The Green Bay Packers snuck into the playoffs in the final weeks of the NFL season and ended up winning the Super Bowl. Could the Chicago Blackhawks be on a similar track with 22 games remaining in the regular season?

“[The Bears] played [Green Bay] in the regular season, just prior to the playoffs starting,” former Blackhawk and current analyst, Steve Konroyd said on the Mully and Hanley Show.

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“I think they had a chance to put them out, and they didn’t. As a result of that, Green Bay makes the playoffs and then they go on, of course, to win the Super Bowl. And I kind of feel like the Blackhawks are going to get on that same kind of roll. All these games are kind of like playoffs games now, so they’ll be in that mentality now for the next six weeks…And if they make the playoffs, watch out. Nobody is going to want to play them, whether it’s Vancouver, at the top, or Detroit or San Jose, who ever it is. No one is going to want to touch them. So right now their focus is making the playoffs and their focus is ‘let’s just go out there and win the next game.’ And that’s how they’re going to attack it.”

But, as of Wednesday, the Blackhawks sit in a four-team deadlock, leaving many curious if the team will have a chance to defend their Stanley Cup victory from a season ago.

“Well you know I do,” Konroyd said. “Obviously I’m pretty biased…and I know these guys and think the world of them. There’s just so much talent there, there’s a lot of character.”

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