Fired Temp And Accomplice Light Co-Woker’s Car On Fire

Updated 5:52 p.m. 3/6/11

CHICAGO (STMW) – TTwo men were ordered held on $75,000 bond each Sunday charged with arson for allegedly torching a car belonging to one of their former coworkers in the Pilsen neighborhood on Thursday.

Judge Ramon Ocasio III ordered Elvin Daniel Arocho and Eric Ramos held on $75,000 bond each during a Sunday hearing, according to a Cook County Criminal Courts clerk. They are scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing for March 10, in Br. 44.

Arocho, 21, was charged with felony arson, and misdemeanor counts of possession of cannabis and damage to property while his alleged accomplice, 21-year-old Eric Ramos, was charged with felony arson, felony burglary and misdemeanor damage to property, police said.

Arocho had worked for about a week as a temporary employee at an electrical wiring company at Cullerton and Morgan streets, police said. During his employment, Arocho allegedly took the keys to a full time co-worker’s car during a break and made a copy of them.

He put the keys back, and at some point later, he “got on the bad side’’ of his supervisors who had a problem with his work habits and he was fired, police said. He came back Thursday night and allegedly burned the car.

About 9:30 that night, Arocho was allegedly seen by a witness throwing something into an Oldsmobile shortly before a small explosion occurred, which caused flames inside the vehicle in the 900 block of West Cullerton Street, according to police News Affairs Officer Michael Fitzpatrick.

Monroe District police officers saw a person matching the description the witness had given of Arocho, and he was arrested. Two lighters were found in his right front pocket, and he also had a clear bag with the cannabis, according to Fitzpatrick.

Arocho allegedly “gave up” Ramos, who was arrested about 15 hours later. Details about the burglary were not immediately available.

Harrison Area detectives are investigating.

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  • Tanya Livingston

    With Cook County’s new felony offender court diversion program, the case wil get dismissed anyway.

    • A. Saxon

      These stupid Mexicans are probably here illegally anyway.

  • Just the Average Joe

    The person that would do this has serious problems and we should expect more to come. They should be given some time for this, considering the copying of the key, plus the fire.

  • Bob Hamilton

    The picture of the fire seems like it was a HUGE fire! I can’t even see the car. Did it spread to a nearby paper products plant?

  • jlg

    Who writes this stuff? Spelling errors and poorly written…and from a news station.

  • Centurion

    Oh, just great…..Toni Preckwinkle better be careful with her car……some guy named Todd is not happy with her

    • Mary Mitchell

      Centurian !
      luv ya bay ! you go

      This Police crackdown on men of color will have an
      adverse effect on our culture !
      Our culture is based upon receiving free stuff from the
      Government ! Police enforcement of drug crimes,
      robbery , burgleries and murders will cause our
      young men of color to have to study hard in school
      and get good grades and work at McDonalds and
      learn to make a living the honest way !
      ( the way white youths do ! )
      This must stop ! Jesse and I will help get our
      Color society back to a freeloading
      Taxpayer based economy
      of which we are accustomed to !
      Im a crazy crack ho bee atch !

      • The Trufe

        Mary, hispanics + fire = danger. Do you agree??

  • Mr. Dent

    Its hard enough trying to survive this recession..but when you have temporary workers who are let go with a black mark where the agency will not consider a new postion and then fight unemployment benefits..I can truly understand how one can make another feel their pain..these 2 are out of jobs and the brown noser will pay for something..might not be right but what goes around comes hopefully the full time employee had full coverage and take this as a wake up call..let the supervisors do their job of supervising and to regular employees wether permanent or temporary..if your safety is not at risk mind your own business..i’m just sayin’

    • Timothy McGrath

      that may be true, but still doesn’t excuse the 2 from committing a felony.

  • Joe Patroni

    Spread the word, Cook County is offering a new court diversion program for this and other felonies. (not just for simple drug posession as was the case, but new felonies) No more court or jail time. Cases wiill be dismissed in 12 months. Steal a car? Case dismissed in12 months if you get a GED

  • File Photo Hater

    Can we stop with the file photos?
    I’m sick of seeing hands in handcuffs when someone gets arrested.
    (most of the time not of the same race as the perpetrator)
    I’m tired of seeing a picture of a gun.
    I’m tired of seeing a fire that looks like hell just opened it’s gates.
    Enough, WBBM. There was fire. We get it.

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