Some Employers Asking For The Keys To Your Facebook Page

CHICAGO (CBS) — You already bring your resume, references and a good attitude to your job interview. Now, some employers want your Facebook password, too.

But bosses aren’t the only ones looking to Facebook for personal information, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

Robert Collins says he was shocked when employers asked for his Facebook login information. The Corrections officer had been on leave from his job at a Maryland prison. When he reapplied, he found new rules.

The Facebook request is an infringement on a person’s rights, according to the ACLU, a civil-rights watchdog organization. Maryland state officials said the information was part of its background checks to make sure workers were not affiliated with gangs.

But Chicagoans thought the state had gone too far.

“If I can’t allow my parents onto my Facebook account, I’m not sure why I would allow my boss,” Tommy Bennett says.

Chicago Jury consultant Alan Tuerkheimer has used Facebook to gather information for lawyers or prosecutors looking for sympathetic jurors. He thinks asking for personal login and password is not only an invasion of privacy, but unnecessary.

Tuerkheimer says he can learn everything he needs to know just by analyzing an individual’s page and his or her posts.

“It can show groups that they belong to, it can show strong beliefs,” he said.

Tuerkheimer says the lesson here is to think about everything you put on your Facebook page. Remember, even an innocent joke can be misinterpreted and come back to haunt you.

  • Not a Sheep

    This is the exact reason I am not on Facebook, although many people share my name, people might ASSUME I’m on Facebook. I have no interest in it.

    But if an employer finds someone with my name on Facebook, they would think I’m lying to them, but I’m not.

    Not everybody is on Facebook, nor do we care to be.

  • Pat

    I’m not on Facebook either. You never know what is going to come back and bite you.

  • People Need2think 1st

    One sure way of keeping a secret is not to tell anyone, ever.

  • jlg

    Hey – if they feel the need to ‘be-friend’ me, that’s cool and no biggie. But the password? Next would be our bank PIN, etc. How would my password help them gain any more on my relationships than being a ‘friend’?

  • GGW

    Okay. So. If you’re on Facebook and you like Philadelphia Cream Cheese, does that make you a good or bad person, or prone to obesity and you wont’ get hired?

    • SRS

      HahahA! Right!

  • JSC

    I’m not on Facebook and don’t plan to be, but isn’t it the case that your complete login information, including your password, would not only enable someone else to see everything in that location – but also to impersonate you and make changes to what’s there, which are obviously not authorized by you? This could open the door to untold mischief. It’s a violation not just of privacy, but of your identity. There oughta be a law against it.

  • Donna

    I’m not on Facebook and my friends are all shocked that I’m “so not with it.”

    At work I’m practically an outcast!!

    My co-workers are on their Facebooks from the minute they get to work till the minute they go home!! My boss is on Facebook and “friends” with the Facebookers at work (a really sneeky way to pretending to be their friend & checking them out at the same time!!)

    Why do employers want your password & get free access 24/7 to what is really very personal??? To see a picture of you with a glass of beer in your hand?

    Are they gonna give you their password?

    Yeah, this “checking up” is too freakish.

  • Stepping over the line

    “Tuerkheimer says he can learn everything he needs to know just by analyzing an individual’s page and his or her posts.
    “It can show groups that they belong to, it can show strong beliefs,” he said.”

    talk about being nosey and judgmental!
    what if the scrutinizing employer happens to NOT like the groups you’re in? then it turns into discrimination. but you won’t be told that in the reject letter.

  • Rob

    Donna, facebook isn’t the reason you’re an outcast at work.

  • Kevin

    That’s way you need to have two facebook names. One you use all the time, the other that you never use.

    • LTW

      it’s not right to give out user name/password even if it’s a secondary facebook account. if it has your name on it, your picture, someone can do a lot of damage if they get a hold of all that info. like posting stuff on your page that could put YOU in jail. i wouldn’t work for anybody who asked me for that information. i know we all need a job but that’s a big price to pay and in the future that might be the only way to land a job by having to give up passwords, it’s wrong.

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  • A Alfa Plumbing

    It definitely crosses the line!! Since the beginning of internet and passwords it has always been said DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORDS! What makes them think they can ask for this? I would refuse…

  • Bill

    FaceBook is a privacy terrorist organization under guise.

  • Of the People

    The internet used to be fun. Now its a spyground for every public and private agency. Homeland Security or any law enforcement agency can get into your Facebook account without your permission.

    There is no such thing as privacy anymore. The days of fun on the internet are over. Like this place here, why do I have to leave my name and email address to leave a comment? Who cares?

    Big Brother is everywhere now. My Facebook page bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. It used to be a haven, a place to pass a little time with some cool people. Now I’m not just responsible for what I like, but for what anyone that I am connected with likes too. Geez.

    Leave people alone for the love of GOD! The constitution hasn’t caught up with the internet yet it would seem. Everything is fair game and they’re passing laws left and right to make sure they have access to everything.

    The trickle down effect of the Patriot Act is everywhere now!

  • MadSam

    Well, with “BIG BROTHER” WATCHING OUR EVERY MOVE, I’m suprised something like this hasn’t been brought to the publics attention sooner!! People on facebook should realize that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE is browsing everything posted. I mean if they are catching mafioso in Italy using facebook, I imagine the CIA, Secret Service, Homeland Security, etc., have a watchdog group monitoring things on facebook. Some people change their personalities, or let their feelings out on their page or in their posts, but they should realize that even though facebook provides security, their is always someone SMARTER out there…BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU POST, IT MAY COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU. As someone previously commented, this is one of the many reasons to NOT, have a page, unless you are going to develop an alter ego??

  • The Law

    The page displayed by Turkheimer has a more important posting, about a bone marrow drive to benefit a little girl in need. THATS what needs to be publicized!!

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