Pfleger’s Future In ‘God’s Hands’

CHICAGO (CBS 2) – His future is in God’s hands. Those words from Father Michael Pfleger to his congregation today concerning The Archdiocese’s plans to reassign the controversial Catholic priest. CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports while saying little publicly, Pfleger did give an indication of the argument he’s making to remain on the job.

“My desire is to remain at Saint Sabina, that’s my desire, that’s where I want to be, ” said Father Michael Pfleger.

Greeted with applause , Pfleger assured his South Side congregation he wants to remain their pastor. He also told parishioners whatever the outcome , Saint Sabina will remain strong.

“Saint Sabina will not fall apart or the community will not be devastated because of Mike Pfleger, ” he said.

At a traditionally sedate lenten mass in Bridgeport, Cardinal Francis George made no comments about a possible reassignment for the often controversial pastor.

In stark contrast, at roughly the same time Father Pfleger presided over a jubilant ceremony that is typical of St. Sabina and its mostly black congregation. It is a reflection of his nearly thirty years at the parish.

“In this country and in Chicago, African American churches are struggling to stay open, ” he said.

From the pulpit the priest who has been able to remain at one church far longer than most hinted at the themes that may be contained in a private letter he’s sent to the Cardinal.

“We have tried to present for the church universal that there is a model that is different that can work that will feed people and allow people to feel empowered, ” he said.

Often outspoken on issues of gun violence and social justice, Pfleger is reportedly being asked by The Archdiocese to take over the presidency of nearby Leo Catholic High School . It’s little consolation to Parishioners who pray he remains.

As further proof that Saint Sabina has been an exceptionally successful parish under his leadership, Pfleger reminded the congregation the church has been financially sound since his appointment in 1989.

  • P

    Hey Cardinal George, If you think this guy would benefit Leo H.S., then move him. You have moved other beloved priests from their parishes with no questions asked of parishoners. This priest runs to the Media and you back right off. Do your job.

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    “I’m white…I’m entitled.”

  • Philip J. Wayne

    It is time for him to go …..he needs to be subject to the same rules and limited terms that everyone is subjected to. Christ is suppose to be the center of the Church…not Michael Pfleger. He is a strange person who appears to teach about Christ….but it is all about Michael Pfleger …….I question his relationship with the Nation of Islam …..what is that all about Michael……a number of years ago I was at one of his services where he called Nicole Simpson, murdered wife of OJ Simpson….white trash….that was enough of him for me……Christ would never say anything like that. It is time to get rid of your license plate which has Pfleger on it ……Time to give up the pulpit.

  • MAC

    Fr. Pfleger is a deeply committed priest who truly loves his parishioners and his community which have serious needs. His work on their behalf on all sorts of spiritual and social issues has been impressive. He is a rock in the community and on much of the frequently forgotten south side.

    I would ask Cardinal George to reconsider moving him to the principal-ship of St. Leo. He cannot be anywhere near as effective in that position as he has been at St. Sabina’s. His parish needs him. The state of the economy is still very bad, job loss is particularly high for blacks, and despair is close at hand.

  • swizzle

    “In gods hands?” I wouldn’t put much faith in a God who just slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Japanese.
    I fail to see the love and compassion in that.
    Maybe he should put his faith in his own work and efforts and stop relying on a ficticious god that really does nothing but murder his own flock, lmao

    • Brian

      How does a “fictitous” anything murder people? Your statement seems to contradict itself as if you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Ian

    Being different…outspoken…successful…committed and firmly focused on bettering the social, economic, pastoral and faith conditions of ANY geographic area or defined community – regardless of ethnicity – will always invite negativity and comments of how and where “so and so” has failed or fallen short. Perhaps we should bear in mind that no historic leader in any century past or present equates effort and commitment with perfection. We are on the journey towards…we have not arrived. Is any leader’s imperfection grounds for negating the possibility of positive growth that might come from his/her effort and commitment? If changing Pfleger would bring about a more positive change and growth in the neighbourhood and the faith community…then a change must take place. But before you advocate change, have you weighed up what you will definitely loose (proven history) with what you hope might happen in an uncertain future?

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