CeaseFire Hopes To Reverse Violence In Uptown

CHICAGO (CBS) — Backed by $200,000 in funding from Cook County, the CeaseFire community organization will deploy four workers in the Uptown neighborhood to help mediate conflicts and reduce violence.

CeaseFire touts progress in reducing violent crime in nearby Rogers Park and hopes to duplicate that success in Uptown. The agreement calls for the Cease Fire workers to be deployed in the neighborhood for 12 months.

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The workers will focus on talking with residents and community leaders to help to mediate conflicts before they escalate to violence.

County Commissioner Bridget Gainer and outgoing Ald. Helen Schiller pushed for the county-funded program which will hopefully produce the same 20 percent to 30 percent drop in violent crime being reported in Rogers Park.

The Uptown Update blog has been focusing on the increased violence in the neighborhood over the past few years, including several times in which alleged gang members engaged in violent fights on busy streets in broad daylight.

In one of the more frightening incidents, three teenagers were shot and critically wounded as children trick-or-treated in broad daylight on Halloween. Families ducked behind parked cars for safety as the shots rang out near Montrose and Magnolia avenues.

  • The Truth

    2OOK in tax payer dollars for 4 workers?? Sounds like a real bargain!!!

    • rivroowalker

      Forget about the fact that life is priceless, consider less efficient methods, like police overtime, court costs, costs of incarceration, never mind medical costs, psychological costs, property values, etc. This is a bargain…a program proven to work, a reduction in violence, peace in the neighborhood…What’s the problem?

      • Grave_Digger

        EXACTLY HOW….did you determine that ceasefire works…given the amount of violence that is evident in the city streets…..have you tried calling 911 and getting a quick response….you’re lucky if they arrive before the domino’s driver….
        you’re the person who is going to show me the crime statistics that the CPD has been portraying. Let me let you in on a little secret……those aren’t accurate…and the reason they don’t share the statistics with the rest the rest of the nation show proof.

      • The Truth

        Hey genius. Please read all the comments below. I believe these fine people have answered any questions you may have and explained what the problem is!!! BTW- my initial post was sarcastic!!

      • The Truth

        THIS – Hey genius. Please read all the comments below. I believe these fine people have answered any questions you may have and explained what the problem is!!! BTW- my initial post was sarcastic!!

        was aimed at rivroo

  • Mr. Justice

    Perhaps it would be better if the puking liberals would get out of the way, and allow Conceal Carry here in the communist state of Illinois and in the Gulag they call Chicago.
    If people really want to reduce violence, contact your state representatives and encourage them to pass Conceal Carry here in Illinois. Forty-eight other states already have Conceal Carry and Wisconsin has open carry, but will be changing to Conceal Carry sometime this year. Thus, this leaves the communist state of Illinois as the one state that does not have Conceal Carry. AND GUESS WHAT, our crime rates are some of the highest in the nation!

    • Al Winston

      Hey yeah! Look at all the great gun-totin’ fun they had in Arizona recently!

      • Mr. Justice

        Well, you just showed your ignorance you idiot! Obviously you are an uneducated individual who believes law enforcement should be there to protect you. GET IT THRU YOUR HEAD, THE POLICE AREN’T ALWAYS GOING TO BE THERE WHEN SECONDS COUNT. Be a man and protect yourself and your family. I am so sick and tired of morons like you who have no spine.

      • Jim

        Do you mean the incident involving the crazy who was ;protected from involuntary commitment by liberal mandated laws?

  • Mr. Justice

    TO: Al Winston and other weak kneed individuals. Have some guts and click on the link below, scroll down and read the article entitled, “The Constitutional Right and Social Obligation to Carry A Gun”.

    Here is the link: http://www.ironwordranch.com/

    Now, have some guts to click and read. Perhaps you will realize your views are not realistic.

  • Mr. Justice

    Here are some Gun Facts that the puking liberals who want control over All Guns, DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.

    click on this link for real information: http://gunowners.org/sk0802.htm

  • robert

    Not In My Back Yard was the tone of the upper midle class , bush was the president housing prices were high and their only concern was escalation of volience would drive down housing prices, not the lives that would be lost

  • Mr. Justice

    Mary, Mary, Mary,
    I have been reading your comments for the past week or so.
    Very funny!
    Have a good week and stay safe.

  • Mike Petersen

    CeaseFire is a waste of tax payers funds and is uneducated on Right to Carry laws for Illinois. Lets face it, violent criminals and gangs will ALWAYS find ways to have firearms. WHY punish the law abiding citizens that value the 2nd Amendme…nt Right to own, carry, and use a firearm to protect themselves, family and property. Here is a thought: if you take away the guns from law abiding citizens, the only ones that will have guns will be violent criminals and cops. Where will that lead us; the same place we are now. Right to Carry laws have been proven to REDUCE crime. Its time that Illinois has Right to Carry laws passed… and that includes Cook Co. and the city of Chicago!

  • Are we nuts?

    I like the line “when seconds count the police are only minutes away”. One nice thing about being black and getting shot to death is that at least you know your killer.

  • Mike Petersen

    Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky have right to carry laws. Wisconsin has a form of right to carry. Where is Illinois? We are stuck with a worthless FOID card program that has been proven does not work. Basically, we can have a lousy ID card stating we own a gun, but can not carry our gun. That is like having a 3 legged guard dog with no teeth! 92 out of 102 Illinois County Sheriff Departments support Right to Carry concealed firearm laws. Obviously Cook Co. is one that does not. So how is that fair to the rest of Illinois to allow the minority to rule what the rest of the state abides by. We need Right to Carry laws passed in 2011!

  • Luis

    Why is Ceasefire not being deployed to high-crime areas like Woodlawn, Englewood, Back of the Yards, Roseland and Austin? Why TF are they always deployed to racially mixed areas like Rogers Park, Edgewater and Uptown?

    Same with recycling centers. NEVER are they put in the filthiest, dirtiest neighborhoods like Englewood, Austin, Woodlawn and Roseland; instead, recycling centers are always found in cleaner areas.

    • Mike Petersen

      Forget CeaseFire… Their program does not work. The only program that will work to prevent crime in the City of Chicago is for law abiding citizens to be given the Right to Carry a concealed firearm. We all have the right to protect ourselves and the right to protect our property.

  • rivroowalker

    CeaseFire launched in West Garfield Park, one of the most violent communities in Chicago in 2000 and was quick to produce results reducing shootings by 67% in its first year. CeaseFire’s results have since been replicated more than 18 times in Chicago and throughout Illinois and has now been statistically proven by an extensive, U.S. Department of Justice funded, independent three-year evaluation. This evaluation scientifically-validated CeaseFire’s success in reducing shootings and killings by 41% to 73% and demonstrated a 100% success rate in reducing retaliatory killings in five of the eight communities examined. The Model has been replicated more than a dozen times nationally and has two international sites in Iraq.

  • http://magnoliamalden.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/ceasefire-hopes-to-reverse-violence-in-uptown/ CeaseFire Hopes To Reverse Violence In Uptown « the Magnolia Malden Block Club

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