Man Hires Prostitutes, Tells Wife He Was Kidnapped

ORLAND PARK, Ill. (STMW) — A 32-year-old southwest suburban man is facing a felony charge after allegedly paying a man and woman to have sex with him, then telling police and his wife he’d been kidnapped.

Geries Fakhoury of 9418 John Humphrey Dr. in Orland Park is facing one felony charge of disorderly conduct after telling police he was threatened by two strangers in his driveway after returning home from work.

According to Fakhoury’s initial report, a man and woman held a screwdriver against his back and forced him to drive to a bank on 143rd Street and withdraw $800.

Fakhoury also told police the man and woman made him smoke crack cocaine in his car, then forced him to strip to his underwear after the three returned to his home. Fakhoury later admitted fabricating the story.

His wife told police she awakened to find her husband and a strange man, both in their underwear, standing in her bedroom. The other man, she told police, was holding a pipe in one hand and a screwdriver in the other.

The wife told police she began screaming in Arabic that she wanted to call the police, but her husband initially told her not to. The wife later told police the strange man told her husband he wanted to have sex with her. She started to hyperventilate, then lied about having asthma, and the other woman told the man to leave her alone, police said.

The man and woman left shortly after midnight, taking Fakhoury’s wallet, car keys and garage door opener, according to police. After they left, Fakhoury’s wife called police, who stopped the man and woman at 143rd Road and LaGrange Road.

Police identified them as 35-year-old Shina Tousant and 49-year-old Thomas Chatham, both of 1304 S. Tripp St. in Chicago.

They told police they knew Fakhoury and he had called them twice around 10:30 p.m., which police confirmed by reviewing cell phone records.

Police found small fragments of what they suspected was crack cocaine in Fakhoury’s car along with a plastic bag of marijuana. While searching the car Chatham and Tousant were driving, police found $800 in cash and Fakhoury’s wallet and car keys.

Tousant has been charged with misdemeanor counts of prostitution and theft. Chatham was charged with one misdemeanor count of prostitution.

  • Rob131

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • Tom

    He had to come up with something…………

  • Evergreen Park

    Damn how wasted do you have to be to think anyone would buy that story?

  • Beware Of The Darks

    I feel dirty, like I need a shower.

  • Joe Patroni

    This is creative and gave me a great chuckle. Who doesn’t need one these days. Anyway, with Cook County’s newly implemented FELONY PRISON AND COURT DIVERSION program (for coddling criminals) this fellow’s case will be dismissed. No more crime deterrents in Cook County.

  • Nobody Jean


    No doubt you are reading this article about you and your husband. I am so sorry for what has happened to you and I hope that things get better for you very quickly. It appears that you and I both have not had such good husbands as I sort of have a similar story.

    I am just a nobody named Jean and the man that I am currently married to (although we are divorcing) was also unfaithful (had sex) with “unworthy” women.

    He describes one encounter as being “raped” during a home invasion. He has at times told me that he has blocked out the event because that’s what he said rape victims do.

    He describes another as being the victim of a sexual predator who “preyed” on him – “played” him. He goes on to say that her crotch smelled so badly that he started to dry heave, so he “faked” it and left her house. Again, telling me that he blocked it out because he said that’s what victims do.

    His explanations, comments and statements are insensitive, hurtful, insulting, mean, cruel and inhumane, and especially so to REAL victims of crimes. Funny how he actually views himself as one when tragically so many people truly are.

    To make matters worse, less than a month after we were married in August of 2009, he then committed domestic violence (I am still being treated for those injuries). Sadly, because we weren’t taking our honeymoon until October (also of 2009), we had to cancel our honeymoon (among many other hopes, dreams and plans that we had as newlyweds).

    I am hoping that I will adequately recover from my injuries and that my future will at some point include a wonderful man who will love me deeply, and keep me safe and free from harm.

    I simply can’t believe what has happened to me in my life!

    • Quetta

      @N.Jean He’ll get his, don’t worry! And this is one of the craziest stories I have ever heard!!!!!

  • Tony P.

    Sounds like one of those drug induced good times turned into a real world hell. Goofy story, but also very sad. Stay away from the hardcore drugs. They will whack you out of reality.

  • righttrack

    So why isn’t Fakhoury being charged with lying to the police/falsification???

  • E to the Z

    These stories are fabricated by the Orland Park Police department…why post a story about a man that has not been convicted??? are we not in this great country innocent until proven guilty?

    • me

      I doubt it is false, check other websites, he admitted to making the whole thing up. It also clearly states, he fabricated it. He is also being charged.

  • unimportant

    he is an idiot, hopefully his wife gets on with her life and realizes what an idiot of a man she married.

  • Adel

    Listen people make mistakes I know the guy and he comes from a great family and yes he is very faithful to his wife that’s why she is still with him. When your in the wrong state of mind yes u intend to do stupid shi**** I believe people deserve a second chance so to the family that I actually grew up with and to the wounderfull wife he has god bless u wa inshallah everything gets better for u.

    • Adel is crazy!

      Really Adel? Really? This isn’t a mistake… it’s a HUGE RED FLAG waving in his wife’s face… the flag says “RUN — RUN — RUN”

  • Poor unsuspecting wife

    Hopefully the innocent wife is LONG GONE!!! GET AWAY WHILE YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE!!!!!

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