Woman Caught In Metra Train Door Saved By Passenger

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Metra commuter became stuck in a doorway as her train began moving, but was likely saved from serious injury by a quick-acting passenger.

The woman trying to board a train got her arm and cane stuck in a closed door on Thursday, but a fellow passenger flipped the door’s emergency switch just as the train started moving.

The woman was not hurt, but avoided a serious injury as she was seconds from being dragged down the platform. The incident happened around 7 a.m. on Metra’s BNSF Line at the Stone Avenue station in La Grange.

Metra is investigating whether safety rules were violated. The agency requires a conductor to take a “second look” at the doors before allowing the train to proceed.

In December 2009, a 4-year-old boy’s boot was caught by the door of a Metra train and his mother yanked the child’s leg free.

The transit agency changed safety procedures after violinist Rachel Barton lost part of a leg when she was caught and dragged by a Metra train in 1995.

  • eric

    Automobiles have sideview mirrors, how about requiring them for trains, so that the engineer could see down the length of the train as passengers are entering and leaving? Simple solution. It could even be done by closed-circuit video cameras instead of mirrors.
    Obviously there have been a few accidents because of the lack of monitoring the status of the doors.

  • objects in mirror are closer than they appear

    eric, please see above photo….as you will notice the protrusions on the side of the train are in fact side view mirrors. these are on all trains, and many trains do have video monitoring.

  • Eric is a dope

    Eric you dope! HAHAHAHAHAHA they have them already look at the picture : P

  • My kid can make better observations

    Even my kid knows they have sideview mirrors. Eric, let me know your address and I will send you a scan of the picture he drew. It’s in Crayon, but you can plainly see the sideview mirrors.

  • Eric caused it


  • commuter

    yes!there was safety issue.once,again the train conductor is not paying attention or looking to make sure all the passengers are actually inside the train doors.

    • A Bicyclist formerly from LaGrange

      Or this lady went up, but not in and back down when the responsible conductor looked at her door before closing , and then the engineer proceeded from the door closure signal…. We’re all only human, and this lady must have been late in boarding at a business AM time @ Stone Ave.

      • A Bicyclist...

        ouch, I meant ‘busy’ time, not ‘business’== too much work on the brain after my 5 day DT workin’

  • Old BNSF Hogger

    We do have side view mirrors on the engines, we use them always, how far can you see in your car mirrors?. I am guessing not to far maybe 100 feet, let me be clear, the conductor (the person that takes the tickets) is the boss of the train, works doors, signals clear go ect. I run the train (engineer) watch signals, start and stop, radio ect. We have engine mounted cameras to capture cars when they drive around gates, it happens often. Trains only hit cars when cars are on the tracks. I have never taken my engine down a paved road.

  • Dan Rakow

    I Continue to pray for Conductors and Brakemen that would have second looks before the train proceed that is very important.

  • Jumpin To Conclusions

    commuter…why is it the train conductors fault? maybe we should wait for the whole story before passing judgment. maybe it was the commuters fault… you and eric should go have coffee.

  • Eric

    Dan, would you like to come too? We can get a frappes! :-) toot toot!

  • Mr. Banana Pants

    I like trains!

  • Old BNSF Hogger

    I tried to be nice and not point the finger but yes the photo shows the mirrors. I have run passenger as well as freight trains for 31 years, the mirrors help for short passenger trains but on freight trains, except for switching out maybe 10 freight cars they really don’t do much. Hey little Eric, a hogger is an engineer in railroad speak.

  • Laughing at Eric


  • Train Rider

    @ Jumpin to Conclusions – you beat me to it!!
    Everyone is so quick to blame the operator or conductor. How do we know the women didn’t try to get through the doors late?! I cannot tell you how many times I see people running across the tracks at the last minute in order to make their train. If they were to get squished, would the operator be at fault because he didn’t stop this huge multi-ton train (not quite sure how much they weigh) quick enough to avoid the moron? NO we wouldn’t… That is the problem with our society today.. everyone is too litigious…Someone tries to rob a house, cuts their arm on the window they broke to get in and sues the owner! No one takes responsibility for their actions! Grow up peeps….

    • A Cyclist, whose waits to be the last on

      Here, here! Good insight.

  • Eric Impersonator

    Well, I do see silver protruding thingy’s that may or may not be mirrors. From the angle of the picture they look more like ears for listening… And when did they take cow tippers off the front? Won’t anybody think about the children!?

    • A Rail Fan

      The cow catchers were to just push the dead cows, etc. off the track to save the train derailing.Not many stray cows left on any Metra route.

  • Jumpin To Conclusions

    @Train Rider – my point exactly.

  • TOM

    eric, do you need a feminine pad?

  • Fashionista Extreme

    Ya Eric, next time you go running for a train make sure you have your flats on and your purse doesn’t get caught in the door.

  • Mr. Banana Pants

    I still like Trains!

  • Peter Graves The Pilot

    Eric, do like stories about gladiators?

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