Controversy Brewing At City Colleges

CHICAGO (CBS) — A controversy is brewing at Chicago’s City Colleges after a multi-million dollar spending spree, by their new chancellor, on new administrative hires and consultants and not on students, supplies or scholarships.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine finds that last years hiring records during the campaign to ‘Reinvent the City College’ system to produce graduates for a new economy show dozens of new hires, many six figure salaries, and millions in consultants’ contracts.

There are a 120,000 students attending the seven city colleges; earning associates’ degrees as well as certificates in various specialties.

How do students feel about those new administrators and consultants?

City college student Jose Estrada thinks, “They should spend that money on scholarships. things we as students need.”

City college student Sean Lamina said, “we got other stuff that could help us, like school stuff, computers breaking down all the time. thats not good.

John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute said, “They’re spending an awful lot of money on consultants, on branding and communications, reasonable things to do, but it seems to me you gotta fix the product first.”

A product which leads to degrees or certificates for just 7 percent of students who enroll.

“I know we can be doing much better,” says Chancellor Cheryl Hyman who spoke with CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman back in January. The closest we got when we asked to talk about the new hires, was what we believe was her car illegally parked outside the the loop headquarters.

And a driver who scurried out to move it after they saw us taking pictures.

We also got a written statement about “investments to better serve our students….(which) pale in comparison to the tens of millions in savings.”

Among those new investments:

The Chancellor’s chief of Staff, ($120,000) and 2 Vice Chancellors for Instutional Intelligence ($135,000) and business enterprise. ($150,000)

“I think its fine they’re working on these things, they want to reinvent administration but i think a little more energy oughtta be going to the classroom,” Tillman added.

We had lots of questions about both the new positions and some of the people who filled them. But Chancellor Hyman’s $87,000 a year spokesman, another new hire, told us, there’s no story here.

In a statement Monday, the City Colleges said they were “investing in the reform of a half-billion dollar institution which serves 120,000 students,” and as part of a plan to reinvent the City Colleges, a handful of senior-level positions and consultants have been added “as investments.”

The City Colleges also released a list of changes that reduced or controlled spending, including centralizing back-office functioning, cutting travel by 40 percent, eliminating most company credit card use, and beginning a zero-based budgeting policy so that spending can be examined line-by-line.

  • Jim

    Friends and family need 6 figure jobs more than kids need scholarships. The biggest lesson the kids at this school will come out with is it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know. This is the way that Illinois runs kids!

    • SOS

      The regularly scheduled monthly Board Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Community College District No. 508, County of Cook and State of Illinois, will be held April 7, 2011, at Olive Harvey on the 1st floor lobby.

      All individuals that would like to address the Board during public comment portion of a board meeting should email Your subject matter must be included in your request. You may also fax your request to 312.553.2529, Attention: Board Office.

      Don’t let this meeting intimidate you. You have a right to be heard.

    • SOS

      BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter Nov 1, 2010 – SunTimes

      “City Colleges get go-ahead for ‘hostile takeover’ of Harold Washington center ”,harold-washington-takeover-110110.article

      The Chicago City Colleges on Monday got the go-ahead – and the $1.8 million city subsidy it needs – to proceed with a “hostile takeover” of former Ald. Dorothy Tillman’s signature project facing foreclosure: the Harold Washington Cultural Center in Bronzeville.

      Tillman, whose daughter oversees the non-profit that runs the 1,000-seat auditorium at 47th and King Drive, denounced the vote by the City Council’s Finance Committee as both illegal and ill-advised.

      The former alderman argued that the $1.8 million subsidy was “illegally taken out” of the Bronzeville tax-increment-financing (TIF) district “under cloak of darkness” without public input or prior authorization from the city’s Community Development Commission.

      “This money was illegally taken out without the community knowing to give City Colleges the money to purchase our building. It makes no sense when City Colleges is in major default right now. They have closed Olive-Harvey nursing school in the black community. They’re closing it at Kennedy-King. They have been eating from the trough of TIF over and over again and they still have the same problems,” Tillman said.

      “I don’t know what’s the big rush-why you’ve got to give City Colleges this money. Our [foreclosure] process has to be played out in the court….Tobacco Road has run a great center. A lot of theaters in this country and this city have gone through changes. …What I’m doing is fighting for a community that’s dying down there.”

      Jimalita Tillman, executive director of Tobacco Road, noted that all seven Chicago City Colleges have their own theaters with state-of-the-art equipment, but they’re “under-utilized and under-staffed.”

      “They have a difficult time managing their own theater arts programming. I find it alarming that, now they want to come and take our facility,” Jimalita Tillman said, warning of “major legal recourse.”

      Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd), who made the center’s troubles a campaign issue against Dorothy Tillman in 2007, said the Tillman family has had long enough to stave off foreclosure.

      “This has been going on for almost two years. Now we need to just turn the page, look towards the future and do something positive with that facility, which is really the catalyst for the whole redevelopment of 47th Street,” the alderman said.

      Without a city-subsidized takeover, Dowell warned that the center built with nearly $9 million from Chicago taxpayers could fall into the wrong hands.

      “That could be a strip club. It could be a Church’s Fried Chicken. It could be a church. That corner, which is an historic, important corner in Bronzeville, needs to have a cultural center,” she said.

      The Chicago Sun-Times reported in mid-September that Daley wants to give City Colleges $1.8 million in TIF funds to purchase the center and turn into an education and performing arts center, complete with a student-run jazz and blues-themed restaurant and a museum celebrating the rich history of Bronzeville.

      The latest in a string of controversies surrounding the theater that Tillman hoped would anchor a “Chicago Blues District” along 47th Street was triggered by a $1.3 million foreclosure lawsuit filed last year by the now-shuttered ShoreBank.

      That put Tobacco Road in default of a grant agreement that provided city funds used to build the facility.

      Armed with an independent audit, the Daley administration further accused the center of falling more than 200 events-a-year short of its booking obligations. Tillman flatly denied the charge.

      On Monday, City Colleges officials told aldermen they intend to consolidate the system’s performing arts programs into the Bronzeville venue.

  • Private

    I survived teaching for City Colleges. The only way to “reinvent” administration is to fire them all and start from scratch. The system is rife with bureaucracy and cronyism, and the environment in my college was cynical and anti-intellectual. I had tenure but left and took a chance at a new institution because the concerns and ideas of the professors were routinely ignored.

    I believe in the possibilities of City Colleges – but until the administration actually gets its priorities straight, those possibilities remain theoretical.

  • Charles

    If you want the detailed truth about the questionable practices of Chancellor Cheryl Hyman check out

  • Hrroshty

    This money that is being spent foolishly is taxpayers money and should be used for students not on consultants or other people or items.
    Charles we do not want to find out the personal life of the chancellor, we want to find out where all this taxpayers money is going and for what reason.
    Are students well served? How are the computers running? Who need scholarships right now that the economy is crubling and minoritiies need more help with their education.
    Remember that we are dealing with the future of a lot of students who need help right now.

    • Anon

      To help Charles out. The SaveCityColleges blog actually spells out where some of the tax payer money is going. It has all of the letters that are circulating the city colleges at the moment that detail some of the expenditures.

      • You Pay for Cheryl Hyman to Learn the Ropes

        The reason Cheryl Hyman will not talk to Jay Levine is that she is PRACTICING for the interview with an executive coach that your hard earned tax dollars pay for..see City Colleges of Chicago board report 30441. July 14, 2010 at the whopping tune of $112,800.00. Crazy, huh?

      • Charlene Jackson

        Exactly, she can only speak if she is scripted. She calls these new hires an investment. Yeah, an investment in patronage!

  • Dave

    I’m currently living in the Phoenix area and here in Maricopa County we just had the same thing happening. The junior college system is run by the county and like the City Colleges of Chicago, money was spent frivolously and foolishly to satisfy the so-called “administrative services” which for all intents and purposes never went to cover for textbooks, computers, etc. So you see, this is a nation wide situation that needs to be addressed. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thank you for allowing me to post my views.

  • HelpCityColleges

    Cheryl Hyman was positioned at City Colleges by Frank Clark – ComEd President. It was simply on a political favor – not based on qualifications. I did review the site: SAVECITYCOLLEGES.BLOGSPOT.COM and it does shed light on the mishappenings and wrongdoings at City Colleges of Chicago. She had a great “story” – runaway student from City Colleges now Chancellor….it was developed to make Chicago taxpayers “feel good” about her possibly helping other City College Students…. well the students are the only person not getting the benefits from her being there. She reduced spending by taking away the student international abroad trip to provide her consultants and REinvention team with travel allowances and 6 figure salaries. If we put qualified educators in leadership roles in educational institutions…none of this would ever happen. Check out SAVECITYCOLLEGES.BLOGSPOT.COM to learn more about her wasteful spending and how students are not benefiting from her being there.

    • Tommy Bucks Really?

      Tommy Bucks Hyman? Common now.. shouldn’t you be working on student success factors vs. checking the comments on this site? Only middle managers do things like that… at least you can “try to act like” you are a Chancellor.

      • Wish I could make 100K

        Tommy you are checking this site-what are you? One of Cheryl Hyman’s six figure puppets???

  • tom sharp

    The City Colleges with Chico and Hyman in charge are just the latest proof that the media’s love affair with Mayor Daley and proclaiming him “The Education Mayor” is way off base. Chico did nothing at the Chicago Public Schools but bust unions, put City Hall cronies into administrative jobs, and fire teachers. Everyone in the media now admits that the schools are still a disaster, but somehow Chico and Daley get spared. Now Hyman and Chico again start with more cronies.and consultants. Check who gets what job, I’d bet a lot that the “new administrators and consultants” are long on clout and short on City Colleges experience. It’s time for the students, teachers and taxpayers to call Daley’s bluff.

  • Kim

    I am a student at City Collegs of Chicago and I am so glad someone is sheding light on this story… several key positions that impact students have been eliminated, we see all these “black flags” outside our schools with “Reinvention”..they are taking away our College logos and making them all look alike… the joke is we will have to wear “Reinvention” logos on our shirts soon vs. our college logos (like Wright College or Harold Washington College). We now have a mass graduation with only 4 tickets…. why? We use to shake the hands of our Presidents and feel great about our accomplishments. Now our Presidents have to reapply for their jobs to give them to people that do not have any education background and are politically connected. Now we see why we don’t have scholarships… it’s because the Chancellor needs a big Tahoe and pay her consultants and district staff big salaries… YES – it’s all about us…. the students. Rahm will get her.

  • Harold

    This new Chancellor is taking all the great programs from the urban communities (Nursing and Dental Hygene) and centralizing them to be “centers of excellence”… she is spending money on new logs – mass graduations – new office furniture for her new district Vice Chancellors – Security services – Big Security Door on her floor with Security – Reinvention Buildout at the district office – 100 year anniversary gala – hiring new consultants – and firing our Presidents that served students and hiring Daleys friends “Civic Consulting Alliance”. What a year… Rahm Emanuel – please save our Presidents and get a real leader with an education background in the Chancellor position. We had it before – we deserve it again. STUDENTS DESERVE IT.

  • Roosevelt Alumni

    I took courses at Harold Wash Coll in the loop and transferred to a 4-year school. While the junior college experience (computers and admin staff) was not a 5+-star service – neither was the price. I didn’t feel ripped off until I got to the 4-year U. Now that was a combination of uninspired, hostile and lazy admin staff and high tuition prices. The school in question – Roosevelt U in the loop.

    • Roosevelt Alumni2

      Im a Roosevelt Alumni too, and I earned an Associates from the City Colleges. I enjoyed my experiences from Roosevelt University. The Faculty I encountered are exceptional and superb, the staff I encountered were also pleasant and helpful. Some of the Administration at the time, so so… As for tuition, its relatively on par with other major University’s in the area.

  • Tina

    I work at City Colleges for 15 years and it’s the worst I have ever experienced with Cheryl Hyman being Chancellor…. It appears that this was planned for a very long time because big – major decisions were made very fast without the consideration of the community and the students that we serve. Cheryl’s lack of experience is not helping the students that were failed by the Chicago Public School’s system and their only option for success is City Colleges. She isn’t concerned with that population – the same population she came from. She wants high performing students that will gradute from programs to make her and her consultants get national attention – what ever happened to social justice?


    Why does the Chancellor needs a Cheif of Staff (that doensn’t live in the City of Chicago), Vice Chancellor of Security, 2 Vice Chancellors for Instutional Intelligence ($135,000) and business enterprise. ($150,000), Vice Chancellor Information Technology/CIO $150,000, Vice Chancellor-Strategy& Institutional Intelligence $135,000, Vice Chancellor Development $120,000, Chief Advisor to the Board of Trustees $110,000, District Director-Marketing & Public Relations $104,700, Director-Branding & Marketing (Communications) $85,000……

    I guess I know why she is firing the Presidents and changing their jobs – she needs to hire some more Vice Chancellors. GET IT? ITS ALL ABOUT “U” STUDENTS.

    • nevermore

      To be fair the Vice Chancellor of OIT and Development and the Executive Director of Marketing are legitimate positions with pay equivalent to the field they are in. Why there needs to be 3 Directors of Communications (Internal, External and the new job posting of Director of Marketing and Branding) on the other hand is completely idiotic. As well as the $400,000 to agency LimeGreen Entertainment and $100,000 to another agency for… marketing and branding (Reinvention and CCC Graduation).

      • Allen

        you have a good point. I would add though that the Vice Chancellor of OIT was recruited from the Chicago Public School systems. Was it a political hire or did he earned the position. I do not know, but we can ask faculty and staff of their I.T. experience in who work in the CPS system.. I think its generally common practice to hire a CIO with CIO experience in Highered..

  • Keisha

    I am a student at City Colleges and we have been trying to shed light on this issue for several months. After we met Chancellor Hyman at a student government meeting we were confused (her story in the newspaper didn’t match the person we met). She didn’t appear to be student focued and she was very mean to us… she was rolling her eyes and screeming at us. We wrote a letter to her and the college Presidents stating our disapproval of her and nothing ever happened…. Something needs to happen. She presented the “Reinvention” program to us and after that meeting we felt bad about being City College Students. The presentation showed how bad City Colleges of Chicago are comparing to other colleges. Wow – is this something students really needed to learn when we were excited to meet the new Chancellor? Then when she and the Presidents went into the community showing that presentation – we questioned what is this all about? It appears when you have improvement to make in an institution – you keep that message “internal” and you create an external message to state the good things the college is doing to recruit more students and to develop more partnerships with community members. Didn’t she learn this in business school at Northwestern?

    • Anon

      Never mind that the presentation data was not accurate at all and only the information that puts the worst light possible on the City Colleges is put out by the District Office. The Presidents were essentially forced to put that presentation on because the Chancellor is afraid to set foot at some of the schools.

  • Concerned

    I’m glad to see that this issue is getting some media attention. Please follow up with this issue.
    Please continue to investigate.
    Please ask the tough questions that administrators do not want to answer.
    Education is meant to revolutionize the mind.
    Lets get educated!

  • Kennedy King Alumni

    I had a great experience at City Colleges of Chicago. I graduated two years ago when Dr. Wayne Watson was Chancellor. My friends who are still there said things are very different now. They are scheduling a student protest in April and they are discussing if they should protest the graduation. I heard the new Chancellor needs control to the smallest level – she hasn’t made improvements at the colleges but she did create “GRAND” improvements at the district office. They have smartboards and Playstations at the District Office? We didn’t have that at our colleges? Wow – she is really student focused.

    • Anon

      Xbox 360 and Wii too if I remember correctly…..

  • Allyson

    Love the story Jay Levine…. keep up the good work!

  • StudentsofCCC

    Cheryl Hyman needs to go…. Cheyl Hyman needs to go……Cheryl Hyman needs to go…..

  • Private

    Are the Board of Directors aware of this? Are they getting kick backs? How are the Board of Directors and the Chancellor appointed? This is a shame… this needs more attention. I hate thinking about my tax dollars are being spent this way. These are hard times and our students deserves more.

    • Concerned Former Student

      The board of trustees is appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council. The chancellor is appointed by the trustees.

  • Olive Harvey Employee

    The employees of City Colleges are so glad that someone is sheding light on Chancellor Hyman. Please continue to provide the public with the information that we are fearful to share (because we do not want to lose our jobs). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • We feel your pain

    Hello – I live in N.Y. and we are experiencing the same thing with the Chancellor of our Public Schools. Sorry to learn how politics, greed, and corruption is poorly impacting students. Thanks for the story!

  • Investigation Needed

    It would be interesting to request FOIA for all employees hired since April 2010 (when she was employeed), their salaries, thier position, are they at the district or colleges. Is anyone doing an investigation?

    • Escaped CCC

      The board reports for CCC are located at . Each month they have a section called “PERSONNEL REPORT – GENERAL/ FUNDED” that is where the pay and location of employees are listed.

    • List of hirings/firings
      • SOS

        I just checked the 5mil salaries from the list located at–lJf5dGV5YjRGQ2VQRnUxd3JhV1E5ZXBpeVE&hl=en#gid=0 and the firings.

        Rahm…this is something to read (seriously).

      • Truth Is StrangerThan

        Actually the spreadsheet is misleading. Only 5 of the 54 employees listed in the spreadsheet worked at CCC for any significant length of time prior to appointment to their current job. In fact, the overwhelming majority of folks on this spreadsheet are incorrectly listed as having been a “previous CCC employee.” Truth be told, Ms. Hyman intentionally misled the board: first, she hired the new person at some exorbitant hourly rate for a few weeks to avoid
        the need for board intervention and to disguise their hiring as a “promotion of an existing employee” later…Next, she brought the “existing employee” before the
        board and gave them a “raise” to the tune of the annual salary listed in the
        spreadsheet. Pretty slick,huh? Shame on Ms Hyman!

  • Bright Idea - Not!

    How can someone hire so many new peoople at the district office and lay off so many people at the colleges and think this is contributing to student’s success? … not such a “Bright Idea” – go back to ComEd.

  • CCC

    The City Colleges of Chicago’s goal is to graduate a workforce that is prepared to compete in the global economy. Last year, we announced a plan to reinvent the City College system from top to bottom. As part of the reinvention, we are investing in the reform of a half billion dollar institution which serves 120,000 students. The handful of senior-level positions and consultants – including a full-time inspector general and investigative staff – that have been added pale in comparison to the tens of millions in savings we have accomplished this year without reducing instructional positions. We are putting the processes and people in place to see that every dollar is used wisely and furthers our goal of ensuring student success.

    In the last year, CCC has made investments to hold ourselves more accountable to taxpayers and better serve students, including:
    • Launched zero-based budgeting to scrutinize our own spending line by line
    • Centralized back-office functions (for example, security and technology) at the District office, eliminating redundancies and reducing costs by $30 million
    • Added 20 new student advisors, reducing our student to advisor ratio by 25%
    • Added 120 tutors and mentors
    • Added a student productivity technology suite, giving students free access to Microsoft Office applications
    • Invested in the training and involvement of faculty, staff and students in our change process to create a mechanism for continual improvement
    • Developing a new student wellness center
    • Developing activities to mark our 100th year anniversary in September 2011
    • Reduced travel by 40%
    • Eliminated credit card use by all but a handful of senior staff
    • Added a full-time inspector general and increased his staff to monitor CCC compliance
    • Launched a supply chain audit to make our service procurement more efficient

    These are just some of the important recent investments CCC is making in student services and that aim at holding the institution more accountable that were not included in the story.

    • Serious BS

      More Propaganda from the $100k Club

    • You are full of it

      Launched zero-based budgeting to scrutinize our own spending line by line (yeah right – by hiring more politically connected Vice Chancellors with jobs not impacting student success?)
      • Centralized back-office functions (for example, security and technology) at the District office, eliminating redundancies and reducing costs by $30 million (Cheryl is the only Chancellor that needed Security to pick her up from home, take her to lunch, and take her home… also to hire a Vice Chancellor of Security? Is that necessary? Building an expensive security door on your floor??? How much did that cost? )
      • Added 20 new student advisors, reducing our student to advisor ratio by 25% (of course you need to add new student advisors – because you did a mass layoff of 225 people before Chico ran for mayor.)
      • Added 120 tutors and mentors (Blahhh Blahh)
      • Added a student productivity technology suite, giving students free access to Microsoft Office applications (is this the expensive build-out at district and the expensive furniture your CIO have in his office?)
      • Invested in the training and involvement of faculty, staff and students in our change process to create a mechanism for continual improvement (justifying the consultants you hired… yeah yeah yeah)
      • Developing a new student wellness center (why? how is that going to help graduation rates)??
      • Developing activities to mark our 100th year anniversary in September 2011 (Yes the GRAND Black tie Gala is helping to drive student success!!)
      • Reduced travel by 40% (By eliminating the student Aboard Trip?)
      • Eliminated credit card use by all but a handful of senior staff (you got rid of the president’s cards – did you get rid of your card and the political connected staff?)
      • Added a full-time inspector general and increased his staff to monitor CCC compliance (IS the inspector general politically connected?)
      • Launched a supply chain audit to make our service procurement more efficient (Blahhh blahhh – this is really student focused!! )

      • Red Tape

        • Launched a supply chain audit to make our service procurement more efficient (Blahhh blahhh – this is really student focused!! )

        It totally helps the students (read: sarcasm)… paper for the school (both toilet and for printing), paper clips, staples, ink, toner, general supplies now take 3 times longer to get due to this while giving a crony a new job in approving Every. Single. Purchase.
        Efficiency my eye.

    • Smoke and Mirrors

      Adding tutors and mentors are at little cost and each of the college’s have had to cut their budgets again to pay for district efforts.

      The cost of the MS Office suite is not outweighed by usage considering the district could promote free options at no expense to anyone (i.e., Open Office).

      For the 100th anniversary, the District Office should close to save the taxpayers money and allow the colleges to handle their own efforts.

    • tom Sharp

      Gee “CCC,” it seems none of the students there believe you! How do they know you’re lying? Your lips are moving and won’t identify yourself. Tell his dishonor da Mayor thanks for proving once again that patronage trumps education every time in Chicago!

    • SOS

      All the blah and blah from a District led by woman who filed for bankruptcy; smart. Where is that “Easy” button? Oh, probably in Dictator Hyman’s office. Force Presidents to provide a list of people to fire (Easy button hit). Dictator establishes a fancy slogan to cover chaos (Easy button hit). Presidents threatened to go along or get out (Easy button hit). Change President’s job description in the middle of an academic year (Easy button hit hard this time as she knows that will disrupt performance to achieve her plan). (Easy button hit). (Easy button hit). (Easy button hit).

      Blah and more blah.

  • Calling You Out

    Hey, “CCC”! Post under a real name so we can hold you accountable for your lies and spin doctoring!

  • Scared Employee

    This is an atrocity! Chainsaw Al as nothing on Chainsaw Cheryl!

    To think that the “reinvention” is meant to serve the interests of the politically connected while hiding behind false statements about putting students first is unbelievable! Check the facts. The current president of Harold Washington College, Mr. Don Laackman, was most recently employed by the Civic Consulting Alliance. His former boss, Brian Fabes, is the CEO of the Civic Consulting Alliance and served on the selection committee that chose Mr. Laackman as president. This is a serous conflict of interest.

    Additionally, almost all of the recent hiring of Vice Chancellors and district executives were done without posting the positions. The positions were filled with people who were promised the positions before the job was created. Many of the positions are referenced in a prior comment. Additionally, the collective higher education administration experience of all new hires is most certainly less than a few years. The positions were filled with either friends of Cheryl Hyman, friends of the Civic Consulting Alliance, former McKinsey & Company employees, or friends of the Mayor (from other City of Chicago agencies).

    Cheryl will say that this is not true or that there is no story here. However, the truth is only a FOIA request away.

    Staff are too afraid to speak to this publicly as an environment of fear and distrust has replaced an environment that was once collegial, cooperative and transparent.

    • We need your help Jay Levine!

      Wow – this needs more light Jay Levine!!

      • Spread the word, folks!

        I too think it’s a nationwide tendency, with the attitude thus: bailout (or subsidize) people who already have power and money. Who cares about the rest? Maybe it will stop when enough Americans realize the people who already have power and money don’t give a rat’s a$% about them. But then, that might require some of those Americans to think for themselves rather than listen to the lies provided as news.

    • Lynn T. Rabel

      Wow! Now we understand why mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is silent on this uproar…he has been instructed to be silent by his transition advisory team that is filled with CCA Civic Consulting Alliance employees….they wait in the wings with baited breath hoping he will give them jobs at City Colleges and other Chicago offices where cronyism is alive and well. Please stand up and keep your campaign promise, Rahm, to provide Chicagoans with school systems run by educators, not business people who only want to hire friends and family who lack the necessary skills as higher education consultants and employees. Our tax dollars pay their outrageous salaries for a job poorly done. Rahm where are you? We need you now…step up and ACT!

      • SOS

        Mayor Elect…WE NEED YOU!

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