Man Catches Brother Sleeping With Fiancee, Slits Cat’s Throat

JOLIET, Ill. (STMW) – A south suburban man, after learning his brother was sleeping with his fiancee, slit the throat of his brother’s cat, prosecutors said.

Sean Mulcahy, 31, of Homer Glen, was sentenced Wednesday to 30 months probation and 150 hours of community service for killing the cat after he discovered the sexual tryst.

Mulcahy pleaded guilty to a felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty in Will County stemming from the Aug. 5 incident.

Prosecutors, who had sought a 180-day jail term for Mulcahy, said he slit his brother’s cat’s throat as revenge for the affair.

Chuck Pelkie, a spokesman for the Will County State’s Attorney’s office, said Mulcahy was “enraged and intoxicated” when he committed the crime in the driveway of the home in Homer Glen that he was sharing at the time with his brother, Ryan Mulcahy.

Ryan Mulcahy reportedly found a pool of blood in the driveway and discovered his cat across the street in a ditch, Pelkie said.

Judge Edward Burmila set as conditions of Sean Mulcahy’s probation no alcohol, no pets and continued psychological treatment, Pelkie said.

Prosecutors had sought jail time based on a prior history that includes a 2002 conviction for criminal damage to property, and a 2009 conviction for reckless driving, Pelkie said. “They were concerned that it showed a violent tendency,” Pelkie said.

Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow wrote the law that raised animal cruelty from a misdemeanor to a felony, Pelkie noted, adding, “He is serious about prosecuting these cases.”

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  • Davidd

    That cat didn’t do anything to you, why didn’t you slit your own throat instead of a poor innocent animal.

  • Kill cat killers

    A real American hero. The cat was worth more than his miserable misfit life. Why didn’t your brother kill you? Born of the same ilk.

  • Nicole

    This saddens me. That is so un-fair to that cat and it makes me want to cry. I have animals, dogs and cats and would never want to think about that happening to them.

  • tom Sharp

    They did away with the death penalty too soon!

  • Randy Pantalones

    I’d like this guy to stop breathing all my air.

    Maybe 10 minutes in the tiger cage at the zoo?

  • Mike Stoddard

    he should have left the cat alone the cat did nothing and cat was inocent i have a cat at home and i’m a animal lover i think they need tougher laws on animal cruelty

    • Roberta Waker

      We DO need tougher laws on animal cruelty. He only got 30 months probation? What was the judge thinking? His next victim will probably be an innocent child because he has a problem controlling his temper AND he was intoxicated. Don’t these judges KNOW he is a threat to society? If he kills someone, I hope the family sues the judge and gets him removed from the bench. Michael Douglas was right when he said the Judges were out to lunch in the movie Star Chamber.

      • Bc Icedog

        You are right- Not all judges take animal abuse seriously nor do our Politicians- We need tough laws and tough judges who order psychiatric intervention for these indivuals capable of torturing animals. We need to educate everyone starting in Elementary School. Animal abuse is a result of serious psychiatric disorders that only escalates without intervention.

    • Jimmie Farley

      Yeah this dude belong’s in PRISON&until they stat putting animal killer’s behind bar’s it’s gonna keep happening!!!I hope somebody slit’s his throat one day!!!

  • billyd

    Enough with the lame-ass file photo clip art on these stories. If you don’t have a picture that’s actually part of the story, just tell the story without the picture. Pathetic.

  • Bill S.

    Did you see this guy’s mug shot in the Sun-Times? Looks like the guy who wants to run you off the road on I-55 … big, wide grin of smirking laugh he had on. I would hope the fiance gives him a Lorraine Bobbett (peenie chop) under the covers (if she has the sense to marry this dufus.

  • elizabeth carter

    you know he needed to get sentenced to jail time he’s showing violent tendencies and he has a troubled past, whats next him slitting the troat of his brother or someone else he feels wronged him that poor cat suffered and he should be punished accordingly it’s not fair what about the cats right to live gods watching and that cat was and is one of his creations so he’ll get his in the end

  • Amy

    Wow. That’s messed up. The cat didn’t do ANYTHING to the guy. The guy needs therapy…Or just give therapy to the whole family. Either way the cat isn’t to blame for said affair.

  • Vicky

    Poor cat! He would have been better off leaving with the cat and letting his wonderful ho fiancee be with his wonderful brother; they are a good pair.

  • Roberta Waker

    You are sick, sick, sick.

    • PeopleOfCookCo

      Who’s sick and why?

  • Roberta Waker

    Judge Burmila needs to be fired. To give a felon probation is inexcusable. Remember his name when it’s on the ballot for reelection.

  • t j h

    180 days is not enough in my opinion. i have a couple cats and any one did anything them form what i did will reap the just reward of such. what a jerk take it out on ur brother not an innocent animal. intoxicated or not…. you still knew what you where doing is wrong. a lifetime sentence isn’t enough. i hope you go to ****

  • Dan

    Wouldn’t it be an ironic twist if Sean was camping in the woods one day and he was attacked by a bobcat or something? But seriously what kind of brother sleeps with a woman his brother is engaged to marry? I’d like to see the home these misfits were raised in. Drama probably goes back a few generations.

  • Bc Icedog

    ANIMAL ABUSE IS CLOSELY RELATED TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE- Some states are now considering a Special Task Force to investigate animal torture and national animal abuse database- similar to a sex offender registry.
    Children who harm animals have a serious psychiatric disorder called CONDUCT DISORDERS and adults who commit these crimes have ANTI-SOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDERS. The psychiatric disorder causes them to commit other crimes-therefore intervention is necessary before they harm humans. We need to prosecute them the very first sign of animal cruelty. EDUCATING the public, law enforcement and Legislators is the answer.

  • Justice...

    If this guy were a minority I would read nothing but racist remarks……

    • Sam

      Appropriately so.

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  • David

    This story isn’t about the poor cat, it’s about the low life antics of the little fiance’.

    • David

      Sorry, meant little ho fiance’

      • Tina

        I fully agree, she should be flogged. Trash.

  • Jimmie Farley

    WRONG!!This story is about the cat!It’s about animal abuse!!!You probably think it’s okay he killed the little cat i guess?

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  • El Nacho

    I find animal cruelty as despicable as the next person, but all you people talking about the death penalty for it need to get a grip! How about the death penalty for eating hamburgers?

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