No Gas At 4 Tollway Oases

HINSDALE, Ill. (WBBM) — If your gas gauge is edging toward empty and you plan to jump on an Illinois toll road, you might want to gas up beforehand.

As WBBM Newsradio 780ā€™s Bernie Tafoya reports, gas stations are shut down at four Illinois Tollway oases Wednesday ā€“ Hinsdale, Lake Forest, Belvidere and DeKalb.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

An Illinois Toll Highway Authority spokeswoman says the gas station stores that had been run by Exxon Mobil are being switched to being run by 7-11, and there is no gas service while the swap is going on.

Computer systems and signage need to be changed, and 7-11-type products are being installed. The fuel sold will remain Exxon Mobil, though.

The changeover is supposed to go on through Thursday, so you can expect the other oases not to have gas service at some point too.

  • Don Keith


    • Tanya Livingston

      The Tollway Authority has nothing to do with this. This is just a new owner of a new gas station transitioning to her accounting system. If you received a violation notice for toll evasion (theft of services) you can contest it by mail or request an oral hearing. If you miss a toll, you have seven days to pay on-line. Real easy.

  • Rudy

    Don, is English a second language? No one knows what the heck you mean…

    • Suzie

      Rudy, you a funny peep!

      • jeff

        Yes Rudy has it right , English must be his 3rd language , because I don’t know what the Heck Don meant…

  • Classic !

    It is funny that in this day and age with computers pretty much running everything they still cant swith over “live” w/o problem…….
    “there is no gas service while the swap is going on.” Why could they not upgrade one site at a time ??? The money they losing on NOT selling gas has to be HUGE….. This probably jus an illinois thing I sure……..

    Good Stuff….

    • Bob

      Not really… the money they make on fuel is minimal. In fact, most only have the gas pumps as a convienience for patrons to pull over gas up, and bring them into what really makes them money… THE STORE!

      • jeff

        Awe Aunt Annies HOt Pretzels !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Patroni

    This is not the Tollway’s deal here. These are gas stations that happen to be located at the Oasis. The Stations are just changing hands and new owners need to implement new systems. That’s all. A business shuts down during a transition. No biggey. It’s too bad their not bringing back the Fred Harvery restaurant….that was a good buffet at the Lake Forest Oasis.

    • Jeff

      Yes the food use to be so much better at these Oasis’s .. they are still better then a lot of states ,, Fred Harveys was the best ..R

  • Jim

    Don’t worry, once the roads are paid for the tolls will be removed.

    • Joe Patroni

      Road or congestion pricing is the future. There is no way that gas taxes or general revenues can cover our complex network of road in a safe and adequate manner. Yew, in the late 50s officials did say that these highways would be “de-tolled” when the genral obligation bonds were paid. However, that was said during very very optimistic times when the US had virtually no industiral competition and when they said we would all be driving nuclear flying cars. It’s time to forgive our grandparents for making promises like that…well meaning but off.

    • LOTD

      Classic!!! Yes, just like the “temporary” income tax hike!!! And on that same magical day, the CPS will finally be funded by the lottery and our property taxes will go down !!! LOL!!!!

  • Hey Joe Patroni

    WHAT ? “A business shuts down during a transition” R u a complete doofus, I work in the loop, Good thing you and your outdated thinking dont…. .

    • Gas Man

      Joe’s correct. As an attorney who represents gas stations, they shut down and they change owners like constantly. It is complex with EPA issues, several taxing bodies, accounting systems, permits….it’s heavy duty stuff because of the inherent enviornmental issues.

      • jeff

        At very least they should have signs posted telling the motorists they are out of gas , I got off only to find no gas ..

  • tom

    I sure hope they run their toll way store alot better then the White Hen Stores 7 – 11 took over… Many of those stores went out of business……

  • Respect

    Illinois is the biggest piece of garbage state around. Today, CNN had an article that Detroit lost 25% of the population in 10 years. Chicago is headed down the same path if property taxes, corruption, The Machine, and fines and fees for any little offense continue.

    I cannot wait until the day they try to raise taxes again and nobody is around to pay them.

    I cannot wait until the day I don’t have to see another property tax, or fee, or stipend with the State of Illinois sticker on it again

    • jake

      Hey ,
      Lighten up !

      Just think how bad poor Michigan feels
      We are all in this together. It is still the USA

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