Preckwinkle Slams Stroger’s Application For Unemployment

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said Tuesday that it’s inappropriate for her predecessor, Todd Stroger, to seek unemployment benefits after losing his re-election bid last year.

As WBBM Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, Preckwinkle acknowledged her office does not have the final say in whether or not Stroger will get unemployment benefits.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

But she made it clear she takes a dim view of Stroger’s attempt to get unemployment benefits based on his $170,000 salary while he was Cook County Board president.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for elected officials who lose elections to apply for unemployment compensation,” Preckwinkle said Tuesday.

Stroger finished last in his bid for re-election last year and has filed for unemployment benefits after leaving office.

The county’s human resources office is opposing the request on legal grounds, arguing that he is ineligible as a former elected official.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security will make the final decision about whether Stroger will receive any benefits.

  • Knowledge

    Why aren’t building inspectors and corrupt city workers getting slammed also!!! Convicted city workers are also collecting unemployment while they await to go to jail. Look for the records if you want a story. Not only do they keep their paychecks but unemployment also????? What is going on?????? Isn’t anybody minding the store????

    • Frank Frangello

      Please give her a link card and cash from the state also.
      She is still getting a paycheck too I bet!

  • Redsea

    If John Burdge a convicted felon can still receive a salary so should Todd Stroger.

    • Smooth

      does 2 wrongs make it right? I dont think so. Hooray for Preckwinkle standing up to this chump Stroger. And for the life of me I will never understand if the County was in such bad shape why did we elect the son of the man who put it in shambles. All respect John Jr but you did chicago no favors and where have you been Mayor Daly all these years.

    • KE

      Not the same thing at all —
      The Low Life Burge is receiving a PENSION compliments of the City of Chicago Police Department who’s Review Board decided to let him keep his pension — What a disgusting jke !!!-

      Stroger is not the same case whatsoever. And stroger was sssooo bad and sssoo corrupt, he sgould be paying the taxpayers back every dime that we have ever given him

  • Ron

    The man has no shame.

    • KE

      Ron — you took the words right out of my mouth!!!

  • Gerald Spencer

    Was Stronger an “employee” of Cook County during that term? I don’t know, isn’t that the question? To Stroger, he was an employee for whom the County contributed to the fund, is that his understanding? Has any other county official, fresh out of office been eligible, applied and received? I know that if he goes to pension from the county, he cannot receive both unemployment and pension for the same period(s).

  • veronica

    I dont think Stroger, Burge, or convicted city employees should receive unemployment, but the difference is Stroger was “elected” and then not re-elected, the others were regular employees. There is always a risk of not having a job/income when you count on an election to keep your job.

    • KE

      I agree

  • As Big As Church bells Todd

    I think he will get it. Not happy about it but if it is within guidelines, which are pretty loose, he will get the award of benefits.

  • I Needed To Get The Phone

    The last word.

  • Elanda Mitchell

    what ever you think of stroger he was a cook county employee and hes with out a job we are americans and all are to be treated matter what any body think off the ma he wants his unemployment now and his pension latern

  • mike horner

    he single handedly destroyed the only viable bus route in palatine connecting to the areas of harper college and Woodfield mall What a disgusting low life hiring hsi friends n family and raising the tax so everything is unaffordable We ahve the highest sales tax in the nation and whart about periwinkles promise to lower the sales tax huh birds of a feather flockl together

  • Michael Horner

    booo to stoger

  • Michael Black

    Are you effing serious!!!

  • mary

    i thought you couldn’t collect unemployment id you were fired for not reelecting him,wasn’t he fired for cause?

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