Emanuel Says He’d Accept Chicago Casino

CHICAGO (WBBM/CBS) — Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel said he would accept a casino in Chicago, but an anti-gambling advocate is calling for a citywide referendum first.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s John Cody reports, the Rev. John Allen Boryk, Illinois coordinator for the group Stop Predatory Gambling, says the referendum should be held before Emanuel even considers bringing a casino to Chicago.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s John Cody Reports

Emanuel said he would accept a casino with appropriate restrictions.

“I think a referendum by the citizens; to have people come and duke it out and debate,” Boryk said.

Boryk says Chicagoans sampled oppose video poker in the city, and he asserts they would likely veto a casino if given a chance.

A gambling expansion bill passed by the Illinois State Senate last year would have approved a casino in the city of Chicago, as well as four new casinos elsewhere in the state, and slot machines at O’Hare and Midway international airports and Arlington Racetrack. But the bill died in the state House in January.

  • Kendall Davis

    OK,let’s have casino gabling at O’Hare and Midway Airports. Also let the tracks in on it. But let’s eliminate civil unions and never proposal same-sex marriages as the best trade-of to gambling in Chicago. Are you politicians brave enough for that?

    • Sarah

      Maybe we can “proposal” the gambling revenue to develop a remedial adult education program. Clearly you are in need.

  • Ralph

    Why do these anti-gambling morons feel the need to restrict good clean entertainment. I’ve only been to a casino once while on vacation in Vegas.It was a good time. I don’t understand the concept of being “Anti-Gambling” If you don’t enjoy it, then don’t go. But you shouldn’t try to push your self rightiousness on everyone.

    • Kathleen

      that’s the problem, everybody has their nose in everyone else’s business. These anti gambling people do not speak for everyone! We need the revenue in this city and state. People need to feed their families. Why should all this revenue go to other neighboring state. I just don’t get it.. Where did he poll these people?

  • Wallace Gator Bradley

    Chicago needs a new source of revenue since Mayor Daley has given away the parking meters which was a revenue generation source for Chicago, people leave this city every day, and go to Indiana, it only makes sense that we gamble here in Chicago, just make sure that the all the communities in Chicago get something out the deal; jobs, contracts, public safety.

  • Bill

    There really should have been a referendum on the olympics,and then when daley found out nobody wanted it,then he could of saved us the expense of all of the projects leading up to daley’s dream!Where were you then,Mr.Boyrk?I guess you agenda is personal!Look at the BIG picture!

  • John

    Quick check the bank account of the selected one Rohm – he probably needed the cash for Obama

  • Ervin Stanford

    Chicagoans, have to realize, that casinos will not generate revenue for the city, but it will also create jobs for thosands of unemployed workers in the city. You, might as well do it because the city loses thousands of dollars daily, with it’s residents driving to indiana, not just to gamble, but for gas and cigerettes.

  • David Lee

    Don’t like gambling? Don’t gamble. But, don’t tell me I am not allowed to partake in legal gamblling! So just MYOB, get over it and move on.

  • Joe Friday

    Why does the media feel compelled to report on any little thing that some person out of left field says? Instead of giving the facts of the matter, i.e., where and when did Emanuel say this, what is HIS quote (not some no-name guy trying to step into the spotlight), what is Emanuel’s idea for a timeline to open a casino, where would it be located, etc…FOCUS ON THE FACTS OF THE HEADLINE!!

  • Kathleen

    people that oppose gambling are saying they are opposed to people having jobs.

  • antigambler

    A job is LOST somewhere else for every low-paying job created by gambling predators. They will eliminate even those jobs at the drop of a hat. When tokens were replaced by tickets, out went all the change-maker jobs.

    All casinos do is take money out of EVERY neighborhood and send it to a few well-lined pockets. They just move money around. Gambling is the most expensive entertainment ever invented.

    Great quote–Casinos are factories that produce POVERTY!

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