those white males who cannot wait until a black male does something so that they can spew their hate which is born of fear. The fear is sexually related. I agree with Pam this is about what stands between white men and black men, and that is white women. Racism is born of this sexual fear or competition. It is amazing to me that more books have not been written on this phenomenon because it is really at the core of racism between blacks and whites. White men don’t get as angry about other races because they don’t fear them sexually. Yes, I’m sure that their are blacks who commit outrages crimes and it is not defendable, but the outrage does appear to be out of proportion so one does have to suspect racial animosity. an example would be fox news guest Tucker Carlson saying that Vick should have executed for dog fighting. After realizing that he overreached he apologized and had the gall to compare dog fighting to rape(Rothlinsberger) and child molestation. People if that is not hate, what is? Was Vick wrong? YES!!!!!!!!! Should he and was he punished? YES!!!!!!!!! what some want would be the total extinction of black men so that they never have to worry that some white woman wants to sleep with them. This thought drives white men crazy. Sexual jealousy and competition for white men is like kryptonite. They want our existence gone brothers because of what hangs betwwen our legs that their women want, and they know it. Be equally as mad at your women.

    • Harm

      Black men sure are dating a lot of fat, ugly, unwanted white women., I agree.

      • Henry

        Not true.I’ve seen alot of blk men with the cream of your crop.You and other white men like you would rather entertain that fantasy for the sake of your own ego.Now what you should have said was that alot of athletes and entertainers have “gorgeous”white women but that would be just a half truth,pal.Just look at the rate of interracial dating in states like Minnesota,Iowa,and other states like that.You might wanna commit suicide!!!!

    • Anglo-Saxon

      Brose, you are so full of sh!t, you’re eyes are brown.

      • Henry

        And yours is a cold blue which is a sign of weakness(weak genes)!!!Check your mother’s mitochondrial DNA and see what race it traces back to and then get back to me.You ignorant wiggers kill me.Don’t act like you don’t know how the white race came about.10,000 yrs in Europe brought you all into existence after you all migrated from Africa.The oldest fossils found by George Leakey(a famed archaeologist by the way)and hi wife was over 3million years old.Do some research on the stages of evolution and see how many genuses the white race went through to become caucasians!!!!You’ll be suprised to know the answer.So no matter what you say about blks at least we can say we are the Original beings and everyone else came from within.

    • Henry

      AMennnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!A wise man once told me(and yes,he was black but the white man confirmed this)that a black man has to be twice as good to out-do a white man that’s twice as bad.This so true.It always has and will be a double standardbetween blks and whites and will forever be one as long as the so-called majority(we all know that’s not the case universally)is the white man in Amerikkka.If crime was a game,yes,the blk might lead the league in statistics but unquestionably the white man and woman would definitely lead the league in most sensational highlights given their flair for the dramtics,the most sensational,attention grabbing crimes that we have witnessed over the years.And,yes,Brose,their is a fear of the dominant blk man genes.This is an undisputible fact.White genetic survival depends wholly on the act of intraracial mating.T mate interracially means deevolution of the white man’s genes which he mistakenly believes o be pure.I guess this is the rationalization behind the “one drop” rule in which was said that one drop of blk blood makes you legally blk.That rule is still in effect even though it supposed to have been abolshied years ago.It’s white hate groups like the skin heads,WAR,and other offshoot hate groups who perpetuate this fact because those are the ones worried about white extinction.I guess we know the reason behind this sudden crackdown of illegal immigrants,that whites have so desperately tried to enforce.Like the black man and woman the white race feel that their ancestors have sacrificed a great deal to bring the white race into power for them to just let it slip away.So in the words of Mlacolm X the white race will by any means necessary do anything in its power to maintain that stronghold on this country,be it by germ warfare,chemical warfare,biological warfare(hence HIV,Aids,etc),psychological warfare,whatever it takes.Oh,and here’s a tidbit for my informationally chlleged white counterparts.The whole act of lynching took on a whole nother meaning than what was once thought.If you recall,blk men used to have their testicles removed when they were lynched.The symbolics behind thisa is two-fold:(1)They felt they were mutilating an organ of the blk man that most white men feared and most white women adored.Secondly,you were symbolllically removing the threat to your genetic survival.

      • Cindy

        I agree with Anglo Saxon.What the hell is your problem?

      • Anglo-Saxon

        Henry, what is wrong with you? You have to be the most outspoken racist I have ever heard.Why so full of hate? you’re going to give yourself a stroke.Try and take it easy.All of your babble is not going to change the obvious facts at hand.

  • Sean

    All of this is sad

    • Betty

      Sad?HaHaHaHa!!! More like hilarious.

  • Maurice

    I see that CBS2Chicago is selective about what they post…they can post racist comments on a daily basis…but they’re selective when somoene else has something to say; go figure.

  • Eric M. Harlston Sr.

    This is not a black white issue. This is how the value of a persons life means nothing today. The racial comments and the hate crime issues are out of pure ignorance.

    • Benji

      Please convey that to this Henry person.He seems in need of some advice.

  • Jaye

    I hear you on that one, Eric….smartest post I’ve read all day.

    • Henry

      It’s a racial issue now because some ignorant whites made it a racial issue with their racial comments.I don’t know what race you and eric are from but if you’re white it’s expected and if you’re black it’s a crime shame to downplay racial comments like that.Unlike you two,I take offense to racism in any form and I don’t subscribe to that”turn the other cheek”philosophy,sorry.This type of conduct is prevalent on these internet sites.Whites see an article about a blk man and resort to posting racist comments like blks are the only ones who commit crimes.And i’m tired of it.The only thing that MLK said that I agree with is”if you don’t stand for something,you will fall for anything”.I’m sorry i’m not some passive blk man that whites seem to love and blks tend to praise and exalt.If you consider my posts or any other blk man or woman post to be dumb,wayward,or out of character then shame on you.For every action is a reaction.If you’re not willing to stand up to ignorance then fall back to your little lofty safe haven and refrain from making comments about the sense of peoples’ posts.

      • Tony

        Henry, you really have problems.You are far more racist than anyone else commenting.It may be too late for you.You seem articulate,yet all that spews from your mouth is hatred.Hopefully you are not a role model for any young people.

  • Henry

    @Tony I don’t know what your race is(and really don’t care)my belief system is made up of what I have been taught and what I have experieneced.You have to walk a mile in my shoes to even try to judge me and you have to ve blk to even began to uinderstand me.Yes,you are correct I do have problems.I clicked on this website to read an article about a bro.who allegedly committed an act of road rage and ended up reading racist comments made by poster james and teabagger(please read those posts before u attempt to judge).I find this all too common on these news sites that feature articles about blk men committing crime.I do have a freedom of speech and i will exercise it whenever i choose.This is black history month and I find it insulting to see a comment made by a white man “to give a blk man a banana”.Yes,I will respond offensively to comments like these and feel I have every right to put this ignorant person in his place.His white counterparts obviously felt the same obligation when they came to his defense.So if you consider me wrong for taking that stance then the problem is not with me it’s with you.And if you believe for one second that what I spewed was hate then it’s safe to assume that you are:1 either a white person or 2 a blk man who has lost his identity and has been caucasianalized to the point that nothing a white man says is offensive.That would make you an apologist.And the blk race has had their fair share of apologist over the years in the form of Uncle toms and the likes.I am by no means ashamed of what I posted today.If you think that i’m not a role model for any young then that’s your opinion.I’m sure there are many who would disagree with you just as much as I do.A role mode is someone who guides and teaches someone to a greater understanding.How am I not teaching blk youth the right thing when I instill in them the truths that they are not inferior,they are not all criminals and they are not all ignorant as some racist would have them believe.I am disturbed that blk people like you have a very short memory of history and are naive to think that what transpired in the past is just as alive today than it was yesterday.You are not a role model for even questioning what I said because everything I posted today was a FACT!!!!And it’s funny that when a white man speak hatred about a blk man he is only acting out of character but when a blk man does it he’s a racist.Be for real.And for your info racism is a very powerful word.To be a RACIST you have to be in a positon of power to control the destiny,actions,and socioeconomic conditions of an entire race.This is the broader definiton that most people don’t care to look at.Nor am I predjuduced.I’m just a man who believes that every man has a God given right(to hell with the constituion of man)to defend his self.And if you think that’s wrong then I can imgaine how you feel about Malcolm X,Huey Newton,Nat Turner,Denmark Vessey and all the other blk men who sttood up in defense of his people.I hope for your sake that you are white becasue if you’re not those same words you said to me will surely come back to haunt you when ever you encounter a run in with racism.I hope to God that you respond by turninig the other cheek like you are advocating for me to do….

    • Tony

      @Henry,Your bro,as you referred to him,commited a car jacking and attempted murder,not road rage.Do you see any reason why this guy shouldn’t recieve the maximum sentence?And by the way,the banana joke was very funny.Lighten up,you can get back to your war tommorow.

    • Tina

      Who the hell is Huey Newton,Nat Turner,and Denmark Vessey?Were they a musical group?

      • Henry

        @Tony first of all he ALLEDGEDLY committed these acts.Whatever happen to the presumtion of innocence.Oh,I forgot that doesn’t apply to a blk man or some other person of color.Secondly,I never defended this man’s innocence.I defended him against the rcist comments that were made by YOUR bro’s.Regardless of what he did or was said to have done,is not my position to judge.That’s what the court system is for granted he gets a fair trial.And @ tina those people I named were freedom fighters for black people against white injustice and aggression.Of course I wouldn’t expect you to know these peopel since america doesn’t teach it’s students about blks that advocated self defense against racism and oppression.We always here about MLK and Harriet Tubman,the nonviolent blk mena and women who whites found acceptable just because and only honored when the were dead.Hence the saying”the only good N@gger is a dead n@gger”!!!!.And as for Nat turner he was a blk slave who led a revolt against his slavemasters that rightfully involved violence to free themselves…

  • Angela

    After reading everybodys comments, I have come to the conclusion that Henry is one disturbed individual. His rants give the impression that he is a person about to explode.The police should look into this before he hurts somebody.Maybe WBBM has already taken steps.It couldn’t hurt to interview him.Would hate to find out he hurt somebody with all these warning signs for everyone to see.

  • Henry

    @Angela judging from your comments it’s safe to assume that you agree with the comments that a bllk man should be given a banana and all the other racist comments that was made by white men who responded to this article.Yes,I am disturbed.I’m disturbed by blk people like you who rush to defend a white man who demeans another blk man with racist comments.You are the one who is disturbed.I don’t know what your background is but apparently you don’t see the same reflection I see when I look myself in the mirror.It’s disturbing to see how pacified blks have became over the years.I can assure you that there are a great many of blks who feel the same as I do and if they had access to this website they would be on here condemning you for your self hatred and your audacity to condemn me for the things i said.It is so sad.And you have to be kidding me to say the police should look into the comments I made.You can’t point out one comment I made where I threatened to do harm to someone.It’s seems you’re the one disturbed-by the the truth that is.I don’t see how you or any other person can overlook such blatant racists comments made by teabagger and james(which is what started this war of words)and not feel like they are culpable.Yoiu must be a white person to make such an ignorant outburst like that.And if you’re blk I can just say God help your poor soul.Living next to white neighbors in a small suburban community doesn’t make you an euqal angela so please do yourself a favor and look in the mirror.A blk president did not solve the problem of racism.It just made it worse.And with people like you attacking someone because they were offended by racist comments only make you the disturbed person in this matter!!!!

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