Adam Dunn was one of the biggest free agents over the offseason. And when he signed with the Chicago White Sox he brought with him the high expectations of a $56 million contract.

And Dunn might make White Sox fans frustrated at at times, because while he consistently hits 40 homes and 100 RBI, he’ll also strike out over 100 times. So will it takes White Sox fans a while to get used to watch Dunn everyday or do they already know the kind of player he is?

“Well I think we’ve already had a player like that in Jim Thome,” White Sox analyst Bill Melton said on the Boers and Bernstein Show. “You have the same .250 [batting] average. You have a guy that has a tough time with left handed pitching, actually most left-handers do with a good tough left-handed guy coming out of the bullpen, so we’re going to see a lot of that. But I guess you have to look at the season’s end, he makes that lineup better, just like Jim Thome did offensively.

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“And I think that’s really what they’re counting on…What does he have six or seven years of 40 home runs…and 100 RBI. So my goodness, he’s going to get them somewhere. I hope he gets them on a winning ball club, I think it’ll stand out a lot more.”

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