Walter: Charlie Sheen, Wisc. Policymakers Are Alike

Like enough of that clown Charlie Sheen, enough of the politicians in Wisconsin who are barking about their budget on TV but doing nothing on the budget they’re barking about.

They are clowns, at the people’s expense — Gov. Walker up there being paid a $144,000 salary and every member of the legislature a $50,000 salary, plus $88 a day for hotels and bars and restaurants.

And the salaries and overtime for cops at the capitol and lawyers on call and judges on benches who may have to decide what the politicians are elected to decide but are too busy grandstanding.

Isn’t it time to stop being like Charlie Sheen, to dump the preening for cameras and yap-yapping about saving money and go work on it — and hurry up with it?

The way they’re clowning around, by time they agree on a budget they’ll have spent and wasted more money than they can save.

  • Tony Cossio

    Walter Jacobson, I always knew you to be a far left hack, but do you expect me to believe you are senile? First you are comparing a very modest salary – more modest then the politicions in Crook County. Second, Walker has voted to cut his salary before, and now proposed the legistlator pay for their own benifits also. Now the Lawyers and Cops are doing THIER JOBS and that is handling disputes. I guess you want the alternative – to have the union mobs get what they want. Which brings me to the last point – its the Democrates agitating these rent-a-mobs, not the GOP. But by all means, continue blaming the wrong party.

  • Mark

    Walter, time to retire. You are not making sense. Playing the Sheen card to draw attention to your Republican bashing rant? The democratic process would have been clean & efficient if the Democrats wouldn’t have skipped town. A great message being sent, “if you’re not going to win, stay home and hide”.

    Blaming Walker for the protesters and the vote delay? You are delusional.

  • Flip

    the first two guys nailed it

  • Jeffrey Badboyz

    The first 2 guys are dumb, like you! Capiche?

    • Mark

      Can’t argue common sense. Thanks for the insight.

  • Tim

    Have another drink boozy!

  • Carmen Correa

    Is it me or does Walter really not make sense anymore? i don’t even mean this perspective I mean all of them . Since he has come back i am like what the heck are you talking about? He use to be good, even if you disagreed you could follow his statements, now they are nonsensical ramblings. IT is like he starts a thought, forgets it midway and continues speaking until he remembers the original point. I must say it is slightly alarming.

    • Schaumburg Lady

      Carmen and the other dislikers of Walter, Why do you watch it? Watch ch 32, I am sure it is much more to your viewpoint. Seems as though Wisconsin needs a mediator. Someone who can straighten them all out. Maybe the Gov. is drinking too much TEA. Walter is right about all the money being spent and nothing is being accomplished. Nothing legal anyway.

    • Jim

      Yeah he has lost it. I don’t know if this is geared toward the Democrats hiding out in Illinois or what?

  • Joe R

    Walter, it’s time to retire and enjoy your McCrook earned dollars…how about retiring to China!

  • Stash

    Even though i was a union member for 40yrs,I have one question to my union brothers,why when around the table talking and saying union people should be paid $50 a hour,but when you need something done or need a product from them you say it cost to much and you go get a non-union person at a lower rate to do it,or how about the Firemen big union brothers,but their second jobs become union scabs,how come brothers?

    • Elizabeth Shobe Wojak

      Bet you will never get an answer Stash, it’s all about hyprocisy, “Do as I say, not as I do”

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