Trial Continues For Ex-Streamwood Cop Accused Of Brutality

ROLLING MEADOWS (CBS) — An ex-Streamwood police officer accused of brutally beating a motorist last year is expected to testify early next week.

Former cop James Mandarino is charged with aggravated battery and official misconduct. Central to his bench trial that began this week is 11 seconds of dashboard-camera video. In the video, Mandarino is seen pummeling Ronald Bell with his metal baton after a traffic stop. Mandarino was later fired. 

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One of his former bosses testified in court Thursday that the corporal’s conduct on the tape was unacceptable and that his use of the baton was unnecessary. 

Streamwood Deputy Police Chief James Keegan also said it was not proper for Mandarino to aim his gun at Bell earlier in the traffic stop.

Bell, who was hospitalized after the beating, already took the stand. Mandarino’s defense attorneys say Bell was beaten because he would not obey orders. They say he was drunk and combative and was only brought under control with the use of physical force. 

Mandarino will take the stand in his own defense when the trial resumes Monday, one of his attorneys told CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli.

  • Nitzie

    How any rational person can view this video and not see a cop out of control is unbelievable. This is a case of excessive force in the extreme. Please, remove this bully from the force.

  • Steve

    I think he was doing his job. My brother is a Police officer and has a metal baton and trust me if this guy was not drunk he would of felt that baton hitting him. Come on look he was hit 15 time and it looks like it was not even hurting him. Thats because he was so messed up he didnt know what was going on. The big things here is that there is no audio so we cant hear what there saying. Thats why it looks bad,

  • hoohacohones

    We had a county sherrif in our neighborhood finally busted in a sting operation for blackmailing females in traffic stops to pose nude (and god knows what else) in his basement studio. He was immediately released..

    We live in a world where sex related crimes are considered worse than violent crimes.

    • hoohacohones

      *relieved (of duty, among other things), rather..

  • Fast Ed

    Hey STEVE,
    Are you saying that because he was drunk, that it was okay to beat him?

    The judge does the punishing part, not the cop. Hello?

  • Pearllee

    Universities are to bllame. This institutions should teach prospective cops how to treat people the right way. Screen each one of then to see if they are fit to treat others specially minoritties the right way, without hurting them or infringing in their human rights.
    Copa are the role model of youngsters in schools who look at them as their idols.
    So, do not become the target of disdain and mockery.
    Get rid of bad cops who are not doing their jobs the right way.

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