Snow Bearing Down On Chicagoland Tonight

CHICAGO (CBS) — The pattern of off-and-on miserable weather will continue Friday with snow that could dump about three to five inches in some parts of Chicagoland and up to seven inches farther south.

This latest storm may generate enough snow to set an all-time record for snowfall in February.

A winter storm warning is in effect during for areas far south of Chicago, including Jasper and Newton counties in Indiana. A winter weather advisory is in effect for other counties to the south of the city and Lake and Porter counties in Northwest Indiana.

CBS 2 Meteorologist Steve Baskerville says the snow will arrive after midnight.

To the north in Lake and McHenry counties in Illinois and Kenosha County in Wisconsin, totals are expected at only 1 to 3 inches. But for areas to the south, snow totals could top out at 5 to 7 inches.

Shovels will be a requirement when Friday morning comes around, and the Friday morning commute may be messy.

Meanwhile, by the start of next week, the term “active weather pattern” is sure to be one of the most despised expressions in Chicago. Snow is also expected on Saturday, light snow and rain on Sunday, and more snow on Monday.

A break is not expected until Tuesday into Wednesday.

  • johnny chingas

    ding dang it, this place sucks.

    • steve

      “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” – Col. Harlan Sanders

      • Finnieas J. Whoopie

        Lighten up, Francis…Steve is making a joke.

      • T Crowley

        Of course there are ‘different kinds of ‘good weather’,however,ome can differentiate between nice, balmy,warm and pleasent and cold, snowy and often dangerous weather. How about a hurricane?, ask the folks that have to deal with that, or a tornado, tell the people in the tonado belt it’s just weather as they see their homes swept away, and bury their loved ones, that goes for the folks hit by hurricanes as well. And the above ”good’ you so easily toss about doesen’t even consider the economic ramifications.. Just keep smiling from whever you are, and hopefully you don’t live in an areea of such ‘good weather.

      • Scott Stevens

        yes youre right tom tom, steve is a fool, good point you made

      • Real Rick

        Wow curly, who lit the fuse on your Tampon?

  • billyboy clinton

    just spoke to AL Gore he confirmed this as being due to global warming

  • gaspasr

    hell is freezing over

    • popeyemaine

      gaspar, not yet – the cubs haven’t won the world series :)

      • cubby fan

        Oh you beat me to it!

    • deborah

      With Rahm stealing the elections it is true…hell has finally froze over. Stupid
      Chicagoans. No longer will I give a dime to the city…

      • Rowwdy

        LOL! That is priceless. Good job.

      • Tony

        Go back to watching Sara Blah Blah Blah’s Alaska or the Real Houswives from somwhere.

      • Scott Stevens

        how did rahm steal the election? who did he steal it from?
        youre a fool deborah

      • alio

        You got it right

      • tolstoy

        Rahm did not steal the election; patronage, dishonesty, and corruption are so deeply embedded in Chicago politics that Rahm is a natural for the job. In fact, his victory is affirmation that all is well and normal in the windy city.

  • Will

    LOL at Drudge refugees… Everything is political… even weather?

    • Rambo555

      Will: Really? You must be one of those Drudge refugees then. I came in from CBS site. MORON!

      • Will

        Name calling. Now you fit in perfectly. LOL!

    • Rambo555

      Just calling it like I see it there Will.

      • AJsDaddie

        Will calls names then insults others for calling names. Sounds like a liberal to me!

  • ladyluck

    How is that global warming doing in Chicago?

    • mattwilcz

      its climate change. do you know the difference between WEATHER and CLIMATE. they teach you that in school if you pay attention. Rightwing nutjob

      • DaveInDallas


        It’s neither Left Wing or Right Wing. The real force between the shabby science that is “MANMADE Global Warming” is this: There are a ton of people in investment firms, business, tech, academia, and government that would like to create another stock bubble that would rival the dotcom bubble. Only, this would be a GREEN INDUSTRY.

        How do you think Al Gore’s net worth went from $7 to $200 million in about 10 years? He’s the mouthpiece for Goldman Sachs and a host of Venture Capital Firms, and they’ve cut him a ton of sweetheart deals. Obama + GE + Gore + Goldman + tons of people in business and science who did NOT get rich in the dotcom boom want to get rich in the green boom. This is what it’s all about, people. Pure and simple. Weather and climate BOTH fluctuate.

      • ftheleft

        Thanks, leftwing nutbag!

      • AJsDaddie

        Climate change is what has been happening for millions of years, mostly without people.

      • Jeff from Chicago

        Right-wing nutjob? Yea, and next year you will call it something else like “abnormal atmospheric events”. Call it what you want, but it’s weather. The climate has always been changing on this planet so your ignorant liberal insults only amplify how stupid you are.

  • mary

    The Son of Lucifer Rahm is bringing his first plague to the city.

    • Charlene

      I concur with you – God is warning the people of Chicago. Thank God I left that place after 45 years. By the way – how’s that Obama working out for you?

      • Lipton

        He didn’t come from Chicago originally, came from Kenya. ;)
        Plus, he’s not here now, he’s in DC causing ‘it happens’ on a global scale.

    • popeyemaine

      chicago’s weather is because chicago sucks in more ways than one – but specifically, it is a giant heat generator, and since heat rises, air must be sucked in from the surrounding areas to replace the heat that’s risen from the city. so scientifically, chicago REALLY sucks…

  • Clyde

    Punxsutawney Phil lied!

    • Lipton

      Not so, on two counts.
      1) It is still less than six weeks from Feb. 2nd
      2) Ol’ Phil is in PA, he didn’t make any promises about Chicagoland!

  • Nick


    What is especially hilarious is to hear people who don’t know anything about weather or climate pretend that they do. Whether or not you believe in anthropomorphic climate change, weather during a single day or short period gives you no indication one way or the other if it is true.

    • mattwilcz

      a voice of reason in a sea of right wing a$$holes

    • DaveInDallas

      I think it is sad and disturbing that people make up their minds on GW based NOT on any objective scientific examination, but based on what their politics are.

      Anytime politics enters the equation, truth and objectivity are the first casualties.

      I stand by my previous comment, though: The driving force behind this is the desire of some very powerful people to create a “green stock” bubble. Today, yet another top Obama aide joined a “Green Energy” Investment Fund.

      It’s all about the money, folks.

    • robertg

      True that a single day or short period doesn’t give an indication one way or the other. But the on going trend of cold weather everywhere year after year is now a trend.

    • Jeff

      The East Anglia emails show GW is all a bunch of nonsense….don’t be a bimbo.

      • DaveInDallas

        Let’s be more honest: They don’t show that it’s nonsense. But they DO show that shabby and dishonest science have been used, so all claims go out the window.

        Questions to answer now: Is GW really happening? And if so, is it good or bad — since it could lead to more crops. And, is it man made or the result of solar flares? And, did it really peak in 2006?

        Sorry, but the bottom line is that if you incorporate bad data, you MUST go back to the drawing board and start over. That’s how science works. Garbage in, garbage out.

    • Will

      Nick, you got it all wrong. If global warming is happening, why is it snowing?

      • estef

        yup yup i agree with you

      • Lipton

        Why is it snowing? Is this a trick question?
        Mmmm, because it’s winter?

    • reiner

      “anthropogenic,” wizard…..

      the hoax is referred to as “anthropogenic global warming….AGW!”

    • TD

      When it’s hot, that’s globl warming.

      When it snows or is cold, that’s because you’re stupid.

    • Crazed Sex Poodle

      What is especially hilarious is to hear people who don’t know anything about solar flares pretend that they don’t exist.

  • jeff myers

    Little man can not control or change the weather.
    God will not be mocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Renee

    Its February in Chicago …….. it snows. No big deal. Shovel it and move on with your day.

    • Rich

      Agreed Renee – Shovel the damn snow and get on with it…

  • reiner

    Everybody be sure to pile onto LSD!!

  • Jim in Houston

    Never fear, Rham is near!

  • Hank Warren

    Fake global warming, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • Axelfraud

    “What is especially hilarious is to hear people who don’t know anything about weather or climate pretend that they do. ”

    So, you’re talking about yourself.

  • OwlGoreLied

    “anthropomorphic climate change’

    Why do the warmers keep changing the name? First it was global warming, then climate change and now anthropomorphic climate change.

    • popeyemaine

      watch out for bearmanpig! half bear half man half pig! i’m super serioul!!

      • Southern Fried

        I think something is a little off with your math.

      • popeyemaine

        that was from AlGore, inventor of the internet, from SouthPark..! i’m super serioul!!!

  • SNOW IN CHICAGO ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!! « ywillis7860

    […] is in effect for all Chicago area counties, beginning at 6 p.m. and ending at 9 a.m. Friday. A winter storm warning is in effect during that same period for areas to the south, including Jasper and Newton counties […]

  • Mark Matis

    Chicago has FAR MORE than 9″ of snow coming after the swill they elected. At least FOUR YEARS of continuous snow and lies. Enjoy!

  • Bobby BowWow

    I predict the snow to melt by June. Can I please have a Nobel Prize?

  • Jon

    Chiicago is replacing the Daly gangster regime with the Rahm gangster regime. Thank God I escaped that toilet many years ago.

    • Rowwdy

      They might as well as have put a Gambino in. No difference between them.

      • popeyemaine

        gambino’s prettier… LOL

  • FedUp

    Jon – Where did you go? Is it really better? I have just about had enough of this entire state.

    • Persimmon Knob

      Moved from Crook County to the Bluegrass of Kentucky.
      Best thing I could have done
      No Daleys, no unions, lower taxes, our retirement dollar
      Goes much farther.

    • jon

      I escaped Chicago a few years ago.
      Moved to Mesa Arizona. There are many Chicago folk out here.
      Unions and career bureaucrats are not a threat.
      Area has lower taxes, lower cost of living and reasonable housing prices.
      No snow but it is hot in the summer. Air conditioning is the equalizer.
      Finally, Cubs spring training is just a few miles away.

  • Stephen

    Why live there? High crime rate, high taxes, now more miserable weather. Time to move.Houston Texas sounds Good.

  • Southern Fried

    You know what they say, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it will change.

    • popeyemaine

      which reminds me of the joke:
      Q: what is this: “wethur”
      A: tha’s the worst “spell” of weather we’ve had in years!

  • walter12

    Oh my God, I hope that you guys that gave us Obama, Imanuel, and all those other messengers from Infamy, suffer, with some snow and cold. It is good for your guys in Chicago. Again, oh my God, how we loathe and despise this Obama and Holder here in Montana. By the way, we love snow out here.

  • Southern Fried

    You know it’s funny, everyone I have talked to did not vote for Ovomit, I mean Obamanation, I mean Obama or his newly elected spawn, so how the heck did either of them get elected? Things that make you go Hummmm…..

    • Rowwdy

      Can you say A C O R N? Dead voters? Illegals voting? Multiple votes by 1 person? The two most crooked elections in the history of the United States. Bank on it.

  • kentex1146

    How would I feel if i woke up tomorrow morning and learned that Chicago was under 50 feet of snow?


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