FBI Busts Southeast Side Drug Operation

CHICAGO (CBS) — Eight suspected gang members and associates have been charged with running a drug market on the city’s Southeast Side.

Seven suspected members or associates of the Almighty Latin Kings Nation were arrested Thursday by FBI agents as a result of “Operation No King,” an investigation that went on for almost two years. Authorities are still searching for the eighth suspect.

Authorities say the gang members ran a drug market in the Far Southeast Side neighborhoods of Hegewisch, The Bush and East Side, as well as Calumet City, and Hammond and Whiting, Ind.

The FBI says Paul “Guero” Jasso, 42, of the 9700 block of South Ewing Avenue, was a ranking member of the Latin Kings, and ran the independent drug operation that mostly dealt in powder cocaine. He faces federal charges of conspiracy and distribution of a controlled substance.

Paulino Bosanko, 23, of the 13200 block of South Brandon Avenue; Sandra Barron, 38, and David Ruiz, 52, both of the 9800 block of South Avenue L, also face federal charges. They allegedly ran the drug operation with Jasso.

Five others who allegedly worked for Jasso have been arrested on state charges. They are Joseph Barron, 27, and Josef Neri, 28, both of the 8300 block of South Baltimore Avenue; Charles Schill, 20, of the 10500 block of South Green Bay Avenue; and Loretta Flores, 44, of the 700 block of Buffalo Avenue in Calumet City.

Authorities are still looking for Edwin Tevenal Jr., 30, of the 10800 block of South Avenue H.

Police and the FBI tapped several telephones used by the defendants, and conducted undercover purchases of illegal drugs, as part of the investigation. Eight weapons were recovered in the course of the probe, the FBI said.

The four federal defendants were set to appear at 3 p.m. Thursday for an initial court hearing before U.S. District Judge Morton Denlow. They face a minimum of 10 years in prison and a maximum of life if convicted.

The defendants who face state charges could go to prison for up to 30 years, the FBI said.

  • George

    I agree. The Latin Kings are bottom of the barrel trash!

  • Alicia K

    I like the name operation no king!

  • Mary Mitchell

    police harassment of minority areas !
    the whites don’t have gangs ?
    what about the ” oak lawn Denver
    omlette ” gang ! or the ” orland
    park soccor” club !

  • Tracy

    Denver omlette gang? HaHaHaHa That’s awsome Mary. Where do you keep coming up with this humor. But you’re right about white gangs, or should I say lack there of? Kep telling it like it is girl!!!You rock!!

  • Average Guy

    If “you people” believe whites are not members of gangs then I would be right in posting that, you all’s post quite possibly are not as dumb as you really are.

  • Jose Guzman

    All you people out there judging latinos,whites,and blacks get a life look at your life and I know that you ant perfect and had done some mistakes and may be you are doing something bad at this moment but havent got caught if they want to sell drugs hey you have to do what you have to do to put food on the table Jose Goofy Guzman.

    • WiseWoman

      “FOOD on the TABLE”


    Refering to “gang bangers” they don’t put food on the table! They buy cars, guns, alcohol, high priced clothes and shoes, gold and MORE DRUGS. Been there, so I know!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!!

    • Citizen

      Gotta have those hundred dollar shoes and big gold chain.

  • Boo-Bah

    Wow I grew up on 97 and H. Some of those names ring bells, but they aren’t their street names, so I don’t know any of them. If I saw their faces, maybe. Not everybody in gangs wear big gold chains, and some of them do put food on the table. I know things aren’t the same as back in the day, but Latin Kings started to protect the latino’s in their community. Gangs are a part of peoples lives, that don’t have the luxury of living in the nice areas. One way or another, if you live in a bad area, and your young, your going to deal with the gangs. You either join them, or your considered an enemy. Some people make it through without being directly affected, but we all end up losing friends to a bullet anyway. Every one of my friends was a part of the Kings on 99th. Fortunately, almost all of us have made it out. Some of my guys will have to keep eyes in the back of their head for the rest of their lives, because they wanted out. It’s not the smartest thing to do, but some of us don’t have much in choices.

    • doseofreality

      boo bah jesse? well i grew up in that area and i think its about damn time

    • jchaha

      I grew up on on 97th and H but we moved butb my grandparents stayed right down the block on 98th for years and I was always there. I know dudes that stayed there for their entire lives and made good choices. Theres always a choice.




    They were starting to invade my neighborhood with thier garbage!

  • stinker


  • Mars Blackman

    What”s the matter; they rape you in jail?


    funny how they say “no king land” when theres only one king named……not only does this country LIE!!! u idiot people believe every little thing crook cops say or write remember we live in the city w CROOK COPS why do u think Chicago is the number one city when it comes to police busting innocent people. i do agree though there people knew what the hell they were doing and YES more drugs off the street and gang members but to the reporter who wrote this and for the cops u wrote the report GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!

  • V

    I actually when to school with Josef and he’s not even a gang member. He’s just an average guy that goes out and smokes every once in a while. Get your facts straight, cops.

    • Free Joseph

      I completely agree. One of the best people out there, can’t always believe what you read people. Take it from us who know him.

  • pl84

    funny when this article says “DRUG OPERATION” there were no drugs FOUND IN OR AROUND THE AREA where these guys got busted. It only reports they found weapons. Not only I can see some people lack reading abilities but people believe every little thing in articles now and days and are to quick to judge and call people “gang members”. As far as the article goes there was only one gang member named if you read above. Not only do we live in Chicago but the #1 city that has crook cops. To the person who wrote the article “PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT AND BE A REPORTER DONT BE A PERSON WHO COPIES AND PASTES STUFF YOU ONLY “HEAR” ABOUT.To the cops and fbi agents BUST THEM RIGHT THERE AND THEM MORONS …..2 YEARS LATER AND YOU STILL DIDNT CATCH THEM WITH NOTHING? i see my taxes go to fat, lazy, crook people who use there authority very poorly….all you did was take a few more guns off the street and just 1 and i repeat 1 gang member

    • XGT

      Every gang member in this country should be shot in the forehead.

  • East side Chicago

    So many people are quick to judge! They dont know what goes on in this neighborhood or in areas like ours. im not making any excuses but its hard to live day by day especially for these guys out here. Now that the economy is down you have to do what you have to do to put food on the table. Im not saying selling drugs was a good idea but some of the names mentioned above are really good people and i hate to see them in this situation.These cops out here are the worst!! they are so crooked and will throw any names out there to make it look like their doing their job right. Yes, take drugs out the street but do it the right way. All i can do is hope for the best for them because i know a couple dont belong there.

  • chicago joe


  • chicago joe


  • Mrs. Morton

    How did Alderman Pope get involved in this? Honey I have been living in the East Sidesince before you were born have had the pleasure to witness Vrdolyak Buchanan and ofcourse our Alderman John A. Pope and let me tell you that he is and honest hard working man that would never let something like this happen without doing something. I bet helped the FBI to get this criminals.

  • chicago joe

    my dear Mrs. Morton soon the news be all over the media ,I feel bad for all who thought so highly of alderman pope .but it is what it is.

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