Man Loses $200,000 In Online Relationship Scam

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WBBM/CBS) — A Naperville man lost $200,000 recently, after falling for a scam involving the fictitious kidnapping of a woman.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mary Frances Bragiel reports, the man, who has not been named, is in “disbelief” after learning that a woman he believed he was involved with online does not even exist.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mary Frances Bragiel reports

The 48-year-old man said he started the online relationship 2 1/2 years ago. Since then, he had wired about $200,000 to several different bank accounts in Nigeria, Malaysia, England and the United States, police said.

Then the woman told him she had been kidnapped in London, and the man called Naperville police this past Wednesday to ask for help in rescuing her.

Police told the man that the “woman” in question was not real. The man’s response was “disbelief,” officers said.

An identification card the woman provided to him turned out to be a sample driver’s license from Florida.

The Naperville Sun contributed to this report, via the Sun-Times Media Wire

  • Randy

    I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

    • GO Southside

      Buyer beware! !!

  • Dylan

    This is a prime example as to why our nation is in such trouble with idiots like this.
    He’s probably on the Illinois pension program.

  • dawgman

    This guy is dumber than a box of rocks, what’s his email address, I could use some money

  • gaughanc

    i like to no were he got $200,000 from?

  • karen

    How stupid are you to fall for this scam?? You never met this person and you are in love?!?! It’s as good as the women who fall in love with men who are in prison! Go back to your trailor!!!

  • Danna Calvert

    stupid is as stupid does….

  • Fed up

    W.C. Fields said it best. A sucker born every minute. Or did he say you can’t con an honest man. This jerk thought he was going to get something he wanted without having to conform to the normal rules of engagement. His stupidity is shown in the fact that he reported it and exposed himself to the ridicule he deserves. Sucker, sucker, nah nah na nah na.

  • dennis cross

    There,s a sucker born every day seems like this one was 2 1/2 years ago.I like to know how to get a clown like that to donate to a real cause.

  • JackmeOFF

    LMFAO!!! What a fool!

  • A Alfa Plumbing

    Wow, unfortunate however everyone is well aware of the scams out there! Duh!!

  • For rEAL

    Never meeting and socializing with someone on the internetis one thing. Thinking this internet communication is a romance or sending perfect strangers money- is insane. How lonely and desperate was this guy anyway. Do you think he learned a lesson? I seriously doubt it. Emotionally immature people never learn the lesson. And he apparently is one of them.

  • HAHA

    A FOOL and his MONEY goes separate ways!

  • Dave

    LOL! I get those “send money” e-mails from Europe all the time!

    But come on….$200,000????

    Next time go to Vegas.

  • Hkeem

    That’s the power of the web,your mind builds this fantasy with time and you feel as if you have a real relationship! But you also have to be vulnerable emotionally and very foolish.It’s sad that that all this hard earned money is so easily taken by these cyber criminals. His life savings gone with just some words on the internet.

  • inspector clue so

    I have tracked down where this
    money has gone . apperently , a new
    York street bum named ” fred ” , was
    using the library computer to create
    this hoax . fred has been eating
    steak and lobster for the last two
    and have years , and , been hitting
    on young girls at bars ! he’s gained 45
    lbs !, and s$x life very good !

  • Yourafool

    Dumb Ass

  • bicky

    hope his wife doesn’t find out. just sayin’.

  • Lets Get Real

    A lonely guy with a ton of money. Buy a house, buy a car, sponsor a child, give it to charity–a food pantry. Save that money for retirement when you’ll really need it. Think of how all that money could have helped people or just stayed in the bank. Gives me a headache just thinking about it. I know. I know. We should not tell people how to spend their money.

    Kinda wonder what else this guy has done with his money since he has so much to throw around.

    I know I’ll never see what $200,000 looks like. That goes for many of us.

    • TDM

      Since he had so much spare time he could have done some volunteer work and eventually met someone nice. You know, get outta the house once in a while!

  • justin

    I do feel sorry for this sap. He’s probably a pretty lonely dude.

  • johnny chingas

    Holy schnieke! $200k? I got suckered for $80 once and that hurt like a mofo.

  • doesn't matter

    poor man, prob just lonely and not a internet super star when it comes to all these scams and such. cut him a break… there are a lot of lonely people out there.

  • BelieveDHype

    BREAKING NEWS!!! They found the con artist behind the scam and has apperantly scammed many from their life savings also. His name…Gov. Pat Quinn!! The apperant kidnapped woman was just Richard Daley in drags.

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