By Rock Mamola–

The Blackhawks are getting ready to party at the President’s place at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave at 2pm today!

However with today’s events in Japan where a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake shook the island country causing horrific destruction. While the epicenter was about 230 miles offshore from Tokyo (according to the United States Geological Survey), the quake caused massive widespread fires, building collapsed and unleashed walls of water up to 30 feet high. The quake also caused the National Weather Service to issue Tsunami warnings for at least 50 countries and territories in the Pacific. The Tsunami hit the state of Hawaii early this morning with waves up to six feet high.

While the world watches to aftermath of this natural disaster both on the front of how Japan recovers to the economic effects it will cause, The White House is set to celebrate a hockey team winning a trophy.

This just does not seem right.

As much of a treat it is to be honored at The White House by the President of The United States, the leader of the free world should step up for what is right. It is right to postpone this small celebration of athletic achievement because of the situation going on in Japan and it’s surrounding territories. While the celebration involving our hometown Stanley Cup Champions is something many of us will take time out of our day to see both on television and streaming online, it is only just that the Commander in Chief make a decision that fits his role as the leader of this country.

Understanding President Barack Obama is from Chicago, it could be hard on him to make this decision. However following up a news conference with the assembled media on rising energy prices and the tragic situation now in Japan, how could anyone be comfortable throwing a party for a sports team after that?

Postponing the celebration would not be a slap at his hometown hockey team, it would be the right choice. I am sure the Blackhawks would not take it personally if the President of The United States decides world affairs are more important than getting his picture with the Stanley Cup.

The President could do a number of things if the celebration is decided to be postponed. He could meet the team in their locker room before the game vs. Washington on Sunday morning, or even host a team breakfast at Verizon Center that morning as well. Why not postpone it till the end of the regular season or even the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs? That way the former players that could not attend might drop any beef they have with the organization and show up.

On a day where there is sadness shared all over the world, President Barack Obama should heed to his own words. We should send our thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan in this time of great trial, and postpone a celebration out of respect to one of our country’s greatest allies.

To celebrate something so meaningless when something this tragic happens so suddenly is simply irresponsible and wrong.


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