Bernstein: Don’t Do Your Brackets Until You Read This

By Dan Bernstein–

Ok, so the NCAA field is lame. The 68 slots are bloated with bleh, NBA scouts are muttering about the lack of future impact players, and we’re fresh off a pretty ordinary season, to put it nicely.

No matter, now.

New life, new opportunities, new basketball world. Yes, for you, too, Illinois.

The play-in games start tomorrow, so most pools will have you turning in your money and your predictions by end of business today. What follows is all you need to remember to get the most out of the experience. You may not win using the Bernstein Method (in fact, I can all but guarantee that you will lose, and probably in spectacular, embarrassing fashion), but it will maximize the experience.

First and foremost – the Method’s guiding principle — Don’t Fight the Hand. Ideally, your pen glides around the bracket, Ouija-board style, writing team names because it is somehow supposed to. Disconnect brain from pen as much as possible, take deep breaths, employ a mantra if you wish (some have had success with the repetitive intonation of “airball,” while others trying a Raftery-style barking of “onions,” not so much) and then observe the results.

There will be times when the meditative flow is interrupted, however, and you will need to decide. Use the following rules:

1. Pick schools that have fun abbreviations to write. Unfortunately, there is no GaTech this year, nor my all-time favorite, the erstwhile SWMOSt. But we do have ‘nova, Pitt, SDSU, UCSB, G’town, AlaSt, and the 15th-seeded Bears of NoCO. For some reason, it’s never fun to write George Mason, and it doesn’t work as GM, either.

2. See if any of the teams had a player or assistant coach die recently enough that there has been some kind of dedication of the season, and pick that team to win one more game than you otherwise would. Maybe an extra Gipper-win if it included bizarre circumstances, such as a walk-on forward being eaten by fire ants, or a student trainer involved in a rural meth-lab explosion.

3. Gravity’s a bitch. It just seems easier to pick teams moving down the brackets, falling toward Houston, rather than making the arduous climb from the bottom of the page.

4. Identify the Crazy Red Team. There usually is one, so see if Georgia, Temple, UNLV or St. John’s will be this year’s Cornell. Extra points if the CRT has at least one frontcourt player who wears a t-shirt of some kind under his jersey.

5. Beware the hot-shooting white boy you’ve never heard of who has crazy stats in some prairie conference. This has been a longstanding aspect of the Method, but it has changed over time due to the amount of information now easily available for even the most obscure teams, and the game’s colorful multiculturalism. That last year’s lurking danger was Ali Farokhmanesh speaks to this. For the record, Jimmer Fredette is too good to qualify in this category.

6. You can pick Duke to go as far as you want, but you have to feel bad about it. (You also have to sigh dejectedly when writing them into the next round of the actual bracket after each win)

That’s it. Twenty dollars completely flushed down the toilet just like every year. Your annual responsibility as an employed American has been fulfilled.

And do not let anyone lampoon your completely ridiculous choices. You’re not like them, those sheep trying to use logic and reason, or trying to actually, you know, be accurate. I think Quantum Theory allows for an infinite number of simultaneous realities, at least one of which will have the Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners in the Elite Eight and Wofford in the Final Four. Or maybe it’s String Theory.

Regardless, if you have truly enjoyed the process, your brackets will be a proud, toxic dump by Thursday afternoon.

bernstein 90x130 Bernstein: Dont Do Your Brackets Until You Read This

Dan Bernstein

Dan Bernstein has been the co-host of “Boers and Bernstein” since 1999. He joined the station as a reporter/anchor in 1995. The Boers and Bernstein Show airs every weekday from 1PM to 6PM on The Score, 670AM. Read more of Bernstein’s blogs here.
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  • Larry Horse's Arse

    I hafta be outta my mind to fill out a bracket this year (but I will).

  • Murphs Upper-Lip

    Pretty dumb blog, but I’ll let it slide as the T.O.B. is announced today. That can make up for Bernsy being off his game.

    • mckfish

      Lame is right!

  • bronzo

    That’s about 3 blogs in a row that I have little or no interest in.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      You are correct, sir.

      Adult swim.
      I suspect that 99% of the postings today will have nothing to do with Bernsie’s blog.

      • Spoon

        If more than 30% of the comments are actually about his blog each day, I’m shocked.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        I agree Spoon.
        But usually a good chunk of the initial postings relate to the topic and then we start to discuss whatever we wish……today was Adult Swim from the git-go.

      • Spoon


      • Beverly Brewmaster

        All I know is that there were rumors he was into field hockey players…

  • bigtime sucker

    well maybe he will throw today’s blog into the tournament of bad, or maybe better yet, jason goff might. as mediocre as the NCAA is, the TOB should be steller, but if he is in it, my money is on charlie sheen

    this is one dude i can definatly see

    ok that was too easy LOL

    btw… 2010-2011 University of Illinois=2010 seattle seahawks
    lucking their way in, probably win a game and then get slaughtered by a purely better team

    • Pulseczar

      I couldn’t care less about Chuck Estevez but everything I’m reading/hearing (you can’t get away from him even if you don’t care) is people think this latest escapade just made him cooler. Or at least amusingly relevant enough to warrant endless attention that isn’t entirely of the negative kind.

      He might not be considered “bad” enough to advance. I’m indifferent so when I eagerly await voting to open I probably won’t click on Charlie’s name. Though I am but one voice making my thoughts known when I click the vote button.

  • kev in skokie

    I liked this article. It made me feel better about my awful picks. Thanks Bernsie!

  • Justin

    I can tell my bracket is a toxic dump and it’s only monday.

  • Denver Deadite

    Ahh, another basketball entry. I used to care. Even when my college team stopped being a perennial tourney entry, I would follow March Madness. But I just don’t care about the sport any more. I try, but I just don’t know if my interest will ever return.

    So, as I was lamenting Friday, that day was ten kinds of bizarre. Wake up to the Japan stuff. Looking for distractions, and Bernsie ends up blogging about… people who fill out multiple brackets?

    Yes, folks, you could tell that football season is over and the real baseball season has yet to begin. It was a god awful blog entry, regardless of what was going on in the world.

    Found out the ball and chain’s family and friends were ok in Hawaii.

    Watched some of the Blackhawks at the White House stuff, as that was a worthwhile distraction. Because, in the end, that’s what sports is all about: distracting us from the everyday stuff.

    Only to then get word in the afternoon that a fellow I went to high school with, a mere few days older than myself, suddenly died of natural causes that morning. Maybe it’s just me, but what sounds like a brain aneurysm at age 29 isn’t natural, imo. It’s just cruel and pointless… like blogging about people who fill out multiple brackets.

    If anything miserable happens this week, at least I have off Thursday for St. Paddy’s Day to drink myself into a stupor.

    • bigtime sucker

      sorry to hear about your friend

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      Glad everone’s OK in Hawaii, Deadite.

      The situation in Japan is just awful, frightening.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        And yes 29 is not natural.

        We had a college roomate (married with one young son) die like that at 30.
        We other roomates put together a 529 fund for college for the boy.
        But that could never replace his father, who was a great. great guy.

      • Denver Deadite

        Yeah, it’s just insane. A friend of mine lived for a year in Ibaraki Prefecture, which is northeast of Tokyo. Most of what he knew of the place has been destroyed by the quake and tsunami.

        It’s just hard for me to fathom such a situation. I’ve never been to New Orleans, or Sumatra, or Japan. I passed through Christchurch when I traveled to New Zealand a few years ago, but that’s about it.

    • bronzo

      I ‘ll drink to that Denver….

    • Pulseczar

      Hang in there.

      I’ve heard more and more stories of people in that age bracket suffering unexpected aneurysms. Mortality is scary and that’s way too young. Maybe I’m just paying more attention since I’m around that age too.

      Anywho- I hope you found even a slight distraction away from the disappointment you found in this silly sports blog.

      • Denver Deadite

        In the end, I don’t mind basketball entries, even though I don’t care about them. I just prefer that they mean -something-.

        And Friday’s entry just didn’t mean -anything- (regardless of whether there was a terrible event happening on the other side of the world). Does anybody, besides Bernstein, really care how many brackets somebody fills out? Was there really nothing else going on in the world of sports that he had to write about THAT? :)

      • Spoon

        Personally, I thought it was pretty amusing, since less than an hour after reading it, I saw ‘that guy’ at my buddy’s house. That said, I dont find anything outside of the football ones to care about at all. So I expect to read 6+ months of things that I consider to be completely useless. It just gives me something to do between breakfast and the gym.

  • bigtime sucker

    also, i am kind of dissapointed that the mighty boo didn’t play the first 8 mins of the third quarter the way they played the first 24 mins of the game saturday night, they have to learn that doing that against lesser teams earns you the end of the 3rd and the entire 4th quarter off and earns scal some pt. playing lousy in the 3rd meant unneccessary energy spent in the 4th but that 1st half was something else wasn’t it? it was i hate to be cliche but i was like 90-91 all over again

  • Lovie's Shiny Chin Scar

    My nomination for the TOB: Auto-refresh feature on the Score’s website.

    • Larry Horse's Arse




  • Likquid Swordz

    Everyone, the bracket(s) you fill out is not the worst thing to happen this year regarding college basketball. The actual tournament will just be awful. Not one team excites me, not one player is must-see, the Southeast region would be comparable to the High-A minor league baseball, and in the end a team you hate (Duke) will win it cuz noone else looks to be at least half decent.


    ps Beware of the Jimmer Fredette scrotum swinging by tv color commentators

    • Justin


      How can a wide open NCAA tournament be awful? The parity in college basketball makes this one of the most exciting tournaments in years. Sure it’s impossible to fill out a bracket this year, but who cares? I can think of 12 teams that someone could make the case for to win the tournament. I can’t wait.

      • Murphs Upper-Lip

        I hear that this years PBA season may be the closest in years in terms of competition, SO that means that it must be great entertainment, right??? See the point at all there, Justin? While being able to “think of 12 teams that someone could make the case for to win the tournament” is great and all, if the overall talent is so watered down and dilapidated, it takes away from the overall experience of one of the biggest sporting events in the world. While I’ve never been a big college basketball fan, I have still had interest in it this time of the year to a degree — that has almost all but waned.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Drama? Sure. There will be plenty. Close games, buzzer beaters… those all add to drama, and Gus Johnson eats it up.

        Top-flight players? Not really.

        That’s what Bernstein likes- and that’s why he’s admitted more than once that he’s lukewarm -at best- to college sports, and that the pros are what he’s into. He’d rather see the best at something go at it far more than a dramatic matchup between two less talented teams with high tension. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but that’s what it is.

        With that in mind, he’s kind of right. There are few elite players, and none that will contribute immediately in the NBA. There are guys I wouldn’t mind seeing on a roster, but do you look at a guy like Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams the same way we have at guys like Durant, Rose, or Wall? And Jimmer… who has played himself into a lottery pick situation over the last month… do you think that there’s a GM or Coach out there that looks at him as a franchise changer or even more than a situational role player? Someone’s going to take him at 8-9-10, and nobody will fault them, but can he create his own shot in the NBA, or is it Adam Morrison all over again?

        Look at it this way- Harrison Barnes is likely to be a top-5 pick, and other than an a’splosion for 40 this weekend, he’s been wildly inconsistent… yet a listless NBA team is going to take him with the hopes that he’ll develop into a good player. Maybe he will… but it’ll take a while.

        That’s where Bernstein is coming from on this.

      • Likquid Swordz

        So in your world sixty-eight above average to mediocre to bad (U of Illinois)teams is exciting basketball?


        I can get into a wide open field of GOOD basketball, but the sum quality of teams are lacking in my opinion.

        If that makes me an idiot to want a tourney with a better sum quality of basketball, then I embrace being an idiot, moron

  • mike in davenport

    I actually prefer this kind of blog. Silly, inane fun is why I listened to the show. I stopped when there were just too many days of Dan obviously trolling to get calls and emails. Sports, in my opinion, are supposed to be fun diversions. They’re just not that serious.

  • Crystal Lake Tony

    Tournament of BAD!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!! BAD, BAD, BAD!!!!! What a SAGA!

  • Larry

    For a George Mason abbreviation, I always liked “GeoMa”

  • Ry

    I am stoked for the Tourney of BAD!!!!!

    Will “Mike from Milwaukee’s blood-alcohol level” or “The Danny Mac Show’s attendance rate” be in the brackets?

  • Pulseczar

    Some of you expect DB to pull out riveting, though-provoking blog entries every day. This is just a silly side thing he does. I still doubt he even reads our responses anyway.

    If there’s nothing to write about, what do you expect him to write about? More Bulls? Spring Training? Hockey? Someone would still find something about which to complain.

    Should he skip a day or post something that is the equivalent to an “I got nothing, but I’ll give you something to read and complain about anyway?”

    • Chris in Scottsdale


      Well said. I laughed out loud at parts of this blog, so to me, it was WINNING.

      No matter what, right or wrong, someone’s going to have issue with the topic.

      NBA Basketball? Aw Jeez, Bernsie… you ALWAYS talk Basketball!
      Football? Come on Bernsie! It’s the offseason!
      Cubs? Man, Bernsie… We already know you’re a Sox fan.
      Sox? God, Bernsie- it’s obvious you’re a Cub fan.
      Notre Dame? That Bernsie’s so anti-Catholic.

      Oh, and god forbid there be a day without posts… we’d have to post on Spiegel’s blog.

      This blog post is relevant and funny… and people are still bagging on it.

      • Pulseczar

        Heh, I was replying to you before I read your reply to me.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    Wow- I disagree with many of you regulars… I thought this morning’s blog was swell. Bernstein often gets text-punched when people disagree with him on serious matters, so he throws up a softball- a culturally relevant softball, no less- and he still gets knocked around.

    This was just fun… and wholly accurate. I haven’t won a bracket in 20 years… and I’m 33. I don’t think I could have located Duke on a map when I won it by picking them, because I didn’t know boo about college hoops.

    Since then I’ve made it my mission to know as much about the game as possible, learning way too much about the likes of Lou Roe, Zendon Hamilton, and even owning a Toby Bailey jersey… and even though I’ve had brackets where I’ve nailed 15/16, 8/8, and 4/4, random oblivious female going chalk beats my bracket because I couldn’t fathom a Kansas victory… or whatever.

    This year may be the best chance I’ve had in some time to win a bracket, because I haven’t watched much of anyone, and beyond Duke, Jimmer, or the BFOC’s around the country, I disn’t even know there were 11/11 and 12/12 play-ins…

    …although now the word about the inclusions of VCU and UAB (over Colorado & VA Tech, etc.) coming out is that it was racially motivated… I really hope that’s 100% wrong.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      To me, it was a bit of fluff.
      It was topical but kinda boring…like discussing the weather.
      The only other “issue” would have been the NFL lock-out and that situation is way too heavy, too complicated and too premature for today (give it a little time to set up and then we can get into some analysis).
      I don’t blame Bernsie at all, he took his best shot for the events of March 14.
      I just think that we will be off-topic much quicker than usual.
      Also there will be lots of TOB discussion this afternoon.
      I feel bad that Uncle Terry will miss TOB for two years in a row now.
      Is it Spring break for the grand-kids this week???

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        I wonder if Terry doesn’t like the TOB… that he just does picks and really doesn’t have his heart in it, whereas you get the feeling, whether accurate or not, that Bernstein, Goff, and Abbatacola actually like the selection show.

    • Pulseczar

      Today’s blog entry could have been about anything and someone would have found something to complain about.

      Cubs- he supposedly hates them
      Sox- he’s playing favorites
      ND- he’s insensitive
      Santo- casket closed
      Bears- nothing to report; Angelo still sucks
      NFL lockout- really nothing going on
      Bulls- written just about everything there has been to write so far
      Blackhawks- wake us when/if they get to playoffs and your [sic] gay- stop talking hockey
      NCAA- it’s top of mind for most sports fans and only the thing going on that hasn’t been blogged about yet until last Friday

      Some people are being a bit unrealistic with this blog he probably throws together every morning. Maybe the bar was set too high or people just want to complain. Just like his show- it is what it is.

      • Spoon


      • Pulseczar

        And the truth is- many people employ a similarly eccentric way of filling out their own brackets. As such, those people can relate to today’s entry. Maybe on a sports talkshow site, the demographic is more likely to be put off by such an approach?

        I dunno. I’m done trying to understand the negativity. Carry on.

      • Murphs Upper-Lip

        Not to beat a dead horse (sorry Larry), not trying to be confrontational at all, but I highly doubt that Dan “throws together (this blog) every morning.” Not his style. I’m sure he LOVES days when this blog gets 100+ hits, if for no other reason he’s doing his number one job — cash flow for his bosses!!! I’m pretty sure he’s supplemented monetarily for writing this blog every day. Doubt he’d spend this much time doing something that’s creating quite a bit of traffic (as he is by far the most read blogger for CBS Chicago) for free.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Geez, M U-L…talk about a frightening turn of phrase.
        Next you’ll be discussing the factory at which they make the sticky substance that adheres paper together……shudder!

        I think you are 100% correct.
        My guess is that the blog for $ was either part of Bernsie’s newest contract or was an agreed-upon contract modification once CBS went big-time with the station websites using its national template (and ability to stream stations from all across the USA).
        And I truly don’t think that Bernsie pulls this out of his arse….it is too well-written usually.

        The guy with the second most traffic is Wisch.

      • Pulseczar

        MUL- I never thought of it like that. You have good points.

        I always pictured him just quickly writing something up that he was going to talk about on the show anyway. Maybe I just don’t think my responses merit much attention, but I just thought DB was above reading what we had to say in a way. He has calls and emails to filter through, so I’d think this blog’s respondents aren’t a very high priority.

        Either way, I really don’t know how he approaches this blog and it’s not too important to me. There have been many times I couldn’t have been less interested in DB’s chosen topic. I just shrugged and moved on.

    • Murphs Upper-Lip

      I love 99% of Dans thoughts, blogs, opinions, whether I agree with them or not. That’s exactly why B & B is by far my favorite sports show on radio today. Just didn’t find todays very entertaining; as pointed out you can’t make EVERYONE happy ALL the time; I understand that.

  • Chris in Scottsdale


    Well put…lol :)

  • Spoon

    I would like to nominate: People who walk next to their shopping carts in a crowded store on Sundays.

    • Murphs Upper-Lip

      I like that Spoon — mine is also done at crowded stores on Sundays, along with every other day of the week, or when stores aren’t crowded at all…

      People who just HAVE to have a close spot in the parking lot… What the F%^K!!! Nine times out of ten, you could have been parked, out of the car, and already inside the damn store! Peoples laziness has always astounded me, but this is one instance that really gets my goat! (Typically, the ironic thing is that these are the people who could really use the extra little walk…) Sorry for that rant, I digress.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        “I digress”
        That’s the beauty of this blog…there is no way to digress because everything is fair-game.
        Done well, this blog is like improv comedy, each post carries the blog forward.

        I usually park fairly far down the line just because I know I can zip in and out that way without all the hunting for a spot. One thing that really bugs me are the asshats who just HAVE to park rear-in first…and they take minutes to get it right and seeming don’t give a sh!t about the rest of us they are holding up.

    • Likquid Swordz

      I would like to nominate people who walk in a moving line of people in a crowded mall and suddenly stop for no reason, causing people behind them to stop

      There should be a law to allow people to drop-kick those people in the neck

      • Murphs Upper-Lip

        Nice Likquid… how bout people who stop on moving sidewalks, most commonly seen in airports. It ain’t a ride, people, it’s meant to speed up the progress!!!

  • Jon, Montgomery

    here’s somebody who will not be in the tournament of bad!

    sheen will be in the tournament of winning… WINNING

  • JoeMan

    Get a hobby Bernstein. You’re an annoying jack ass.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      His hobbies are kind of irrelevant considering he’s doing something related to his JOB when he does a blog.

      He’s compensated for this. You’re posting on a page where you obviously dislike the writer. Where’s your paycheck? Methinks a troll with a coathanger-scarred forehead such as yourself needs the hobby.

      Okay. Back to smiles.


    It may be fun to fill out these brackets, but I’ll be fortunate if I have some winners come Thursday when the bulk of the NCAA Tournament tips off in arenas across America. It’s not as easy to figure these games out, especially because I feel the quality of the college game on the whole is down and lacks star players. While I’ve heard of BYU’s Jimmer Fredette & UCONN’s Kemba Walker, there are a lot of people who simply haven’t. In fact, the Bulls’ own Derrick Rose, the Timberwolves’ Kevin Love & Michael Beasley and others who we see now in the NBA game, would have been seniors had they stayed in school today. In my opinion, the stars of the college game aren’t the players, but the coaches such as Duke’s Coach K, UCONN’s Jim Calhoun, Louisville’s Rick Pitino, Ohio State’s Thad Matta, Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and other high-profile guys coaching these kids right now.

    I think it will be cool watching these games on TruTV, TNT, TBS & CBS Sports, complete with Marv Albert & Steve Kerr, Reggie Miller joining Kevin Harlan & Dan Bonner, the exciteable Gus Johnson & Len Elmore, Verne Lundquist & Bill Raftery, as well as Jim Nantz & Clark Kellogg at courtside to name a few. It’ll also be interesting to see Kenny Smith & Charles Barkley try to get words in edgewise with Ernie Johnson, Greg Gumbel, Greg Anthony & Seth Davis in the New York studios analyze them. Let the Madness begin, even though I could careless about the “First Four” that’ll tip tomorrow & Wednesday on TruTV, DIRECTV 246, from Dayton, OH.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      Right on the money, as usual, SHARK.

      Took me a bit to figure out that TRU used to be COURT-TV.

      I love Raftery. Onions! Double order.

      • SHARK

        Gus Johnson earned his money over the weekend. While Gus called the Penn State/Wisconsin Big Ten quarterfinal that set college hoops back some 50 years Friday night in Indianapolis on the Big Ten Network, he and the Jerry Lawler/Don Cooper-looking Bob Wenzel, who will be paired with the Carmen DeFalco/Pat Tomasulu/Taylor Lautner-looking Spero Dedes this weekend on the CBS/Turner NCAA Tournament package, called the thrilling Pac 10 Tournament final Saturday night on CBS. Gus was on top of his game describing Washington’s Isaiah Thomas putting his Huskies in the field of 68 in dramatic fashion and at the buzzer. Gus is the same PBP voice who called the West Regional thrillers in Salt Lake City last March for the network. Even if you’re not a true college hoops fan, it’ll be a hoot alone wherever Gus & Len are assigned the next 2 weekends.

  • Murphs Upper-Lip

    Well – I see this as the calm before the storm… This is the 56’th post and “I predict” – (thanks Murph!) – that this blog is about to blow the ‘eff up within the hour, or whenever the TOB picks are announced. It’s like Christmas Eve and I can’t wait.

  • Likquid Swordz

    Can someone post the TOB entrants, since CBS Radio nixed the ability to listen to the streaming audio outisde the US?

    • Murphs Upper-Lip

      I would imagine they’ll be posted on the site, if for no other reason for voting purposes…

    • Jon, Montgomery

      if they don’t automatically put them on the site, i’ll try my best to write them down and post them here.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Thanks Jon.

      • Likquid Swordz


  • Murphs Upper-Lip

    Report: Cubs Eyeing Rangers’ Michael Young

    I’d love to see Young shore up 2’nd base for the Cubs… it’s getting closer to opening day and I can’t help but feel somewhat optimistic about Cubs chances in the NL central, if for no other reason the constant reports (it seems every other day of late) of injuries to the Brewers and Cardinals. If I was a Ranger fan, I’d be VERY unhappy about the possibility of losing M.Y., still a very good bat. Gimme Young and one more starter, and I’ll gladly drink my cubbie-cool-aid for at least a month or so…

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      I’m not a Cubs fan, so technically I don’t have a Vick in this fight.
      What is the price-tag? Any rumors about what the Rangers would want from the Cubs for Young?
      Isn’t Young just Soriano redux…..great bat, stone hands???

      • Murphs Upper-Lip

        Young is due to make $16 million for the next three years, I believe. The Rangers, reportedly, believe his value is somewhere in the $7 million range; if that’s true they must realize deep down that they’d have to eat somewhere around half the contract if they find they NEED to move him. Young seems to be taking the high road for the time being, but it sounds to me like the relationship between him and Texas is lukewarm at best. (He claims his feelings towards the organization stems much deeper than their apparent intention to make him a super-utility player.) His defense isn’t what it used to be, but I consider him an average, maybe slightly below average 3’rd baseman (grade a C-, i wouldn’t go any lower than that, though.) At 2’nd base, I gotta think he’d be, at the very worst, average. Much better than I could say for Alfonso. Seems Texas’ asking price is too high currently (looking for prospects), but it really seems there is NO love lost for M.Y. towards the Rangers… Once that asking price comes down, I’d love to see him playing second base this year on the Northside.

      • Likquid Swordz

        “…a Vick in this fight”

        “HEY HEY” – Krusty the Clown

  • Murphs Upper-Lip

    “If I was a Ranger fan” – don’t want Range to get mad at me; I was referring to the Texas Rangers, not you Chris!

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