So far this spring everything has gone better than expected with Jake Peavy’s return from a serious injury that knocked him out of most of last season.

But as Peavy continues to build up stamina and go longer and longer into spring games, the risk of hitting that speed bump becomes greater.

“Peavy was told he’d get anywhere between that 55-70 [pitch] area [on Monday],” Joe Cowley, of the Chicago Sun-Times, said on the Danny Mac Show. “If you remember last year, he went and threw, in a B game over in Goodyear against Cincinnati, 100 and some pitches his second-to-last Cactus League start. And that’s his usual routine, he kind of picked that up along the way from some other veterans along the way in San Diego…The thing that makes me so nervous is that the doctors put it out there so free and easily that expect a speed bump.

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“And I still haven’t gotten over that, that doctors would tell the Sox that and the Sox were so public with it, that’s usually something you don’t say publicly. For them to say that, to me, they still think there’s something he has to go through. And like we’ve talked about, I think that’s breaking through the scar tissue, and that scares guys…Maybe he doesn’t, maybe he slowly breaks through the scar tissue and there isn’t that abrupt speed bump, that running into a side of a wall type thing. But it still makes me nervous that this guy could still have a setback.”

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