Father, Girlfriend Accused Of Habitually Chaining, Beating 13-Year-Old

MARKHAM (STMW) — A 13-year-old south suburban boy was routinely chained to a dryer as his father and his girlfriend slept, after being beaten by the adults with everything from bamboo scratchers to yard sticks to a broken ax handle, prosecutors allege.

Hugo Dominguez, 38, of 444 N. Park Dr. in Glenwood, was charged Thursday with one count of aggravated domestic battery. His girlfriend Mary Ramirez, 38, of the same address, is charged with one count of unlawful restraint, Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said.

On Friday, bond for Dominguez was set at $250,000, while Ramirez was ordered held on $100,000, Simonton said. Both are accused of physically abusing Dominguez’s 13-year-old son.

Court records indicate police were called to Brookwood Junior High School in Glenwood on Tuesday for a report of possible child abuse. They found the teen had a large laceration to his left elbow, bruising on both arms, lash marks on his lower and middle back and marks on his lower legs.

The teen said the injuries were caused by both his father and his father’s girlfriend, prosecutors said.

The teen told investigators he was hit in the hands with a yardstick and ax handle, and that his father stabbed him with a knife. He also said Ramirez hit him with belts, a bamboo scratcher and rulers taped together.

The teen also said he was chained to a dryer most nights as his father and Ramirez slept. He was routinely unchained in the morning and put in the garage before school, court records said.

Investigators performed a search of the home and found the knife, bamboo sticks, yard stick and two broken wooden ax handles, as well as a white chain in the laundry room, court records said.

Dominguez admitted he cut the boy with a knife last week, and that he routinely hit him with the ax handle and yard stick. He also admitted to chaining the boy to the dryer during the week.

Ramirez also admitted hitting the teen with a back scratcher and chaining him up on some nights, court records said.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is investigating allegations of abuse and neglect against both Ramirez and Dominguez, and has had no prior contact with the family, spokesman Kendall Marlowe said.

The teen and his two siblings have been placed in the care of a foster family, Marlowe said.

Dominguez and Ramirez will appear for a preliminary hearing March 23 in Markham, Simonton said.

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  • somocki

    Lord have mercy! There is truly a war on the children.

  • J

    They should kill them both. Plain and Simple, make an example for people like this.

  • vengence

    Die you PIG!

  • dan

    J, they shouldn’t kill them, they should chain them to something and then beat them both or better yet let the kid beat them.

  • El Guapo

    I say we set their ass on fire and then put out the fire with baseball bats.

  • Mark

    Im with El Guapo on this one.

  • Kelly

    I am with El Guapo and Dan. I think the boy should be able to beat them too. Why do people have kids that really do not want them. I would hope the courts do some major sentencing here.

  • Dorothy Kush

    just goes to show there are truly evil people in this world. In my eyes this kind of crime is worse than murder, this child will carry this nightmare forever. Can only hope they get that maxium punishment the law allows and cell mates that are as evil as them

  • kevin

    sweet jesus…I hope the kid will be able to make it out ok from all the hell he was put through

  • johnny chingas

    Dang, poor kid will pay out a fortune to a therapist. I can’t even begin to imagine hating my own kids that much that i would beat them and chain them up like an animal. Im beyond words, this is just a sad world when kids lose their innocence at the hands of their own parents.

  • Average Guy

    This could be circular. Their parents or guardians may have done similar things to them. In turn they have treated their child the same.

  • Straight Shooter

    I am and always will be a strong advocate of my belief that anyone who abuses their children should be forced to have their reproductive organs removed so they cannot have more children to abuse.

  • Blktru_nigga69

    that was my family them two did that too, i havnt seen him since 06… his dad took him from are family and dissapper on us, and when seen this last nite, i dont like this, you dont do that to a lil kid…. made me cry, and still is…

  • Pat

    I hope they get what they have coing for them. I hope they meet somone like that in jail and they get beat to.

  • Henry

    Dominguez? Ramirez? Are these people even here legally?

    • Smpoth

      Henry, are you an escapee from the KKK chpater 101?

      • RM

        Good question Henry. To answer your question, NO, Dominquez did not originally enter the US legally. I personally know him. His son, happens to be, one of my cousins. I hope that piece of trash rots in jail!

      • Smooth

        Tina – Not abusive but a reaction to an ignorant stereotype insinuating the possibility of illegals with a Hispanic name. If we use this mentality then we offend every ethnic group in america. God forbid that the bigots of this country be stereotyped !!!

      • Tina

        Please explain your abusive manners.A simple question was asked.If you don’t know the answer,clam up!!!

    • Smooth

      Nice to know there are no longer people like you who do not “stereotype” others. Another reason (Henry) why America will never go forward in human rights. Get a life punk !!!!!!!!

      • jlg

        How is their immigration status relevent to the fact they are child beaters and need to be imprisoned, one way/place or another? Maybe I’m only looking at it from the child’s situation, but just not computing why their status is important to welfare of the child and his siblings. Are folks worried about the money possibly to be spent to put them in prison? I thought this story was about the welfare of children.

      • Sal

        I agree with Henry,what are these people’s immigration status.It’s a fair question.I think you guys are being a little hard on Henry, don’t you think?

      • Average Guy

        Yo Smooth, Henry ain’t got nuttin’ else better to do. Dis is his life. Let people like him be. “They will wallow in their disgust and wither away.”

      • Henry

        That’s not a very nice thing to say.I asked a very legitimate question.Sorry if you took it the wrong way.I am not a punk!!!!!!

  • Charles

    OK people,now that you all have released some anger,the question still goes unanswered.What are these individuals immigration status?Does anybody know?

    • Smooth

      Charles-you just don’t get it!!! Are you guys all a family of bigots?

      • Charles

        Why is someone a bigot for asking a pertinant question?Nobody has said anything derrogatory towards any particular race.A simple question was asked,and it seems you have made it a racial issue.Lighten up, not all of us feel the need to play the race card as you have.

  • Karen Kasp

    Get off your soapboxes and get to the real point. How could these animals have done this kind of thing for so long and nobody noticed? God help those poor children and thank God someone at their school was observant. It’s a shame that sickos like these are able to pop babies out and some wonderful people try for years and can’t conceive.

  • Hurt

    I’m ashamed to say that is my family too. I don’t know who you are Blktru_nigga69 but I hope someone from your family can get this poor baby and show him love so he knows what it feels like to have a real family and be loved. I wish I could have done something for him but they kept to them selves. Like u said they disappeared on you. They weren’t the type to welcome family around. I’ll keep him in my prayers and hope now that he’s free of this abuse that he can live his life just being a kid.

  • kels~

    i wonder how they finally came to find him? poor kid, this will mess w/ his mind for life. :(

  • Sad and Confused

    I worked with Dominguez for @ least 5 years and everyone @ work is so sad and upset. We cannot believe he was doing this to his own child. He seemed like such a nice guy. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about how this poor child was suffering @ the hands of his own father. I hope this little boy along with his siblings get the help and love they really deserve. What about their biological mother? Is she even in the picture? My heart goes out to these little ones…

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