Role players are as important to any championship contender as the starters are, and for the Chicago Bulls, there is little drop off when the bench players enter the game.

“It’s because of their chemistry,” Chuck Swirsky, from the Bulls radio network said on the Danny Mac Show. “I know we through that word around a lot in sports, but it’s true. These guys have formed a bond, Carlos Boozer calls it the ‘second wave.’ And the reserve players, they don’t even like to be called reserves, they call them the ‘mob bunch.’ You have Ronnie Brewer and C.J. Watson, arguably two role players in the NBA, but they feed off each other because…Ronnie Brewer runs without the ball, on the baseline, better than any player I can recall right now in the NBA, in his role. And by that I mean he’s roaming around underneath the basket, looking for alley-oop dunks, looking for backdoor cuts and it’s been very effective.

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“You have [Kyle] Korver coming off the bench…When he’s on, coming off those curls and screens…he’s very very effective. So when you get guys to buy into what they’re doing, along with Omer Asik, then I think it’s very productive, along with [Taj] Gibson coming off the bench. There are a couple other clubs that have deep benches, but as far as how this club is playing right now, the Bulls’ reserves, I mean they’re clicking.”

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