Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Woman, 93

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police have arrested a South Side man, on charges that he sexually assaulted a 93-year-old woman.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s David Roe reports, a witness told police she walked into the elderly victim’s room to check on her in a home in 8200 block of South Ridgeland Avenue.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s David Roe reports

In the room, the witness saw Walter Price, 48, lying on top of the woman with his pants off, performing a sex act on the woman without her consent, police said.

Police say Price ran from the scene upon being discovered but was arrested shortly after.

Price, of the 7400 block of South Vernon Avenue, was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault of a victim who is over the age of 60, police said. He is expected to appear in bond court Friday.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Average Guy

    C’mon man! That is sick.

  • kse

    I mean really??

  • Gail Upchurch

    A bullet to the head , after they torture him as he did that poor woman. Save my tax dollars to help the victims..

    • Chaz

      Well said.

  • Mary Mitchell

    oh walter didn’t do that !
    this media is soooo not right !

  • Disgusted

    Doesn’t do much for racial profiling, does it?

  • Mr. Justice

    I agree with Gail and Bob. Save the taxpayers of Illinois over $45000 per year to house this punk.

    • JDH

      Run for mayor…ya got my vote!!!

  • Average Guy

    Experienced? You’re just as sick as your friend. But, at least you’re not hurt anyone. But still, that is sick.

    • Cliff

      You are obviously replying to a comment that has been removed. I wish these a$$holes would stop reporting comments.

  • heep

    Ok where was the staff that worked here (worked ?) to allow Mr Price acess to the rooms and allow him to have sex with this poor woman.

    • chaz

      MR. Price? You mean the animal who did this? You are really going to blame the staff for this monster’s actions? Time to rethink this whole thing you heep of dung…

  • Come On Kids, Let's Roll!

    I say we should put this animal in a room without about 100 elderly people and let them beat him with cains and run over him with their hover rounds until he’s dead.
    Punishment fits the crime, and it saves taxpayers a bunch of money.

  • Mr. Justice

    >>>>>>>>>>> heep, it isn’t the staff’s fault for the rape. The man made a choice, now it is time for him to receive a 45 round in the head. There are consequences for one’s actions.

  • Jackie

    OMG! This is becoming a scarey world.

  • mike

    Wait until this moron gets to prison. “You’re in for WHAT???”

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  • Gary

    What a shame. Just when Walter was turning his life around.

  • richard

    lol, that’s disgusting.

  • chaz

    What is the milk bottle for? I coudn’t fit my thumb in a milk bottle!

    • tyler


    • Dee in Pa

      I didn’t think milk came in bottles anymore . !!!!!!!!!!

  • Albert Schweitzer


  • jbh

    The person in this crime has only one place to go. So please send him there. And do not let it take 25 years. Thanks

  • Fred C. Dobbs

    “That old white woman done set me up because I’m a BLACK MAN!”

  • TiredOfDumbCommentsFromPeopleLikeYou

    Oh, around nine hundred B.C.

    • very true


  • Miami Ed

    The convicts will have him for lunch and will make him wish he were dead. Walter Price, you one poor excuse for a human being.

  • Mike

    Well, that’s Chicago for ya! What a disgusting worthless waste of space that place is!

  • TiredOfDumbCommentsFromPeopleLikeYou

    That link is what I would call, “results from ignorant web searches” or, “I simply had nothing to do on the web, searches.”

  • joey

    Did he attend REV. Wrights church ?

    • Mike

      He probably is a Rev… in the church of “What’s Happening Now”!

  • J Kauffmann

    where’s the rope!

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