CHICAGO (CBS) — Just one day after claiming a decisive victory, Mayor Emanuel has left us.

It appears some sort of “time vortex” has claimed him at the peak of his popularity–on Twitter.

Now fans are mourning the loss on Twitter and Facebook–and even hoping the story will somehow continue.


For the past five months, an unknown author (or authors) has been treating Chicago followers (over 38,000) to an ongoing, and very profane, fictional story of Rahm Emanuel’s run to City Hall.

The story ended Wednesday night as the main character slipped away–as the sounds of Journey’s “Separate Ways” played on an endless loop from political adviser David Axelrod’s car radio.

The fake Rahm Emanuel Twitter page, spun an epic tale of profanity and hilarity since September. Main characters included an incredibly over-caffeinated, hyper-driven and profane Rahm Emanuel, his political guru, David Axelrod, Carl the Intern and a duck named Quaxelrod.

The story took fans on Rahm’s campaign to every [bleeping] L stop in the city and wild drives in Axelrod’s beat up Honda Civic. Mayor Daley even made an appearance as he kidnapped the future mayor and took him on a tour of City Hall to reveal deep dark secrets hidden there. (There’s a toilet that doesn’t flush properly.)

There also was a particularly funny moment when Emanuel took time away from the campaign to take a road trip to Rockford to party with Wisconsin state senators, who (in real life) had fled to Illinois in protest over a controversial labor bill.

The party hit high gear when former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold showed up with gallons of whiskey and a bunch of pool noodles.

Even the real Rahm Emanuel claimed to be a fan, and, in a radio interview on WLS-AM, offered to donate money to charity if the author revealed his identity.

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