Drew Peterson Angry Over Son’s Firing

JOLIET, Ill. (CBS/WBBM) — Murder suspect Drew Peterson is speaking out, sort of, about the firing of his oldest son from the Oak Brook Police Department.

Peterson remains in jail awaiting trial in the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. But his comments were e-mailed by his attorney, Joel Brodsky, to The Joliet Herald-News.

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Peterson says he is angry that the Oak Brook Board of Fire and Police Commissioners fired his son, Stephen Peterson, last weekend.

“I am very angry that the police and fire board of Oak Brook are in the police chief’s pocket and that they can’t make a fair decision on their own,” he said.

He also questions the fairness of the commissioners.

“When I gave Steve my guns there was no investigation to impede,” Peterson said. “They were my favorite guns, and I was going to give them to Steve when I retired anyway. I only gave him three of the dozen or so guns I owned, and I kept most of my guns in my house and the police confiscated them all, so how could giving him those three guns impede anything?”

The board ruled that Stephen Peterson had failed to disclose that his father had given him three guns and nearly $240,000 just three days after the disappearance of Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy, in October 2007.

“Officer Peterson’s continuing claim that the weapons and money were irrelevant to the investigation by the Illinois State Police were self-serving, disingenuous, and not credible, and demonstrate that Officer Peterson lacks the fundamental ability to make sound judgments,” said commission Chairman Frederick Cappetta, in announcing the decision over the weekend.

The commission found Stephen Peterson not guilty of two other accusations. One related to his temporary possession of a sawed-off AR-15 assault rifle that his father used in connection with his duties as a Bolingbrook Police SWAT team member. The other accused Peterson of failing to keep the internal investigation into his possession of the guns confidential.

Drew Peterson is himself a former Bolingbrook police sergeant. He resigned after investigation began into Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

Peterson is not charged in Stacy’s disappearance, but prosecutors have alleged that he killed third wife Savio in order to prevent her from testifying against him in court.

Her body was found in a dry bathtub on March 1, 2004.

Savio’s death was originally ruled an accidental drowning, but her body was exhumed after Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, disappeared on Oct. 29, 2007. A new autopsy reclassified Savio’s death as a homicide.

Stacy Peterson has long been presumed dead, but her body has never been found.

Peterson had been set to go to trial last summer, but the trial was halted the day before jury selection was to begin. Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow filed an appeal against county Judge Stephen B. White’s ruling regarding which statements will be allowed into evidence under the hearsay exception.

Judge White retired in October. When the case finally goes to trial, another judge will preside.

The Joliet Herald-News contributed to this report, via the Sun-Times Media Wire

  • iris

    Does every story have to have a stupid looking picture of this fool?

    CBS check your spelling. Filing?

  • DG

    Drew, tell us where you stashed Stacy’s body so that she and Kathleen can both have justice. It was unfair of you to murder them. You are evil.

    • hope u rot in prison


  • Hope u rot in prison

    SHUT UP DREW!!!!

  • kma

    He is talking about himself when he was an officer of the law.

  • A

    Did anyone proof read this article? Filing in the headline should be firing…seventh paragraph..”fourth wife, Kathleen Savio…no Kathleen was his 3rd wife…Stacy was his 4th. You will lose your credibility as a “news station” if this mis-information keeps up…

    • campbell

      i just left a reply but it didn’t show up. why?

      • Tracy

        Try eliminating certain words.They’re trying to keep it somewhat civil.

  • LMD

    Does anyone think maybe the families of Kathleen and Stacy might be a little angry that their loved ones are gone. One can’t even have the closure of a burial!

  • Chana

    Drew, Drew, Drew – what can’t you ever admit the truth? Your son was fired for misconduct. Simple as that – if you would ever come clean about what happened to Ms. Savio or Ms. Peterson, life would be so much better. I am tired of seeing your face, hearing your lies and boo hoo, what happened to your son? Clear and simple, he did not perform to the best of his ability and was fired. Suck it up, old man.

  • FR

    When he gave Steve the guns there was no investigation to impede.

  • Larry

    Sure, giving little Stevie the guns and the money had nothing to do with Stacey’s disappearance. This guy has OJ Syndrome. He actually believes the things coming out of his mouth. Nobody else does.

  • http://petersonstory.wordpress.com/ facsmiley

    When Drew gave the guns to his son there most certainly was an investigation in process. Want proof? we’ve detailed it here: http://petersonstory.wordpress.com/

  • Danna Calvert

    they are both a disgrace to the badge….and both took an oath to uphold the law…he needs a cell next to his loving father…..

  • Jim

    giving his son guns 3 days after stacy disappeared. sounds like someone was having a panic attack.

  • Carl Kolchak

    Everybody is tired of hearing Drew’s lies and Joel Brodsky’s calling everybody
    against Drew a liar!!!! When Drew gave Steve the guns, an active investigation
    is in progress along with a search warrant which was about to be served on Drew Peterson!!!!

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