There are a lot of reasons to like Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah, but his shot fundamentals isn’t one of them.

While Noah’s jump shot might not look the best, he’s shooting .516 from the floor and .716 from the free throw line. So there might not be a reason to mess with what works for the Bulls’ big man.

“On the last staff, a guy named Dave Severns was an assistant coach for Vinny Del Negro and he used to work with Noah before every game and after each practice shooting jumper after jumper and jumper,” Mark Schanowski said on the Danny Mac Show. “And finally we asked him, ‘Why don’t you change his technique? How can he get away with that side spin, he’s an NBA player?’

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“Severns said that the best thing for him was to shoot a lot of shots and get the repetition on that shot. He said, ‘we’re not going to change him, because if you look at it the finish is OK.’ As long as he has a nice follow through and the ball is hitting consistently, they’re not going to worry about the side spin…[Tom] Thibodeau spent a lot of time this summer working with Joakim too, and he said the same thing, that ‘I’m not going to worry about trying to change what he’s doing. As long as he gets more consistent with they shot we’re fine with it.'”

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