The clock is ticking on the NFL’s current collective bargaining agreement, and as both sides push to get as much as possible before a tough decision needs to be made, the details can get blurry for fans.

“Ultimately, what this all comes down to is a couple things,” Darren Rovell, of CNBC, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “Do the players deserve to be equity partners with the owners? The owners have opened up their books more than ever before and they’ve offered this profit and loss statement, this league-wide profit and loss statement.

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“And the players say, ‘that’s not enough because your asking for a $1.7 billion in expense credit,’ which comes off the top before they share, which is roughly 60% to the players. And in order to know that we have to look at all 32 teams, and the owners say ‘just believe us. We’ll give you an auditor and the auditor will look at all 32 teams and confirm that the league-wide statements that we’re giving you are real. So that’s what it comes down to. This deal could be done in ten minutes. There’s that $700 million gap right now, but again this can be done if they want it to get done.”

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