The Chicago Cubs spring training complex will be built before the commercial portion of team’s project.

The Wrigleyville West was the key part of the project that the city of Mesa and the Cubs pitched to voters back in November. But according to team board member Todd Ricketts, the family and team will make the practice facilities their priority.

“I’d like to get the stadium and the facilities built and then we can focus on the commercial side,” Ricketts told Garin Groff of the East Valley Tribune.

The Wrigleyville West portion of the project will be home to various shops and restaurants that will cater to Cubs fans making the trip to watch the team’s spring training.

Mesa has committed $84 million for the complex and an additional $15 million for infrastructure work. Anything beyond that will be picked up by the Ricketts family. The entire Wrigleyville West project will be financed by the Ricketts family and will help keep tourism dollars in Mesa instead of in the surrounding communities.

The Cubs’ current spring training facility, Hohokam Stadium, has no shops or restaurants around it and is across from a cemetery.

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