The expectations for the Chicago White Sox are high this season. The organization has already declared that they’re “All In,” in their pursuit of a championship.

As opening day quickly approaches, it’s a good time to take a look at what players will be keys for the White Sox competing for, and clinching an AL Central crown.

“I think the starting staff is going to kind of do what we feel like it’s going to do,” Joe Cowley, of the Chicago Sun-Times, said on the Danny Mac Show. “I’m going to take the [Jake] Peavy factor out of it, because obviously health is an issue with him, it’s something that will be watched…If everything stays fine, and there’s no setbacks health wise, I still think Matt Thornton is a huge key. Can he make them forget the ninth inning question mark or the bullpen by committee? I don’t like the bullpen by committee. I don’t mind certain matchups at times, but I think you need that one guy who knows that in the ninth inning it’s his.

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“Offensively, you know, you hate to put this on him this early, but you’re hitting Gordon Beckham second, after what happened to him last year hitting second…I think offensively he and Alex Rios are two of the bigger keys. I think Adam Dunn is going to do what Adam Dunn projects out to do. He’s going to strike out X amount of times, but he’s going to hit 35 to 40 homer runs, especially in that ballpark. I think everyone else has enough of a track record where you feel comfortable. To me, that number-two spot with Gordon Beckham is key. Because if he is what they think he is, and what he showed he was the second half of last year and when he first came to the South Side, then all of a sudden that lineup stretched out and looks a lot more dangerous.”

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