The tragic death of former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson sent shock waves through the Bears family and its fans. The details that followed his death have raised more questions than can be answered.

In an interview with writer Rob Trucks, that took place three months before Duerson committed suicide, the former Bears safety talked about doing something he never thought he would do, turn 43-years old.

“Well we talked about that for a while,” Trucks said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “I tried to find out where that came from and he basically said it was an idea that popped into his head when he was six-years old. And from the time he was six-years old he did not think he would live to see 43, and was actually quite surpised that he got there. Unfortunate, terrible, heart-breaking irony is that two days before he reached the birthday he thought he would never see, his mother, who he refers to as his best friend and his support system, passed away, literally two days before he turned 43.”

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