Emanuel Outlines School Reform Plan

CHICAGO (WBBM) — More all-male and all-female schools, and an increased focus on college preparatory programs, are all on Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s education agenda.

As WBBM Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, on Friday, Emanuel laid out his plans for hundreds of high school students.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

Emanuel appeared at a forum for high school students around the city at the University of Illinois at Chicago campus. He told the teenagers he wants schools to concentrate less on standardized tests, and more on preparing kids for college, among other things.

“I do want to look at more gender-specific high schools, meaning all-male schools and all-female schools, to focus and make sure those kids are able to focus on their academic accomplishments so we can improve their graduation rate,” Emanuel said.

Emanuel says he also intends to commit resources to neighborhood schools and learn from their successes, even as he fosters more charter schools and selective enrollment programs.

  • Jim

    My 1st agenda would be to cut the fat (most administrative positions) and cut the $100k/yr salaries. I would prefer 2 teachers to 1 that is making a fortune. Remember it’s really for the kids so while you talk the talk, walk the walk!

  • CHivi

    Cut days off for teachers and students. Students cannot afford to be out of school so long. For the salary teachers are getting, they should be working full-time. As far as them preparing papers and lesson plans, we do their work at home as far as helping or doing the homework for our children since they are not learning enough in school. Let’s get with the program and put more time into teaching than relaxation!!!!

    • Andy

      “Should be working full time”
      Really, last time I checked, my wife who teaches on the south side of Chicago) Puts in a MINIUM 10 hour day, and at least another 10 over the weekend. Class may be in session for 7 hours a day, but when do you think papers are graded? Parents are Called? Lesson plans made? It all happens AFTER the children are dismissed. And most of the work happens on the weekend. Accountability is critical (and usually lacking) but blanket statements like this don’t solve anything.

  • Virginia Morin

    Smaller class size and supporting and keeping good teachers is the key.

    Teachers are not “relaxing” and making big bucks! It’s a difficult job. They should be making more and getting combat pay for all they have to put up with including dangerous situations.

  • Virginia Imamoron

    And thats that.

  • barbinka

    Seriously, you people have no idea – we have a son who teaches at a high school on the west side of Chicago. They held their homecoming with a SWAT team on the balcony in the gym. So much for being a teacher being easy. Anyone who complains about teachers’ salaries should try it for a solid week and see that they have to say then…

  • Carmen Thompson

    Less administration would be great. Scammon Elementary School has 3 administrators each making more than 100,000. The classrooms are overcrowded. Special education students’ IEPs are not followed. Bilingual education students rarely get support. I really hope Mr. Emmanuel looks at individual schools and the problems that are occurring because this school has gone from being a school of distinction less than 5 years ago to a school on the brink of a collapse. The students are suffering.

  • Pete

    The teachers are not the problem…it`s the lousy parents who don`t teach their children to value an education or respect teachers and property.

    Blaming the teachers …or the police IS USELESS AND UNFAIR. When you start out with garbage, you end up with garbage.

    • dj

      I agree. Parents need to be accountable for their children. You cannot keep blaming everyone else for what the kids are not doing.

  • Parent,Teacher,Student of Life

    So true! If more parents viewed school as a place for academics rather than a daycare we wouldn’t have so many issues. Classrooms are over capacity, especially for one teacher with no assistants. It is no wonder that more children don’t “fall through the cracks” and fall behind. If one would compare what children learn in the schools in the suburbs in affluent neighborhoods versus the CPS schools one would see a HUGE difference. Why is this? One would say money, but I also say their better parent involvement, smaller class sizes, assistants, and an overall more encouraging learning environment. How sad that i have to hope and pray to get my child into a selective school in the city or wish to get lucky with a magnet school because our neighborhood schools are so pathetic. It is embarassing. And how can a parent ever complain about having to supplement at home? It is YOUR job as a parent to build your child up to become a successful , confident learner not only in the classroom but in life. Ugh. ANyone who believes otherwise is just being LAZY. Boo hoo for those that have to work one or more jobs, go to school, raise their children on their own, etc. That is life. Life isn’t easy for 99% of us. Wow. What a long vent!?!

    • nancyw

      I absolutely agree! My children’s teachers are amazing people and I try to remember to tell them how much I appreciate them whenever I have the opportunity. But my children are MY CHILDREN…my responsibility to dicipline and guide and teach. They are far from perfect, but I take full responsibility for their mistakes and shared responsibility for their achievements.

  • nancyw

    At minumun all Chicago schools should be year round. Everyone knows that children loose too much of what they have learned over the 3 months of summer vacation. Can we at least start there?

  • jacqui

    Why is it whenever a child fails the first person blamed is the teachers. Who would ever think of blaming parenting as a large part of the problem .. Anyone that feels that teachers are over paid for what they do are idiots! You have other city and state jobs out there making a hell of a lot more than any teacher! Teachers work hard and put up with more thant just teaching a child . They deal with ignorant parents who send their kids to school so they can do whatever they please for a few hous.l Parents need to be the first to be responsible in their childs life. How many kids come to school filthy and hungry. When did it become a teachers job to feed and bathe a child before school even begins. It done all the time but noone ever wants talk about it. You have no idea what its like to teach a classroom filled with ESL, ELL . DD and other issues. Most of these kids are put into mainsteam and teachers are told to teach and have good numbers at the end of the year. How is that possible! Try a week in a teachers shoes then complain.

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