Stabbing Victim Sees Attacker On Another Bus

CHICAGO (STMW) — Police are trying to find a woman armed with a kitchen knife, who stabbed two people on a CTA bus before fleeing in the Bronzeville neighborhood about a week ago.

About 1 p.m. on March 3, the suspect and a woman began arguing for an unidentified reason on a CTA bus at 3901 S. Cottage Grove Ave., according to Wentworth District police Lt. Shawn Joyce.

The suspect then pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed the woman in the right forearm, and began to try to leave the bus.

On her way out, the suspect stabbed another person, a man who was apparently in her way. He suffered a stab wound to the right thigh and the arm and the female suspect fled with the knife westbound after the attacks, Joyce said.

Both victims were taken to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center with non life-threatening injures and they have been discharged, the lieutenant said.

The woman stabbed became frightened Wednesday afternoon when she saw the suspect who stabbed her while aboard another CTA bus near the intersection of 35th Street and Indiana Avenue, according to Joyce.

The police were called but the suspect escaped again. Police believe she was the same person who allegedly stabbed the two on March 3, Joyce said.

The suspect is described as an African-American woman between the ages of 17 and 20 with blonde hair, who is about 5-foot-6, and 120 pounds. On Mar. 3, she was wearing blue jeans with a white belt, a black, waist-length jacket and boots.

The suspect did not rob the victims and Joyce said police are stepping up their patrols into the area, and checking buses.

Police continue to seek her and as of Friday, she has not been apprehended. CTA officials were being cooperative with police, and they have video surveillance of the incident.

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  • Tracy

    I agree with Matt, it’s not every day you see someone with that description.

    • USCitizen

      I don’t agree or disagree with Matt, because someone has removed his comment. To anyone reporting comments, STOP!!!!!!! Everyone has the right to be heard. This censoring of comments has got to stop.

      • LittleOldLady

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  • Tim

    What the hell does it mean? “Your comment is awaiting moderation”? Is that the same thing as cencorship?

    • SAM

      It seems CBS is censoring comments, or some a$$hole is reporting them.Either way, it is wrong.

  • spot5311

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    • Cuzisaidso

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      It’s really embarrassing to read….

  • Cuzisaidso

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    • Montel

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      • Disgusted

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  • A short story

    It is so sad, the blonde Pygmy is loose again.

  • Connie

    Why is everyone picking on Matt? What did he say?

    • Craig

      He didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.

  • Krystal

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      • cuzisaidso

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