Medical Marijuana Bill Advances In Illinois House

CHICAGO (WBBM) — If you suffer from chronic pain or are a cancer, HIV or Hepatitis C patient, you may soon be able to get a 2.5-ounce dose of medical marijuana.

A bill that would allow those patients to possess marijuana as a prescription passed an Illinois house committee by a narrow vote Wednesday.

Lawmakers approved the bill 6-5 along party lines, with Democrats supporting the bill and Republicans opposing.

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The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), says this time there are tighter restrictions on the amount of medical marijuana distributed to patients, and he’s taken out the grow-your-own provisions that opponents criticized during the last General Assembly.

“Under this bill, they would go to a dispensaries which would be businesses set up in the state of Illinois to sell this product and purchase a certain amount in a given period of time. The amount is 2.5 ounces every 14 days.”

“A database would be created for people who buy the medical marijuana to make sure they do not buy more than 2.5 ounces every 14 days,” Lang said. “So this is going to be a more controlled piece of legislation.”

The bill limits the illnesses that would qualify for medical marijuana to cancer, HIV-AIDS, hepatitis C, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

The updated bill is on its way to the House floor. Lang’s previous medical marijuana proposal failed the chamber by a narrow margin during the January lame duck session.

The state Senate approved of the measure. Lang hopes to have it sent to Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk by next month.

Technically, Illinois authorized medical marijuana in 1978. But implementation was left to the Public Health Department and it never took action, so the law has been in limbo.

  • dan

    i would like info on opening a dispensery i am not working and would like my own business

  • bob

    2.5 oz. every two weeks…puff.puff..give.

  • pat

    legalize and tax the hell out of it instead of all these other taxes on houses.

    • kate

      couldnt agree more. legalize it and tax it more than gas, liquor, and cigarettes. reduce the state debt by taxing it as a lifestyle choice just like the state taxes other lifestyle choices.

    • Roberta Waker

      Pat, What if you’re a cancer patient and can’t pay high taxes to get relief? Do you smoke? Maybe they should triple the tax on cigarettes. Hope it will be regulated better than it is in California as it seems anyone can get medical weed in California. It’s time to help people with serious illnesses and if legalizing marijuana will help, I’m all for it.

    • kathy

      Unfortunately the drug lords want all the tax free money for themselves. We all know smoke is a multi-million dollar business. Imagine how much money in taxes we could profit. Makes me wonder if the government isn”t in ka-hoots with the drug lords.

  • joe

    2.5 oz every two weeks. Do they even know how much that is. C’mon. Share some of that with the rest of us…

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      That’s a LARGE amount. I cant even imagine going through that amount, myself, every 2 weeks. That’s over an 1/8 a day…

  • joe

    omg. 92 percent of people support this. Reform MJ laws. Give people their choice.

  • cruz

    “”If you suffer from chronic pain or are a cancer, HIV or Hepatitis C patient, you may soon be able to get a 2.5-ounce dose of medical marijuana.””

    “”The bill limits the illnesses that would qualify for medical marijuana to cancer, HIV-AIDS, hepatitis C, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease and Alzheimer’s. “”

    so which is it ? can plan chronic pain suffers get it also?, i suffer from chronic back pain.. for the las 5 years now.. 2.5 Oz For 14 days is a lot of weed, the people that wrote the bill must never have smoked weed..An ounce last me a month.I hope i can get it legally now, yahoooooo

    • Roberta Waker

      Sounds like you’re already on it.

    • Judge Judy

      They need to legalize it for anyone in serious pain, because it relieves it, As Far as California they are doing great here ,We have less crime and help for all the sick patience that suffer. Get on the right track Illinois and get some tips from here in California and Michigan and all the rest of the states that were smarter than Illinois and does have it legal , You are So Behind Illinois catch up as fast as you can you are BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clint Eastwood

    It’s a marvelous pain reliever and that’s a fact. It’s way less harmful for you than alcohol and less addictive than cigarettes.

    True story, a couple of years ago I went out to my vacation property to do some yard work in the fall. Rake leaves, cut grass and generally clean up the lot before the end of the camping season. I did 8 hours of vigorous yard work and the next day I was so stiff and sore I could barely move.

    I had to go to work the next day and I was in pain all day long. That evening I attended a concert at one of the local venues and was doing a little tail-gating with the people I went to the show with.

    I mentioned in passing how sore I was and was feeling the effects of the previous day’s activities. The people that were next to us happened to overhear our conversation and one of the guys just happened to have some medicinal marijuana he had gotten from a friend out in California.

    He offered me a few of hits on his pipe in exchange for some of our beers. The effect it had over me was if I had just drank a big glass of wine. It was a nice mellow feeling and the pain subsided within 15-20 minutes.

    The next day after the show I woke up feeling more refreshed and re-energized. I was totally pain free. It was amazing. I told my wife about how good I was feeling, and she said “that’s why they should give this to cancer patients” It really does take the pain away.

    • Judge Judy

      Very well said Clint <3

  • MS Sufferer

    What about people with MS?? Any idea how painful that can be??

    • Very Reasonable

      It seems to me that if a Dr will prescribe it to somebody…. it couldn’t possibly be as harmful or dangerous as law makers percieve it to be. What makes it harmful and dangerous is how it is bought and sold currently. gangs, weapons, and violence. also, nobody pays taxes when they buy it from the guy on the corner. That is money that could be going to the state.

    • Oh, c'mon!

      MS appears to actually be covered by the bill, along with other seriously debilitating conditions. No scripts for stubbing one’s toe, but it seems that detetmination of an eligible condition is left to qualified medical professionals, with legislativer guidance, rather than legislative prescription. As it should be . . .

  • Nikki

    What about the people with messed up backs that are in pain all the time even with going to a chiropractor and that deal with arthritis in the spine ????? Why does it have to be given to the people with those illnesses only?

    • Thomas Sands

      Notice how it says people with Chronic Pain will be able to get it too. If your back is chronic pain, you have a high chance of getting it if you can prove it. It’s hard to prove back pain, but let me tell ya something Id much rather smoke a joint or two than pop 3-4 vicodin to take away pain. Pills are what is killing people.. Not marijuana.

      • Nikki

        Yeah I’m in pain every day and on the x-rays that I have you can see where I have spurs and where I have no cartilage between some verts….I agree I’d rather smoke than take vicodin.

    • Judge Judy

      I so agree Nikki They do not make sense ??????

  • WannaNo

    Would I be able to light up at work in the office, and ‘take my medicine’?

    • Roberta Waker

      Smoking is ILLEGAL in IIllinois and I would think medical marijuana would be included.

      • NoSmoke

        Smoking is NOT illegal in Illinois; it is illegal in certain situations. And this is MEDICINE. Do not deny me my medicine, or I will see you in court!

  • StupidPeopleFTW

    What about taking small steps before big ones? Settle down people, you have to start some place.

  • Oh, c'mon!

    We shouldn’t be trying to establish legislative limits on qualifying illnesses. Medical professionals are already regulated and fully sccountable for prescription abuse. Specifiying qualifying illnesses while ignoring others makes absolutely no sense and is a terrible way to asuage cocnerns over potential abuse in prescription writing.

  • Oh, c'mon!

    @CBS fact checkers: It seems that the portion describing limitations on eligible illness is not correct . . . debilitating illnesses are defined much more broadly and include, for instance, MS and others.

  • jimmy B

    this is a good start. lets get it legalized, stop putting people in jail and wake up to what the PEOPLE want. do you want politicians to tell you what you should do and think? remember these are the people who start wars and send our kids to their deaths in foreign lands. take back your country people. wake up!

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  • I Need Snacks Now

    Got any???.


    its about time!!!!!!!!!!!! already 15 states have legalized it and have expanded who can use it……Also california almost legalize the whole thing, the only reason it didn’t go through was the growers oppose it. Prices would of dropped

  • Mr Voter

    about time we took this issue for the sick and dying people …instead of having the
    gestapo arrest them, think of all the money we will make on taxes and saving courts and police time….

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  • Dude

    I want to know where to get the license to open a dispensary or at least so I can grow it for the dispensary.

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  • Aaron

    Why can’t we just fully legalize already? Why is it that the human race is so uptight about something that has been clinically PROVEN to not be harmful? Use a vaporizer or cook with it. Not harmful whatsoever. Not addictive like prescription pills either. Come on ladies and gentlemen, it is time to grow up now. This medical battle over cannabis should be over already. Legalization in its self is long over due.

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