Fees Going Up For Chase Bank ATMs

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Chase has more ATMs in Chicago than any other bank, and if you don’t have an account with Chase, using them will cost you more.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports, users with accounts at other banks can expect to pay $5 to make a Chase ATM withdrawal.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports

The only exception is Chase ATMs at Walgreens stores, which will cost $3. That is the same as non-account-holders pay to use Bank of America ATMs.

Chase, according to experts, is testing the waters to see what consumers will accept in terms of fees.

Banks are trying to cut losses from new regulations on debit card purchases and overdrafts.

  • NO to 4 More

    “Banks are trying to cut losses from new regulations on debit card purchases and overdrafts.”

    Ahhh yes, they must be referring to the “messiah’s” reforms to “help” consumers!!!! Another feather in the cap for this administration!!!

    • Also fed up

      You do mean another feather in the doo rag don’t you?

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Racist comments about obama, shocking. I guess I’d be bitter too if I was picking up trash on the side if the highway as a job.

      • The Truth

        Another job that obama’s not qualified for.

  • NO to FEES

    “Chase, according to experts, is testing the waters to see what consumers will accept in terms of fee.”

    Ahhhh, yes, how about telling the banks NO MORE FEES. It’s our money we’re letting the banks hold on too! Why let them charge us for taking it out?

    • D

      I do believe it is not your money they are holding “on too”. If it was it would be free to take it out. Another bank is holding “on too” your money.

  • seesno

    Totally agree with the first comment. How the Hell do you get off charging us to get OUR money from the bank. I’m sorry that you have to adhere to regulations that don’t allow you to charge us for nothing, but that doesn’t mean you get to find creative ways to charge us.


    • Regie

      Open an account with Chase and you won’t have to pay fees.

  • margaret

    Really, come on, the banks insisted they needed to hold down costs by installing ATMs. Thsi would help them by keeping their employee costs down. After everyone was sold on the idea (to save the banks money), they then started charging fees for the ATMs, because, they had to install and maintain them they said, what about all the money they saved in teller costs? Now they say they need to charge higher fees because they are “losing” money by not charging exorbitant fees for using your debt card at a merchant. When did it become okay for the banks to charge us over anbd over again to obtain our own money? The original thought behind banks was you let them hold your money and loan it to other while they held it. They keep the interest they obtain from loaning it out, but you supposedly can get your money when you want. They want to loan my money, keep the interest, charge merchants fees when I buy something, and charge me fees when I want my own money. How is this suddenly the Obama administrations fault? Because they want the banks to stop doing this to me and you. The banks have sure pulled the wool over some people’s eyes!

    • NO to 4 More

      Easy answer…………………..the same way that “obamacare” has caused health insurance costs to skyrocket!! His administartion did NOTHING about safe-guarding against loop-holes to prevent this stuff!!! You want to argue about his energy policies also. Here’s a hint “energy costs will NECESSARILY go up”. Mind you, ALOT of these banks got billions in bail-outs and their idea of a thankyou to the taxpayers is to bend us over!!

      • Huh?

        So you’re upset that the Obama administration is putting in regulations, but you’re also upset that they didn’t put in enough regulations to prevent these loopholes. Okay, you’re a “moran”.

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        Dont hurt yourself trying to figure out ‘dumb’. It’s a wasted effort.

      • NO to 4 More

        @ HUH??……………………..listen genius. If the administration wanted to implement new regulations, maybe, just maybe they should have invested more time into what the consequences of these actions might have been!!! Then again I’m sure you agree with “passing the bill to know what’s in the bill”mentality! I

  • Howard Duck

    If people are willing (and foolish enough) to pay ATM fees, I see no problem here. If you are fiscally responsible and mindful, it is not difficult to avoid paying bank fees or credit card fees. If you are fiscally irresponsible, you will pay the price.

    Sit down and take the time to create a budget for all of your expenses, and you will know where you stand fiscally; you will know what you need to save and where you need to cut.

    And if you don’t pay attention (to just how much you are overpaying for services), your money will be spent for you.

    • NO to FEES

      It’s not just ATM fees. Remember you use to get cancelled checks? Now, you pay a fee if you want them. What about minimum balances that you need to have or get charged? How about when you don’t use your debit card enough times a month you can get charged. Or if you don’t direct deposit you can incur a fee. The point is and it’s in this blurb of an article. They are testing the tolerance level of consumers to fees, that’s the bottom line. I can honestly say that I’ll drive out of my way to get to my bank atm to avoid paying a fee, it’s the principle of it.

    • john allen

      A bank is a business..if you dont like it, go back to keeping cash under the mattress and stop using bank services and luxuries they offer.

      • dana

        John Allen,
        Yes the bank is a business, but it should not be a Loan Shark!!!

  • jesse jr.

    insurance went up BECAUSE OF ALL THE LAYOFFS,

  • Lessss

    The solution is simple, DON’T use a Chase ATM

    • Dana

      Your right, I not only sold my Chase Stock, & closed my Chase Checking. I also canceled my Chase Credit Card. My Wife, mother in law, brother and sister are doing the same.

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