Bernstein: Here’s Why The NHL Won’t Ban Head Shots

By Dan Bernstein–

After a couple days of double-talk and phony-baloney posturing to mollify fans and sponsors, the decision-makers at the NHL’s GM meetings refused to ban the hits to the head that are causing a frightening number of concussions.

Commissioner Gary Bettman and the collection of players-turned-executives tinkered around the margins, while the elephant wandered around the room with its gloves dropped.

We eventually heard the toothless proclamations of stricter enforcement of existing rules, better diagnosis, and standardization of the safest equipment and rink construction.

Recommendations will be made for future study, a committee of former players will talk things over, the Board of Governors will take things under advisement, etc., etc., harrumph.

Two GMs’ comments to the AP spoke volumes.

“The consensus is that the rules in the book are sufficient,” Toronto’s Brian Burke said.

“It would take a lot of hitting out of the game,” Said Bryan Murray of Ottawa. “A lot of the physical part of the game that makes our game so appealing.”

The elephant was right behind him as he spoke, yet nobody wanted to mention it.

Everyone involved with the halfhearted efforts to protect players from injury is aware that the NHL is quickly placing itself in an indefensible position when it comes to the acceptance of fighting. It simply makes no sense to any reasonable person that the two facts can coexist: there is concern about hits to the head in hockey, but not about hitting each other in the head.

Even the league itself estimates that eight percent of this year’s concussions have resulted directly from fights. Celebrated goon Bob Probert was recently found to have had degenerative brain disease from repeated blows to the head in his hundreds of on-ice bouts.

It would seem to be an easy number of concussions and sub-concussive head blows to eliminate, if you really cared.

They say they do, aware that megastar Sidney Crosby may never be the same, cover-your-eyes video of violent shots like the one on Max Pacioretty are shared virally in an instant, and that any player could be the next Paul Kariya or Adam Deadmarsh.

Yet fights continue, still serving no purpose other than to sell violence. Any convoluted attempts at justifying their existence are easily dismantled, particularly the silly idea that fighting is needed for the vigilante self-policing of otherwise-uncontrollable, animal behavior.

And fighting can’t be important for the protection of supposedly defenseless skill players when so many of them are hurt so often, regardless. In today’s high-velocity NHL, a legal smack against the glass is more likely to take out a scorer than a wayward blade from some battle-scarred oaf from Saskatoon.

Video captures everything. Anybody so emboldened to play dirty by the removal of the retaliatory threat would soon realize the fines and suspensions are coming, harder, faster, and more painfully than any bare fist.

Lose fighting, and you lose a bunch of concussions with no effect on the quality of the game.

The league knows this well, but lacks the guts or desire to act on it.

They can’t ban hits to the head, because then some other questions will be asked – questions for which they have no good answers.

bernstein 90x130 Bernstein: Heres Why The NHL Wont Ban Head Shots

Dan Bernstein

Dan Bernstein has been the co-host of “Boers and Bernstein” since 1999. He joined the station as a reporter/anchor in 1995. The Boers and Bernstein Show airs every weekday from 1PM to 6PM on The Score, 670AM. Read more of Bernstein’s blogs here. Follow him on Twitter @dan_bernstein.
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  • Larry Horse's Arse

    I was a fan in the Original Six, pre-helmet days.
    Make the helmets much better if head-shots won’t be banned.


    See, Bernstein never talks hockey.

    • bronzo

      Spot on Larry… I think they coud make helmets MUCh better…that would solve a lot of the problems. Fighting while still in the game is much less prevelant than it used to be.

      I don’t know the numbers but just how many concussions were actually caused by fighting? Most seem to be from hard checks into the boards…Which is called “Boarding” and is a penalty in the NHL last time I checked.

      • Mike in Milwaukee

        Brewmaster, what kind of beer do you make?

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        I can just see Goodell fining Harrison of the Steelers for skull-to-skull hits!

      • Beverly Brewmaster

        I homebrew, Mike (German styles mostly), but I did have a hand in the development of the new Altbier from Metropolitan (in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood) so that’s as close as you’ll get to trying my beer without hanging out in my basement. They don’t distribute in WI, though, so you’ll have to drive down here to try it.

      • Denver Deadite

        I don’t think the comment was stupid, LHA. Maybe a bit ignorant, but most people just assume that better helmets = greater safety. To a degree, it does, as better helmets would prevent some concussions. But they won’t stop all of them, and certainly not the severe ones. And when I said that Bernstein has talked about it, I meant in the past, not necessarily yesterday.

        But the topic does come up now and then, as people like Ditka have suggested taking helmets away in football, too.

        In hockey, however, it’s just an unrealistic goal. You’ve got a puck flying around, sometimes in excess of 100 MPH. Look at Duncan Keith and the fact that he lost 7 teeth since the helmet does not provide full protection to the face.

        Now imaging one of those pucks hitting somebody in the temple with no helmet. Somebody’s skull could end up shattering like Sosa’s batting helmet.

        A baseball coach was killed by a line drive. Now the coach in Atlanta. That Cardinals player a couple of years ago took a line drive foul ball and ended up retiring as a result. The girl that died from a puck that went into the stands.

        Flying projectiles are just as dangerous in baseball, hockey, and lacrosse as hits that cause concussions (yes, people have died from getting hit by lacrosse balls when not wearing helmets… it’s 6 ounces of hard rubber, too).

        You could take helmets away from football, and the biggest risk then would likely be direct contact with another player.

        You just CANNOT do it other sports, however.

      • Denver Deadite

        In the end, as Bernstein has talked about on the show, a helmet can only do so much. Helmets are pretty much more about stopping external damage.

        Helmets, while they can lessen and absorb an impact to a degree, they still do not stop the brain from rattling around in your skull. And that is what a concussion is: bruising of the brain.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        I have not heard the pod of yesterday’s show.
        Thanks for the info Deadite.

        So, my initial impression was both stupid and ignorant.

        Perhaps, instead, can we improve all NHL players from Germany who are named “Helmut” with more coaching and practice???

      • Beverly Brewmaster

        Keep in mind many hockey players don’t wear their helmets correctly. If the helmet is loose (as is often the case at the NHL level) it’s pretty much worthless should you hit your head on the ice. It’s also important to keep your mouth guard in your mouth; it’s not a chew toy (yeah, I’m looking at you, Kaner).

    • Lou Piniella's FUPA

      Wouldn’t it be great to see a helmet-less KANER with a mullet? I’m on that bandwagon.

      Also, if two guys want to fight, let them. These are grown-ass men who can make their own decisions. If you don’t want someone punching you in the head, then don’t drop the gloves.

      Here’s an additional read:

      • Lou Piniella's FUPA

        I didn’t say it was a good read. And I agree with you, Murphs.

      • Murphs Upper-Lip

        That article does nothing but support the fact/opinion that fighting should not be allowed.

  • Buck

    Bernstein everybody knows you hate hockey and despise the sport so your opinion is irrelevant.

    “Yet fights continue, still serving no purpose other than to sell violence”

    Or so the sport is based on just fighting then huh? You are so on tracked minded its disgusting. If you knew anything about hockey and the fighting aspect players do it to either protect a teammate or lit a fire under their team.

    If you want to go your route every big hit can be considered to “sell” violence correct?

    Please if you are going to talk about hockey know what the sport is about and maybe talk about the sport for a majority of your show one day with callers that actually know the game.

    Unfortunately you don’t.

    • Spoon

      Buck everybody knows you hate Bernstein and despise the show so your opinion is irrelevant.

    • Pulseczar

      There’s Imaginary Radio. Now there’s Imaginary Blog.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Obviously Buck’s reading and listening comprehension has been compromised by cardioencephalomyopathy.

      Hockey fans? That’s fine.
      People suffering from hockey myopia? Wholeheartedly annoying.

      Go find a podcast of a sports show from Medicine Hat if you want wall-to-wall puck talk. Christ.

      • Likquid Swordz

        As someone who lives about 6 hours from Medicine Hat, you DO NOT want to hear anything from Medicine Hat

    • Bucky Chris

      Jesus Christ, Buck, did you even read the blog? What is wrong with you, man?

  • Murphs Upper-Lip

    Well, I was about to break down Bucks comments, but don’t even know where to start, so….

    I love Hockey. Basketball is great and all, go Bulls, woo-hoo…. but, I LOVE HOCKEY! That being said, I’m also a big fan of big hits and big fights, they are very entertaining. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but most fans enjoy seeing a good hockey fight (even those who say they don’t, they’re watching and rewinding, at times, thanks to the DVR age we live in.) To reiterate, I really enjoy watching fights in hockey, probably more so than most; I’m one of those meatballs that enjoys the UFC so take my opinion for what it is (though that has gone away dramatically for me; used to watch every pay-per-view now I can’t remember the last one I saw, but I’m getting sidetracked.)

    Fighting serves no purpose in hockey. None. Make the argument all you want about protecting your teammates; if there’s no fighting then both teams are playing on a level playing field. If retaliation is a must, there are plenty of other (dirty, if need be) ways to do so. But the actual act of throwing down your stick, taking off your gloves, and “Goin at it”! does not help your teams chances of winning that game. So, ask my meatball side, and I’ll say keep the fighting! Ask my fan side, I realize it should be taken away for the better of the game.


    • Pulseczar

      Outside of Hollywood or comic books- I really get no enjoyment from watching two people physically fighting. MMA, UFC, boxing, WWE, bar room, 3:00 by the flagpole, hockey, etc. I just don’t. Maybe I’m weird. Maybe I dgaf. shrug.

      If I’m watching a game and everything comes to a stop because two guys start throwing down, I get more annoyed than interested. That doesn’t mean I don’t like hard hits in contact sports though.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        LoL- The Gauntlet was fine… as long as that was the only part of the trilogy you read… anything further would sap your brain dry.

        Re: IG #4 – I have a thing for “all the heroes vs. God… and losing” fight scenes.

        I stopped Marvel after Onslaught, DC right after Zero Hour, and comics in general after the Wildstorm event “Divine Intervention” hijacked my favorite series at the time, Divine Right.

        I only picked up again after seeing a stack of comics at a random home poker game about six years ago, ironically for the same reason I initially stopped- big crossovers. “Infinite Crisis” and “Avengers: Dissassembled” brought me back into the fold. The thing keeping me there is the fact that Luke Cage has become one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever read. I’ve already waned on DC again… “Blackest Night” started strong, but the whole “Deus Ex Machina” thing killed it for me. I can’t even bring myself to read “Brightest Day”… and to follow the big crossovers? Getting obscenely expensive. I couldn’t imagine being a child or young teen today being into comic books. That habit would run me $150-$200 a month.

        Just like sportscards, the comic market has priced out kids.

      • Pulseczar

        Oh no- a comic response. Comics… my other reason to live.

        The Infinity War/Warlock and The Infinity Gauntlet is about the line I draw where I stop collecting. I still collect everything up to around that point in time. That’s when comics went downhill. Every other issue had a card stock cover or had a hologram and it kind of stopped being special- and all of the silly hyper-crossovers. All of the good artists and writers left (Jim Lee, McFarlane, Portacio, et al.) around that time too.

        Iron Man #230 comes to mind as a good fight, if only one-sided until the next ish.

        LoHo needs a blog again so I can ramble on about comics.

        Don’t even get me started on some of the horribly wrong Marvel movies.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Favorite fight scene…

        Movie: They Live.
        Comic: Infinity Gauntlet #4.

      • Spoon

        Nerd Alert: I still have my Spawn #`1 stashed away.

      • Denver Deadite

        I’ve always ‘Made Mine Marvel’, but it’s basically impossible to keep up any more unless you buy everything since all the crossovers have dozens of issues of mini-series and one-shots and all.

        It’s certainly cheaper to just curl up with a good paperback, as much as I love comics.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        WOW… apparently this board is a full-on fanboy forum!

      • Pulseczar

        Spawn #1? I have like 6 of those. yawn. haha.

        I still don’t know much of what’s going on with any Marvel title after 1995 or so. Never really got into DC. Death of SuperMan was right around Infinity Gauntlet so I picked up a few of those.

        I’ll get a pile of back issues every few months. My wife even buys me gift certs to Mile High Comics. Probably have around 1200 total. Full runs with very few fillers needed of Avengers 190-325 (all of them!), Iron Man 90-260 (need like 5 from that run; lost interest around time War Machine story line), Uncanny X-Men 145-305 (loved Mutant Massacre and Inferno), Quasar, Silver Surfer, X-Factor, X-Force, Amazing Spidey, New Mutants, even Alpha Flight and a few other good runs.

        The crossovers got more and more tiresome. They started off ok- Secret Wars rocked. Then stuff Acts of Vengeance (Cosmic Spidey!), Atlantis Attacks, Muir Island Saga slowly just took over. Eventually we came to… Onslaught. meh.

        I have tons of Marvel Legends figures too.

        My son turns 5 on the 17th and we’re going to the comic book store on Friday. Kinda a tradition. We also go on Father’s Day.

        I’m such a geek that I can’t bring myself to watch Marvel movies. Well, when I do eventually see them I just pick everything apart. The X-Men movies were all horribly wrong. Just wrong wrong wrong.

        hahaha… I’m really not Comic Book Guy. really.

      • Spoon


      • Chris in Scottsdale

        First comic I ever picked up – Uncanny #222.
        “Inferno” was the first storyline I was into as a collector.
        Loved Acts of Vengeance. Loved Atlantis Attacks. Even loved the awful-titled “Operation Galactic Storm”.

        I’m a bit embarassed at the runs I can claim to have…
        Avengers West Coast #42-101…
        Generation Next #1-60 or so…
        Uncanny #239- a couple issues after “Maggot” showed up.
        New Avengers entire run
        Transformers 1-59… Talk about some BAD!

      • bronzo

        Wow i didn’t realize we had so many comic book fans on this blog…I didn’t know they even made comic books any more…No offense… to each his own…just a little surprised.

      • Denver Deadite

        I read AWC and Iron Man for the last 30-odd issues of AWC’s run. Then I moved on to Wolverine and X-Men, where I’ve pretty much been ever since.

        About the only series I have a great run on is I have a near-complete collection of the original volume of Guardians of the Galaxy. A nice, mostly self-contained series with all sorts of fun stuff in it. It was basically an ongoing What If? :)

        Now that we’ve covered sports and comic books today, who wants to move on to non-sports video games and D&D? ;)

      • Chris in Scottsdale


        Never got into D&D… How about Magic: The Gathering? Back when I lived in IL I used to be a regular at Pastimes in Niles… When there were 500+ for prereleases and regionals, that place was quite possibly the worst smelling room ever.

        …And I never did quite make it to the Pro Tour.

        Favorite non-sports game of all time? Hmmm… Probably Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

      • Pulseczar

        I love talking comics but never really get a chance to. Shocked there are so many people here into them.

        I can picture Uncanny X-Men 222 right now without looking it up. Great cover. Side note: I hate how overrated and overexposed Wolverine has become. I liked him in the comics (remember- up to ~1995 stuff). On cartoons, movies, etc… I can’t stand him.

        I have lots of pen + paper AD&D stuff, but I never actually played. I read Forgotten Realms and DragonLance stuff so I got the rpg stuff just to supplement.

        I loved the Marvel rpg as a kid in the 80s. That was great.

        Pharaoh and Cleopatra (or any of the city-building series)
        Might & Magic I-V
        Heroes of Might & Magic III

        My son and I play X-Men Legends II almost daily. Sometimes Marvel Ultimate Alliance but not as much.

        That old Avengers game for SNES was great.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      I’m sort of in the same boat, though I’m becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of banning fighting. If you want fighting in the game simply because it’s entertaining, then just say it (as you did). But the excuses about momentum and protecting players (as offered by Buck) are simply wrong. If they’re really necessary for those reasons, then how do other full-contact sports like football manage to survive without it? The success of the Olympics this past year (not to mention the rarity of fighting in the playoffs) shows that fans can do just fine without fighting.

      Where I would take issue with Dan is his tying fighting to concussions. Yes, Probie had brain problems due to fighting but the overwhelming majority of concussions come not from fights but from hits. Personally I think a lot of it has to do with opening up the game (specifically removing the two-line pass and cracking down on holding and interference). While it’s made for a more exciting game, it also means more speed through the neutral zone which is where you see most of the concussion-causing hits. So the question is how you cut down on the damaging hits without slowing down the game. I’m afraid I don’t really have an answer yet.

      • Chris in Scottsdale


        That’s a very good point. I’m inclined to agree that over the long run the speed and hits are far more likely to end player careers than fights. The damage there is probably more cosmetic than anything else… The full-head-of-steam checking is scarier.

        The NHL is in a difficult situation because god forbid any league make any changes that will inhibit scoring… even at the expense of player health.

      • bigtime sucker

        well played brewmaster, that’s about as compelling an argument as one can make

  • CH

    Good call there Buck if you ask me Bernstien everybody knows your’e the biggest anti hockey guy in this town so stop pretending that you know more about it than you think. If you ask me Bernstein is the Jay Marriotti of the chicago sports scene I really wish they would kick this a@#@#@e off the sports radio he’s the reason why I turn off the score once he comes makes me sick nowadays just thinking about hearing his voice

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      People posting on the page that profess not to listen or to hate his show… but are able to find his blog and use their time to whine? Inherently stupid.

      “I know! I hate Rush Limbaugh, so I’ll go find his thoughts online just to post anti-Rush drivel!”

      Whatever. Today’s blog will just wind up as an excuse for some knuckleheads to deify Probert.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        “Internet tough guy”? At what point do I profess any semblance of toughness?

        I simply pointed out that it’s pretty stupid to whine about a show you never listen to. I can’t stand Rush Limbaugh. I listen to stations that carry him… but I’m sure as hell not going to seek out HIS thoughts when I’m on his station’s webpage.

        Here- I’ll type slower for you so you can keep up. Is this better?

        And of course the “If you disagree with me disagreeing with the writer, you’re a sycophant”… the last grasp of someone that has no evidence or support for their claims.

        Enjoy your wasted time.

      • Buck

        Thanks for being an internet tough guy. Chris and being the jock Bernstein uses everyday.

  • bigtime sucker

    oh god, here comes the calvary

    bernstein doesn’t hate hockey, he likes skilled hockey, respects skilled players and the artistry that CAN make hockey beautiful to watch. what he doesn’t do is accept hockey for ALL that it is. it’s not right or wrong, it’s just incomplete. and what’s wrong about showing concern about a sport when the potential for losing it’s best players is higher than it should be. When the NFL lost Carson Palmer(he plays but is a shell of what he could have been) and then Tom Brady for a year due to low shots to the knees, they IMMEDIATL Y put in measures to prevent that. If the NHL looses crosby, that means their top draw is a Russian. That’s a hard sell in the united states. Gretzky prooved that a canadian can trensend hockey and Crosby had that potential as well,but Ovechkin, hardcore sports fans know and respect him, but i don’t know if he can get a casual or less than casual observer to convert, he’s a russian, there’s a large percentage of our population that are still leary of them due to the cold war. He has a point, he isn’t going to win but he has a point

  • The Fire and The Passion


    • Spoon


    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Hockey talk for some; miniature American flags for others!

      • Spoon


        It’s a two party system, you have to choose one of us!

  • bigtime sucker

    ok everyone wants to stop talkiing hockey
    here’s your choices
    bulls(i llove talking bulls but i know a bunch of people do not)
    ncaa(monday’s topic)
    notre dame(beating a dead horse)
    nfl labor(actually nothing going on right now)
    spring training(pointless)

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      The blog has changed quite a bit over the last few months. Whereas it used to be a couple of people trolling and the larger portion talking sports, half of the posts are just a Bernstein bashfest.

      That’s what I would do in my free time- read the writings of someone whose show I vehemently claim to avoid.

      Is it because he only writes a single topic rather than giving a broad-brush approach of what his show is likely to cover?

  • The Fire and The Passion

    I would like to discuss the chances that Belushi will run the table in the Tournament of Bad

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      I’d rather talk about the scandal regarding the Jason Goff bracket seeding. JHM is going to be the second coming of SMU- it will take them decades to recover.

      I’m just going to wholeheartedly apologize right now.

    • Jaimie in Hoffman Estates

      Snookie’s face, is my pick

  • Jon, Montgomery

    i see (the hard way) that the auto-refresh is alive and well. bye bye post

  • Jon, Montgomery

    you can’t ban all shots to the head, that would just take too much out of the game, you’re already seeing it with the NFL, i just think bettman needs to crack down harder on the dirty ones.

    and personally, i like fighting in hockey, it has it’s place. is it for entertainment purposes only? i don’t think so, it can change the momentum of the game, it belongs and it’s here to stay.

    so, just give longer suspensions for the dirty head shots. don’t change anything with the rules.

    though, i still think bettman is an idiot who can’t run his sport.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      No doubt Bettman is an idiot.

      The thing about fighting in hockey is that Bernstein makes valid points when he speaks about it… his stance is that it is not tantamount to winning, therefore it is not necessary. Is that incorrect? When people cite momentum, is there a tally that cites it? How often does a team that’s down a goal in the third come back and win after a 5-minute major? I’m not asking rhetorically- I genuinely don’t know.

      Like BevBrew said above, there’s a miniscule amount of fighting in the playoffs… When Dan asks Hockeyphiles the question “Why is there little fighting in the playoffs?”, those that call in either have an answer that makes no sense and doesn’t refute his stance, or they respond with some garbled form of grunt that amounts to “you just don’t get it”. Heck, my best friend played pro, and when I told him about Bernstein’s stance, he said he’d punch him in the face- and when I told him I felt it somewhat valid, he offered to punch MY face instead… lol.

      …but he still couldn’t give me a quantifiable reason that fighting is good for Hockey :)

      • Denver Deadite

        “it’s just one of those intangible aspects of the game.”

        Don’t tell that to Bernstein.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        i guess you can’t really explain it, it’s just one of those intangible aspects of the game.

    • bigtime sucker

      yeah it can change momentum in a game team a has lead team b is down by one member of team a gets into fight gets 5 minute major and team b ties score. yep it affects the game SOOOOOOOOOO POSITIVELY

      • Jon, Montgomery

        you pick your spots, you don’t do it in a one-goal game in the 3rd period, i understand that. but if you’re down by a bunch, especially if the other team is talking trash on the ice or continuing to take un-needed shots when they’re already up, i see how a good figth changes the momentum.

        that’s just how i think hockey is BTS.

    • Jay's Insulin Pump

      I agree with you Jon.

      Speaking specifically of the Chara – Pacioretty situation, I do not believe there was intent, but Chara basically left no other option by closing in fast and not allowing an escape route for Pacioretty.

      That being said, the league should have suspended Chara or at least given a fine for even being in that position in the first place. Make them think before putting themselves or others in a potentially dangerous situation, and that in turn will make the sport safer.
      Then they can continue to punch each other in the face like I love so much.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        agreed, 100%

  • White Men Can't Pump Gas

    My wife has a friend (adult) with braces. I have so many questions.

    • Pulseczar

      Are they clear or metallic braces?

      I have no friends. But I do have a wife. She has a few friends I guess. I’ll have to make an inquiry regarding their oral jewelry.

      • Pulseczar

        Adults wearing braces can’t be doing it for entirely vain reasons. I mean they need to look like that James Bond Jaws villain for quite some time in order to get the desired results. And it’s not cheap at all. Paying thousands of dollars more for invisible or clear braces? That’s kinda vain.

        I still maintain, there are plenty of people who couldn’t do anything about their crooked teeth for many reasons until they got older. It doesn’t really bother me.

        No, I’ve never had or needed braces.

      • White Men Can't Pump Gas

        BTW, they are metallic braces and they’re some disgusting purple and yellow colors. And she had a lisp to begin with so they whole thing is just blown completely out of the realm of normal human behavior.

        Who else thinks Adults With Braces and Canker Sores would be an ironic head to head matchup?

      • Pulseczar

        They’re her friends, not mine. I don’t know any of them. Besides, no one smiles around me. Or talks?

        They all seem to fake a jaw wiring.


      • White Men Can't Pump Gas

        Or you could just look. And I will continue to speculate.

      • White Men Can't Pump Gas

        I will accept your well-made point. That said, I will continue to ridicule those adults with braces no matter what the situation, because Uncle Terry taught me at an early age – sometimes differences are all you need.

        I would have also accepted “Pride for Prejudice”

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Are they neck braces? Back braces? Leg braces? The kind that work like canes on her wrist? We need more to go on here.

      • White Men Can't Pump Gas

        I believe anything that aids physical ability would be prime for ranking and squaring off in the tournament of good. People whose vanity increases with age so much that they need to wear metal wires in their mouth for 2 golden adult years are TOB contending ass holes.

        Wrist Canes vs. Free Credits In An Arcade Game, WHO YA GOT?

      • Pulseczar

        Some people had bad teeth for a long time and couldn’t do anything about it until they became adults.

        Your teeth can move as you age, necessitating a degree of required straightening in some cases.

    • Pulseczar

      I’d imagine the questions would increase exponentially if she wore an orthodontic headgear.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    anybody want to join me in a little ‘I predict’?

    here’s my TOB final four…

    Bernstein region: 10.) college football signing day
    Goff region: 7.) Mel Gibson’s phone etiquette

    abbatacola region: 3.) any non-beef burger
    Boers region: 2.) hopping on lake shore drive in the middle of a blizzard

    and I have ‘hopping on lake shore drive in the middle of a blizzard’ defeating ‘college football signing day’ in the championship game.

    and your Cinderella, ‘notre dame student safety’ WILL knock off the 1. seed in the bernstein region and will make it to the elite eight.

    • Denver Deadite

      I’m trying to recall who has won in the previous years. Last year, I can’t remember the exact entry, but wasn’t it Chicago-centric?

      I recall some other Chicago-centric entries that provided good upsets against what I thought were better ‘teams’. So, anything related to Chicago – like ND student safety and Lake Shore Drive in a blizzard – are likely good bets.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        i’m pretty sure good ole’ blagojevich won it last year.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      I’m conflicted by the “Guys who brag about brewing beer” entry. On one hand, I gotta stick up for my fellow brewers, but on the other hand I agree that it’s obnoxious when people brag about anything (including their beer). I’m guessing it’ll lose early though so it won’t be an issue.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Agreed, it’s a mid-major joke…..insufficient in rank asshattedness to win more than one round.

    • Murphs Upper-Lip

      Bernstein region: 1) Head Coach Mike Singletary
      Goff region: 4) Kid Leashes

      Abbatacola region 2) Sentences that begin with “I got a guy”
      Boers region 2) Hopping on LSD in the middle of a blizzard

      Hopping on LSD in the middle of a blizzard narrowly defeating Head Coach Mike Singletary.

      -Carol Moseley should make some noise; my long shot, should it defeat “I got a guy” is Adults with braces. Thank you.

    • Spoon

      Boers region: 2.) hopping on lake shore drive in the middle of a blizzard – is my new favorite

      • Jon, Montgomery

        honestly, i don’t see how it cannot win.

  • Denver Deadite

    In the end, fighting has its place, and it is entertaining. As are the huge hits you see in hockey… the same as the huge hits you get in football.

    You can’t really take such hits out of either sport. And while you can take the fighting out of hockey, I’m not sure that really solves anything one way or the other.

    Anybody know if any boxers have or will be donating their brains for CTE research? Bernstein mentioned Probert. Considering the belief that such hits can lead to Parkinson’s (as with Ali), I’m surprised it isn’t mentioned just as often regarding CTE as other sports.

  • bigtime sucker



    • Denver Deadite

      It’s rather sad that so many league commissioners and presidents are such corrupt individuals.

      And Stern is right up there with the likes of Bud Selig and FIFA’s Sepp Blatter.

      • Larry Horse's Arse


        Even a moron like me knows that Blatter is from hell.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Is the all-caps your way of getting into the Tournament of Bad spirit?

    • Jon, Montgomery

      great article as usual by A.W.

      i myself think stern is corrupt with way too much power, and it’s gone to his head. stan van gundy was right with everything he said about stern, and even though SVG said things that he obviously knew would get him in trouble, the way stern came back in a public manner and totally trashed stan and the magic was uncalled for, what good commissioner does that?

      saying “we won’t be hearing from stan for the rest of the season” makes him seem like the godfather, and we don’t know if SVG was fined behind the scenes or not, but as i’ve watched the past few games since the stern-van gundy incident, there have been several blatant bad calls that have impacted the games, which only makes me think that is how stern is telling SVG to shut his trap.

      look, we all know the NBA is dirty, it’s all about money and ratings. how else do you explain the 2002 WCFs?

      here’s another good article that gives a little evidence of how in the regular season, games ARE fixed for the gambling industry

      look, the NBA is my favorite sport, and i know saying it’s fixed is probably out of line for me to say, but at times it’s just undeniable.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Excellent analysis Jon.

        I have always had this suspicion that Stern is sufficiently lacking in character that he would put his thumb on the scale “for the good of the league.”

        The Patrick Ewing draft by the Knicks just smelled to me.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        agreed larry.

        and IMO, all of the commissioners in the four major sports could do a better job than they currently are.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Also, lest we forget, Gary Bettman was hired by the NHL because he had been Stern’s right-hand man and the NHL believed he could bring some NBA magic (lower case “m” there Jon) to the NHL.

        To me, all he has brought is asshattery.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    bernsy had said this was being worked on for some time now by the score webteam, and that it would be ready soon, and it finally is.

    i’ve checked it out myself, it’s new, and not as good as what the old website had, but it’s something to get you guys away from this corporate site.

    the link for it is in the boers and bernstein section of the website, so it’s hard to find, but i’ll introduce it to you guys now so you don’t have to search for it.

    gentlemen, welcome, to the ‘ManCave’…

    • Jon, Montgomery

      though, honestly… this doesn’t really do much now, you can go to other websites with games and girls better than this one.

    • Jay's Insulin Pump

      Jon, I never realized how much I miss the Score Girl of the Day gallery from the old website. It feels less dirty receiving that link than it would to go actively searching for it. Plus, am I wrong, or are these pics 100 times better than the old ones?

      • Jon, Montgomery

        yes, the pics are better than the old score GOTD pics, but you can always find better with a quick trip to google.

        the mancave is a new part of the site, it’s slow, and so far, not very well done, but hopefully over time, they improve it.

        i’d like to see them add some classic arcade games, just anything to make it more inviting than a few photo galleries of b00bies.

        i still maintian the ‘old old’ website was the best i’ve ever seen the score have.

  • BlackhawkTom

    Remember, hockey players carry a weapon with them on the ice. If you remove fighting from the sport and the frustration level boils over on the ice, will the weapon be used?

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      I think the same thing about a batter in a slump… as he approaches the plate… wouldn’t it get his team some serious momentum if he just came out to the mound and took a whack at the pitcher?

      Then I recall Jose Offerman.

      The fact that they carry a stick is no excuse. You’re implying that it’s commendable that players throw the stick down and take their gloves off before they fight- and ALSO saying that if fighting is banned that these players would swing STICKS at eachother?

      That’s either the most absurd pro-fighting argument I’ve ever heard yet… or possibly an easy way to determine how to weed out a large amount of chemical imbalance from the genepool.

      • BlackhawkTom

        I wasn’t implying that it’s commendable for hockey players to fight. You cannot compare baseball and hockey in this instance. Your comparing apples to oranges. The physical contact between baseball players is minimal to none. Baseball players do not bang each other into the boards constantly. Is it better to get hit in the head with a fist or a hockey stick? If you think there aren’t going to be any stick swinging incidents AFTER fighting is banned, I say your living in fantasy land. I wasn’t referring to some kind of momentum changing event. All I was asking is if 2 guys are going at each constantly all night long on the ice and the frustration level boils over with either of them and they are not allowed to fight, will they use the stick to get even?

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Thanks for missing my point, yet making it.

        In Football, there’s an ample amount of physical contact… guys “going at it”, yet fighting is not allowed. The fact that Hockey players are carrying a stick is wholly irrelevant.

        That’s like saying “we went hunting, but I didn’t kill anything, and you ticked me off, so I shot you in frustration instead”.

        What you’re saying is that hockey players should be allowed to fight because they’re out-of-control ogres that would try to kill eachother with sticks if they couldn’t drop gloves. I sincerely hope that’s not the case.

      • Spoon

        “That’s like saying “we went hunting, but I didn’t kill anything, and you ticked me off, so I shot you in frustration instead”.”

        ^ pretty much sums it up…

  • Dr that doesn't help people

    I’m a PhD but can soap get dirty?

  • Pulseczar

    Your [sic] gay- stop talking hockey!

    My son will be 5 on St. Pat’s Day. He loved the Bulls’ green unis last night. Grandma bought him a black Derrick Rose “official” jersey for his bday. Now he wants a green one but his favorite color is red. The conflicted mind of a pre-schooler…

    He didn’t like the “tall guy from the dunk contest who kept changing shoes” blocking all of the Bulls shots however.

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    Very sad story from baseball.
    The Coach in the Atlanta Braves organization who was hit by a liner last week has had to have his left eye removed in surgery.

    Time for Bud to ban line drives.

    • Pulseczar

      Or switch to Nerf balls. Imagine the endorsement possibilities.

  • Dr. Gonzo

    consequences dictate my course of action

  • Jon, Montgomery

    does anybody else have a problem with what the sox are going to do to end spring training? they’ve said they will be running the last couple weeks of spring training by putting out their regular lineup. personally, i think, (even though you risk injury), that it’s a good idea, BECAUSE of the slow starts the sox have had in aprile over the past seasons, i think it’ll be good to get things going early. now, will it carry over when they come back to the cold chicago weather? we’ll see, as that’s the aspect which i believe is the real problem with their slow starts.

    if only it was 80 degrees for every regular season game, then we could be good for the entire season.

  • Mike in Milwaukee

    Put some money on Belmont tomorrow

  • Jon, Montgomery

    i just glazed back through all the posts, not even one bulls thought.

    have they gotten so good that we just don’t even notice them anymore?

    i mean, we’ve talked about them in the past few days, but i was expecting some congrats for them being first place in the east.

    i’ll do it now, congrats Boo!

    • bigtime sucker

      YESTERDAYS GAME WASN’T NEWS WORTHY the first place thing was but the game was GLAH

      • bigtime sucker

        i meant blah and that’s not a bad thing, they were supposed to win by about 20 if not more and they did
        the interesting thing is they held wizards below 80 pts and thibs said the defense stunk. i wonder how much longer BEYOND this special year that will fly

      • Jon, Montgomery

        well, maybe bernsy should actually produce a blog that actually provides how good he thinks the bulls are. all he does on the radio is say that they’re a good team and let the callers give their opinions.

        cut the c.r.ap bernsy and make a point, and take a stance on where you think the bulls are compared to the rest of the teams in the NBA.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    i always laugh at the term ‘internet tough guy’.

    are we really willing to fight over a few shared thoughts over the internet? lol

    • M. Night Shamalamadingdong

      Who the F do you think you’re talking to??? I’ve been a (redacted) fan for (redacted) years, way before you – Jon from Mont DUMB ery. You’re not a true fan.

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    All the chatter about “braces” previously on the blog coupled with tomorrow being St. Patrick’s Day reminded me of one of my favorite Irish one-liners:
    How do you define Irish-foreplay?
    “Brace yourself Bridget.”

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