Man, 19, Shot Dead In Roseland

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police are investigating a deadly shooting in the Far South Side’s Roseland neighborhood.

Officers responded at 7:02 p.m. to a call of a person shot in the 10900 block of South Wentworth Avenue and found a 19-year-old man lying face up on the ground, police said. The victim was later identified as Rashad Robinson, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

Robinson, of the 10700 block of South Lafayette Avenue, was shot in the back and he taken to Roseland Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead 7:10 p.m., according to the medical examiner’s office.

Calumet Area detectives are investigating, but nobody was in custody Wednesday morning.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Dr. Goldberg

    When is this madness going to stop

  • BIGGS1719


  • Carol

    Was the shooter black?

  • Nicolette King


  • .Your Siis

    ..My brother. Rashad we. love you and miiss you dearly.!!!! One thiing ii knw iis GOD iis stiill able &he sees &he’s watchiin. &ii Knw tht he’s a keeper &he’s keepiing us and now he’s keepiing you. Love you man.!!! <3

  • AW

    As a White Person and a close family friend, to be perfectly honest, I do not know who shot him. The simple fact is he was shot. Does it really matter what the race of the shooter was? If the shooter was black, white, whatever, does that provide justification for you? If so, what’s wrong with you? There is no need for this kind of commentary.

    The simple fact is any death is a tragedy. Rashad was a smart and bright kid who was taken away from us way too soon. If you knew him you would know that he had so much to offer. He was ready to go off to Job Corps and make something of himself. He was not a gang banging street thug, just a victim of his environment. STOP THE HATE AND THIS PERPETUATION OF RACISM, PREJUDICE AND STEREOTYPES. It is not needed nor wanted.

    Before you say something, take a look in the mirror my friend. Ask yourself what have you done or what can you do to prevent this from happening again. If you don’t care then you are also a part of the problem. We are all in this together. I guess we forgot that along the way.

    I’m sure this will open the door for more ignorant people to make more ignorant comments but you ultimately have to live with the decisions you make.

    RIP Rashad, you will be missed.

  • Tracy

    HaHAHaHaHaHaHa, Mary, you’re hilarious!!!

    • AW

      I fail to see the humor in this. You wouldn’t be laughing if this was one of your family members.

      Does anyone respect anyone anymore?????

    • Tracy

      What the hell happened to mary”s comment? Do I smell cencorship brewing?

      • AW

        Censorship brewing NO. Ignorance Brewing YES.

        Is that the ONLY thing you are concerned about is what happened to Mary’s comments? Have you considered what his family and friends are going through?

  • Danielle

    As for mary’s comment Its called deleted and it needed to be I’m his sister and I see nothing funny about any of this would u be laughing if it was your one one no u wouldn’t grow up R.I.P my Lil Brother Rashad gone but never forgotten u will be missed

  • Gail O'Banner

    As I heard my little cousin was lying dead face up, all I could do do is pray to Jesus Chrst to forgive and have mercy. To the individual that called the police, I want to say Thank you. Now after reading these comments, can we really blame city officials for not controlling the violence in this community? Charity, compassion and common sense starts at home! Rashad aka pretty ricky was loved and definitely will be missed. As squirrel said ” he is with the angels”. Gail

  • Geoppetto Robinson

    There are know words that can express what you meant to me and the rest of our family. I do not understand why you were taken from us so early in your life, but I am sure that God has a purpose for you and you are needed elsewhere.

    Rashad, our family was so blessed to have you in our lives for the past 19 years. You will never be forgotten

    Geoppetto O’Banner Robinson

    ( Tears In Heaven ) Eric Clapton

  • Nita

    To the family of Rashad u r my prayer. This is a truly a time for prayer. I ask God to give u strength as u deal with this. Don’t let people ignorance and stupidity distract u from what important right now. This is one of the reason why things like this happened in our community to much hatred not enough love.

  • ur loving cousin..

    Thank u to evryone who has left supportive comments, and to u all who were disrespectful, god will deal with u. I hope they get the arrangements together soon bcuz I want to see my cousin one last time. Some of u are so ignorant and dnt care abt others but if it were ur family ud want sympathy. I dnt need sympathy, cuz I knw he’s in a better place. But who cares if the shooter was white black purple?? I dnt! All I knw is my cousin is gone and I didn’t even get to say goodbye.. =( love and miss u Rashad..

  • ur loving cousin..

    thank u to evryone who has left supportive comments. to all of u who were disrespectful, god will deal with u.. i hope they find who did this. some of u r so ignorant and dnt care abt others but if it were ur family ud want sympathy. i dnt need sympathy, cuz i knw my cousin is in a better place now.. but who cares if the shooter was white black purple?? i dnt!! all i knw is my cousin is gone and i didnt even get to say goodbye! =( love and miss u rashad..


    My codolence’s to Rashad’s family.i never met Rashad but by the time I had read the post my nephew Matthew Jackson had posted,I feel just as sad as every one else. May GOD give the family strength in their time of need!! LET’S FIND THE PERP THAT DID THIS ..AND BRING THEM TO JUSTICE!!

  • sally

    R.I.P Rashad
    me nd u been cool sense the 7th grade
    I jus saw u, I just cant believe your gone
    rude boy everybody miss and love u…

  • AngelaChristine

    I just happen to see my child looking at this page. The war is not in Iraq it is here and we need to pay more attention to our children even though they may not like it it is mandatory and the law should start holding us the parents responsible for our children’s wear abouts. It will only stop when we stop it parents. God bless the children. for we are our children’s keepers. This was yet another child my child knew. Rest in peace Ra shad. Your life was not in vain.

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