Man Killed, Woman Wounded During Shooting

CHICAGO (STMW) – An assailant who was apparently waiting for a man and a woman to return home fatally shot the man and wounded the woman in the hand early Saturday on the West Side.

A police News Affairs statement said the 30-year-old man and 31-year-old woman were shot at 1:56 a.m. on a sidewalk in the 4800 block of West Cortez Street.

They had just exited a car and were walking to their apartment in the 4800 block of W. Cortez St. when the shooter got out of another car nearby and shot the man, identified by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office as Jonathan Jackson, multiple times in the face and head and the woman in the hand, police said.

Jackson was initially taken in critical condition to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County but he was pronounced dead there at 5:29 a.m., according to a spokesman for the medical examiner’s office. Jackson lived at the Cortez Street address.

His companion has been released from Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center as of 10 a.m., police said.

A description of the shooter and the motive remained unknown Saturday morning.

Grand Central Area detectives are investigating.

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  • NWA

    Why are you so angry?


    • Wendy

      Who’s angry? What is SOS?

  • Keith C

    Ur mother sleeps with a blackie Angela……

    • LittleOldLady

      What the hell kind of statement is that? How did someones mother and sex become part of the discussion? You should feel ashamed.

    • Crystal

      This was a strong comment to leave Angela…. Niot every black person kills. Whitea, chinese, arab, mexican, and other races kill too. Stop being so racist!

  • Sonya M.

    Killing each other for what? and the politics wont even pay attention to our neighborhoods while they make sure theirs stay clean but there’s a reason behind all of that and only they know maybe $$$$$$$$. HaHaHa God Bless America YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!

  • Sonya M.

    Don’t be surprised Angela when your standing next to Johnathan’s killer in he!l you disgrace to the human race….

  • Mike V.

    Angela is the worst type of person. She seems to have something to say when hiding behind the internet, but in person she’s a coward. No doubt about it.

    • Tina

      Who is Angela?

  • Greg

    Wake up people, before its too late. Stop the blame game before the earthquqke and tsunami of life hits you. And it wont make a difference who you are!

  • Mary Mitchell

    What is wrong with these parents ! Teaching their kids to kill !
    And our politicians : spending time on the death penalty , then marijhiana reform,
    then gay rights !! ( gays should not receive any government assistance ! )
    We need the FBI and national guard to sweep the city !
    Jesse Jackson has never done anything positive for the black community !
    ( what the hay was he doing in wisconsin ? we need him to fight the gangs ! )
    And Mary Mitchell ! , etc !!! They prey upon the weak !!!!
    Is the black community so stupid not to realize this ? I hope not !!!

    Heres a Mary Mitchell response :
    Hi , Im Mary Mitchell !
    This Police crackdown on men of color will have an
    adverse effect on our culture !
    Our culture is based upon receiving free stuff from the
    Government ! Police enforcement of drug crimes,
    robbery , burgleries and murders will cause our
    young men of color to have to study hard in school
    and get good grades and work at McDonalds and
    learn to make a living the honest way !
    ( the way white youths do ! )
    This must stop ! Jesse and I will help get our
    Color society back to a freeloading
    Taxpayer based economy
    of which we are accustomed to !
    Im a crazy crack ho bee atch !
    Why don’t they crack down on the St.Pattys gang !
    Irish gang , they all wear green , have a shamrock tattoo on check !
    The ring leader goes by “ Lord of the dance “

  • J.J.

    Why do we (as black folk) always make race the issue?

    • Sonya M.

      HAHA Why not we have been oppressed for long enough and u ask that ?

    • Jessie Jackhoff

      Thats because of the NAACP you know………. N***rs Are Always Causing Problems…… That’s Y’all Lifestyle oops datz yall wayz of lizife ni**ah theres one you can comprehend..

      • Jessie Jackhoff

        Does it make me bi-lingual if I speak ebonics?

  • jsh

    Until we realize that anger selfishness and greed is the true destructions in all of us , we will never truly structure our society for the better, the politicians game players and liars, they are not leaders they are destroyers who’s bottom line has nothing to do with the people and for the people we are too stupid to understand that if we denounce all of our differences towards each other which was spawned by the idiots we elect into office continuously we will never ever balance as family , friends a nation , Im so sick of hearing and seeing hatred , greed , violence , we all need to really look in the mirror and take personal inventory clean our own house grow from it then spread the knowledge of love peace truth awareness and understanding ….

    • Sonya M.

      TRUE and it only takes one but how many will follow so sad..

  • Dr Get A. Life

    Based upon a causerie examination of the comments the entire staff at the mental health facility, have decided your all sane, but the bad news is you all suck as commentators.

    • Tell em

      Your a sorry excuse go hang urself now in front of ur laptop hahahahaha!!!!!!!

  • Jerry Henderson


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