Bust Nets $93K In Coke, $30K In Cash

CHICAGO (STMW) – A Saturday drug bust on the South Side ended with the arrest of a convicted felon, $30,000 in cash and about $93,000 worth of cocaine.

Jason Hinton, 36, was arrested and charged Saturday afternoon with manufacture and delivery of cocaine, after police received information of a narcotics transaction, according to a police News Affairs release.

On Saturday, Gresham District tactical officers were conducting narcotics surveillance in a community known for high narcotics and gang activity, when a tip was received that a black vehicle would be delivering narcotics in the vicinity of 7700 South State Street, according to the release.

During the investigation, officers saw Hinton driving a vehicle fitting the description and curbed it. Results of their investigation yielded 3 large clear bags containing suspect cocaine, and the officers seized approximately $93,000 worth of cocaine and over $30,000 in cash.

Hinton, a convicted felon, was taken into custody and was scheduled to appear in Central Bond court Sunday.

Calumet Area detectives are investigating.

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  • The Trufe

    Mary u crazy biatch!!!! Is that your brother in that photo??? He looks like another fine upstanding african american citizen!!!!

    • Mary Mitchell

      This Police crackdown on men of color will have an
      adverse effect on our culture !
      Our culture is based upon receiving free stuff from the
      Government ! Police enforcement of drug crimes,
      robbery , burgleries and murders will cause our
      young men of color to have to study hard in school
      and get good grades and work at McDonalds and
      learn to make a living the honest way !
      ( the way white youths do ! )
      This must stop ! Jesse and I will help get our
      Color society back to a freeloading
      Taxpayer based economy
      of which we are accustomed to !
      Im a crazy crack ho bee atch !

  • halkat

    Send him to California–3 strikes and life—instead he will do a couple of years here –be out and in busness again shortly

    • Me

      What about the person(s) he got the stuff from.? Did Hinton go to Columbia?

  • Attorney, Jackie Brown

    It will be thrown out, due to yet another illegal search by c.p.d. tact. which is presumptuous and tumultuous and utterly preposterous !!!

    • Tim

      I’m sure attorney knows everything that happened during the stop. and yes, i know, it’s a conspiricy by the white police to oppress the innocent black man, who happens to be a convicted felon. get over it.

    • CLASSIC!

      It will most certainly be the most public of your many humiliations!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Tim

    i know. it’s the same as before – there’s a conspiricy against the black man by the white man. Get over it, a convicted felon, matching the description, he apparently didn’t learn his lesson.

    • mary mitchell

      4th amendment is good stuff !
      I prefer Maddog 20 – 20 !

      • The Trufe

        Mary you are truly a well cultured woman!!

    • Attorney, Jackie Brown

      Does the 4th Amendment mean anything to you..

  • the truth

    This guy is guilty… He belongs to rot in jail… HE IS A CONVICTED FELON… and look, once again, he is caught with 93,000$$ worth of illegal drugs… and 30,000$ cash?


    • Me

      What about the person(s) he got the stuff from.? Did Hinton go to Columbia

  • bradley irvin

    In prison will be just like home for him. He will hook p with other gang member which he is a member of and life will go on as normal. No loss for him. My friend and heighbor was murdered by a african-american who was dating his daughter and the rest of the family want to forgive him and let him do his time. Doing time to them kind of boys is like being home. They r not in misery and remorse for what they did they r chilling waiting on our tax payer money to feed them.


      Prison !! Are you kiddin me !! This is cook county baby.. Probation plus time served is the best he’s gonna get.. Way to go A.S.A.

  • Craig Rockymarciano Randle

    DAM ………………DATZ ALOT OF BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me

    If I have the same comment to reply to all of the persons who left their comment why is my comment considered a “duplication”? DUH

  • Taxpayer 2

    In the bible John 10:10 Jesus Christ said that “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to be full”. (NIV)

    This fool apparently did not know this. In Luke 16:13, Jesus Christ says ” No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”Black Americans who get caught up in doing evil in this Babylonian society can blame only satin the devil. Or anybody else for that matter.

    Our laws need to be revise. These devilish individuals need to held accountable for their actions. Time and time again taxpayer monies are use inappropriately for not correcting the problem the first time. These devils continue to do crime over and over again.

    • MaverickLaw

      God said for us to Love..judgment is his job…..

  • Evergreen Park

    Here’s the thing: drugs shuld be legal and these guiys are out of business and the state collects tax revenue, same as liquor. Plain and simple, and yes I am white and a Republican.

  • john

    what no gun? no uzzi? did you guys search the car? where the hell was the gun charge man??

  • love one

    we as black people need to help our people cant ya’ll see that this are getting bad .

  • B.Nickles a.k.a. FIED

    When U Judge A Man By His Actions..judge him for not his color but his crime..But if I’m correct..when did the African Community fly and deliver drugs in the neighborhoods that they live in…..sure he commited a crime…but ask your self who really created this situation for this man to even think about a crime….”The U.S. Government”.(entiteled to my opinion)

  • From the hood

    I’m not defending his action. It’s the world we live in. the american dream of living well make so do the wrong thing to reach that goal. With no or low education you will do what you can to make money to provide for your family. Even if drugs were legalize. they would just move on to what ever would make money legal or Illegal,

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