Wisconsin Senate Democrat Calls For ‘Border Summit’

MADISON, Wis. (CBS) — The concept of a border summit might suggest an international relations discussion, or a meeting about the immigration debate.

But there might be a border summit coming a short jog to the north of Chicago, to end the Wisconsin budget standoff.

On Monday morning, Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona) asked Gov. Scott Walker for a meeting. It would be a face-to-face talk somewhere the Wisconsin-Illinois state line, Miller said.

All 14 state Senate Democrats have been camped out in Illinois to stall a vote on Walker’s budget plan, which, among other things, would strip collective bargaining rights for unionized state employees.

Republicans have enough votes to approve the measure, but not at least one Democrat must be present in order to establish a quorum to vote on such budget matters.

Late last week, Walker said he would issue pink slips to 1,500 state workers if the Democratic senators didn’t return for the vote, but the senators said they are not backing down.

Republican senators have also voted to find their Democratic colleagues in contempt, a move that means Democrats could be forcibly returned to Madison if they return to Wisconsin. They have suggested sending police out to detain the Democrats and haul them back to Madison.

In Madison, the situation is at a fever pitch. Last week, police tackled Wisconsin State Rep. Nick Milroy (D-South Range) when he tried to enter the capitol after a judge had ordered the building closed to the public.

Milroy said he was trying to get into his office to get his clothes and that both he and the officer who took him to the ground were acting too aggressively.

In Chicago on Saturday, there was intensity at Operation PUSH Headquarters, where two Wisconsin state senators stopped by as guests of Rev. Jesse Jackson, who likened their stand to one he and other civil rights workers fought against segregationist Alabama Gov. George Wallace in the 1960s.

  • franklin808

    DON’T GO BACK. YOUR SAFE HERE IN ILLINOIS. The vicious GOP is in control in Madison. Show solidarity with the workers – BOYCOTT WISCONSIN DELLS!

  • The Truth

    Go back and take it you cowardly a $$ holes !!!!!!!! IL has enough greedy, corrupt “demon rats” with union backing……………we DON’T want anymore! I really would love to hear you pro-dem cheese heads crying about tax hikes and lay offs if Walker doesn’t keep this in check!!! All you suporters out there……………do you get paid for skipping work for 3 weeks?? You are all fools!

  • Jim

    Leave this state now, we have a surplus of corrupted politicians already! You know there was this kind of old concept of voters picking their politicians during election time and they spoke; change is here!

  • jerry

    Hopefully those 14 democratic cowards from wisconsin are not getting paid.They should fire them and get 14 different politicians(liars and cowards)

    • Roberta Waker

      Amen. They were hired to represent the people and do their jobs. If they can’t do either, they SHOULD be replaced. Obviously they are a big part of the problem and don’t seem to be interested in a solution. Go home, cowards.

  • Bob

    Well now you know there isn’t a chance that the workers will win if Jesse Jackson is involved. How can this guy honestly believe this equates to the civil rights movement? The Constitution doesn’t address whether a worker is entitled to outrageous pension benefits. This is not a worker issue, it is a union and politician issue and they are using the workers as pawns, as they typically do.

  • ileen

    Bob, something is wrong with your brains. You should use common sense. You need to read more than the Constitution.

    • KE

      Let me guess — you are a dem —
      and can not come up with a better response to Bob

  • Shebee37

    The voters of Wisconsin must headed to the polls completely unaware of Walker’s intentions. Why else would they be up in arms about his agenda. GO DEM 14; it’s up to you to stand for the workers’ rights since they seemed to be clueless of Walker’s views on “costs saving measures for the wealthy and diminished value of the average working family”……

    • The Truth

      NOT TRUE! In the case of IL, this idiot Quinn said he was going to raise taxes and people of questionable intelligence STILL voted for him!!!! Ofcourse he had a little help from the “extortionized” labor movement also Quinn is a liar and raised taxes even higher then he originally said he would. BIG differnece!! Walker ran on this platform and to the best of my knowledge has NOT LIED!!!! You called these public sector employees and their lush benefit plans “average working families”?? Yeah right!!!

  • Roberta Waker

    I believe in unions; BUT the people that run them have gotten out of control with their salaries, benefits, etc. They no longer represent the rank and file union members – they represent themselves. Walker is right – most government workers are already overpaid. He told everyone up front when he ran for office what he needed to do to turn the state around after Gov. Doyle buried it in red ink. It will take time, but Walker will do what he promised and Wisconsin will be a better state for it.

    • Steve

      It is very obvious that you are not a union member. Workers belong to unions because there is strength in numbers which relate to better incomes, benefits,etc. If not for unions, we would all be working for minimum wages with few or no benefits. Pensions would be out of the question and Social Security (which is now under attack by the GOP in Washington) is nothing to live on. Gov. Walker has his and doesn’t care about you or me. WAKE UP !!!

    • KE

      THANK YOU Roberta!

  • Jerry B.

    It seems that the governor of Wisconsin learned a great deal from GW Bush. Not only did they barely win their election but both immediately were under the impression that they were given a “MANDATE” to change the course of history. It doesn’t matter how many people get hurt or die, as long as they get their way. GW Bush after all this time is still looking for WMD’s. Gov. Walker should go and help GW Bush in his quest.

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