State Senator Seeks To Limit Attorney General

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WBBM) — An Illinois state senator wants to make sure the attorney general doesn’t argue cases where there’s a conflict of interest, but he faces an uphill battle.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Alex Degman reports, state Sen. Dale Righter (R-Mattoon) says Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan frequently takes a public stance on an issue, then argues for the other side when it’s brought to court.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Alex Degman reports

“In terms of public confidence in what she does in representing state agencies, it’s important that we do something to try to mitigate what appears to be a serious conflict of interest, and that’s what we’re driving at here,” Righter said.

Righter’s legislation would require the attorney general to appoint a special assistant attorney general to any case with perceived conflict of interest situations.

The special assistant attorney general would come from within the state agency in question.

But the attorney general’s office says it is the AG’s constitutional responsibility to represent such agencies.

Righter’s bill failed to advance from a Democratic-controlled committee.

  • bob

    Lisa Madigan’s job is to dole out power for her father MIcheal Madigan. You don’t vote the way he wants on an issue, Lisa starts an investigation. He needs campaign contributions and someone’s under investigation, he gets it stopped. She ended the investigations against her father. She tried to take over the Blago investigation but Fitzgerald told her to butt out. Had she taken over the Blago investigation, Blago’d still be in there.


    Lisa …does her best work under the desk…she is nothing but daddys puppet, if her name was not madigan or his daughter she would be a bimbo waitress at Dennnys… how come she nevers finds corruption in the madigan, daley machine…..cause daddy told her to go back and play with her Barbies…

  • Jim

    She does what her daddy tells her to and is completely worthless to the citizens of Illinois. Moving here from another state our attorney general actually worked for the people and kept taxes low, fought corruption, etc; so it’s shocking to me that she actually has a job outside of McDonald’s. In the average workplace this would be considered a major conflict of interest, but this is the state of Chicago so corruption is OK as long as we raise taxes to pay off unions and the poor.

  • Roberta Waker

    My big concern is that she is more than willing to turn over the names and other info on FOID card holders in the state of Illinois to the AP. WHY would the Associated Press, which is a news media, NEED such information? Seems to me this would be a violation of the Privacy Act, which she has sworn to uphold. She has done some good, but nowhere near as much as she could for the citizens in Illinois. Maybe it’s time for her to retire; but she won’t do that unless we vote her out

  • Chris

    Well, if thousands upon thousands of illegals and dead people weren’t allowed the vote in this pathetic state, we might just get rid of a LOT of these buffoons…

    Ah, what a crooked state we see when Democrats are continually allowed to thieve.

  • get it????

    ” GEE Daddy!!!! I want to be ATTORNEY GENERAL!!!! Please Daddy???? PLEEEEEEEEEASE????”

  • Gerald Spencer

    Does this mean that no Illinois senator introduces any legislation or votes on any legislation?

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  • Mr Voter

    my daddy got me this job naw naw… ….close your eyes to dadddy and daleys corruption on going scams…..

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