Teachers Question Spending At City Colleges

CHICAGO (CBS) — Teachers at the City Colleges of Chicago were expressing concerns on Wednesday about the leadership of top administrators.

As CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports, many teachers said they have no confidence in the chancellor’s office, citing millions of dollars in questionable spending.

So far, union representatives at individual City Colleges of Chicago have taken informal “no confidence” votes regarding Chancellor Cheryl Hyman. Those representatives were meeting at Malcolm X College late Wednesday afternoon to discuss a joint resolution to declare to send to the district office.

Meantime, some students also were voicing their own concerns about spending at City Colleges.

“There are many tutors that’s being cut from this whole spending process and they’re trying to make all the tutors online. I see a lot of disconnection with all the funds being misspent and students need this technology,” said Tamesha Carrol, vice president of student government at Malcolm X College.

“When our chancellor first came, she was talking about bettering schools. And it’s, like, hurting students because all the resources are fading away,” she added.

Much of the faculty is angry about spending at the district office. According to board documents, new hires total $3.63 million in funding and consultants’ contracts total $2.2 million.

“Meantime, they’ve cut back on student services, they’ve gotten rid of a lot of different deans that were here who’ve worked closely with the students.”

A Chicago media firm has gotten $500,000 for marketing and branding the campaign to “Reinvent the City Colleges” and another $54,000 for helping Chancellor Cheryl Hyman — who Mayor Richard M. Daley recruited from ComEd — to write and publish her vision for the future of the City Colleges of Chicago.

Hyman is already paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for communications staffers.

“You cannot run an educational system like ComEd,” said Malcolm X student Jokari Miller. “We see what’s wrong with ComEd, we see some of the problems that they had.”

But at least one faculty member said he was confident in Hyman’s leadership.

“I’m not going to say we are a perfect system. I have the utmost confidence in the chancellor and I believe she’s trying to move us forward,” City Colleges teacher Keith Jordan said. “In terms of the budget, I do not have that specific information before me, but I would have to say these issues that I’m hearing are really not new issues.”

Tuesday night, a City Colleges spokesperson denied requests to speak directly to Hyman. On Wednesday, similar requests were ignored.

The spokesperson also ignored requests for specific information on what taxpayers were getting for the $2.2 million in consulting contracts.

The City Colleges did issue a statement Wednesday that a new team has been put in place to further streamline the budget and make investments in students’ educational experience.

Officials said they have increased the number of advisors, tutors and mentors. They also claimed to have cut the budget by $30 million, which was puzzling given that budget documents showed a $50 million spending increase over last year.

  • cccprof

    The informal “no confidence” votes were collected by representatives of the faculty councils at the individual campus locations. While faculty council members are probably members of Local 1600, they are not functioning as union representatives when they are deliberating on faculty council matters. Afaculty council is not equivalent to a union. The meeting this afternoon at Malcolm X was attended by faculty representatives of the district-wide faculty council, NOT union representatives.

    • Confused...

      So the union does not support the faculty it represents?

      • some clarification

        Not in all cases. There are two faculty unions within the CCC, Full time and Part time. To be honest the union is almost all but useless in some of this since District Office hasn’t technically violated the contract for Local 1600 (yet). “Union representatives” is a joke all by itself. But we’re talking about District Office here not the joke of “union leadership.”

      • nope

        Here here, the 1600 union reps have at best played the role of hegemonic tranquilizer in the past year of outrageous “reforms”

      • cccprof

        My comment was intended to correct an error in the story. The story stated that the informal “no confidence” vote was conducted by “union representatives”. This is incorrect. The voting was conducted by the faculty councils of the seven colleges, not Local 1600. The meeting at MX today was a faculty council, not a union, meeting. This is no way implies that the union does not support its members. Local 1600 protects and supports its members in other ways. Union leadership protects and supports the faculty when it defends its members in matters where contract provisions have been violated.

      • Lawlz

        Tell that to the Local 1600 members (professional.. you know, the red headed step children of the Union that are grossly overlooked until it is time to vote on something) that were terminated back in October but thanks to the new staff at District Office not knowing about that thing called the Contract or Union bumping rights got brought back to bump less senior, and sometimes more competent staff. All of this after Glorious Leader Perry Buckley said “1600 will not get touched.”

        But enough of that.. back to the story at hand.

  • CCC

    The City Colleges of Chicago is investing in the reform of a half billion dollar institution which serves 120,000 students on 7 campuses and 7 satellite sites across the city. The handful of senior-level positions and consultants – including a full-time inspector general and investigative staff – that have been added are typical for a higher education institution of our magnitude, are part of fulfilling our commitment to hold ourselves accountable and do not come close to the millions that we have saved with reductions in the last year.

    In the past year, CCC has made investments to hold ourselves more accountable to taxpayers and better serve students, including:
    • Launched zero-based budgeting to scrutinize our own spending line by line
    • Centralized back-office functions (for example, security and technology) at the District office and eliminated redundancies, including reducing costs by $30 million
    o Reduced travel by 40%
    • Eliminated credit card use by all but a handful of senior staff
    • Added a full-time inspector general and increased his staff to monitor CCC compliance
    • Launched a supply chain audit to make our service procurement more efficient

    To better serve students, we have:
    • Added 20 new student advisors, reducing our student to advisor ratio by 25%
    • Added 120 tutors and mentors
    • Added a student productivity technology suite, giving students free access to Microsoft Office applications
    • Invested in the training and involvement of faculty, staff and students in our change process
    • Developing a new student wellness center
    • Developing activities to mark our 100th year anniversary in September 2011

    We are charged with the important goal of ensuring Chicagoans are prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow and that our city is positioned to compete in a new global economy. We take this mission seriously and are putting the processes and people in place to ensure every dollar is used wisely and advances this mission.

    • Bob Lew

      A correction and some questions for the CCC canned response team:

      The City Colleges of Chicago (District Office) itself is not accredited by HLC therefor it is INCORRECT to refer to the 7 CITY COLLEGES as “campuses” they are COLLEGES whether you want to admit it or not. And the satellite facilities are classified as Centers. The old description before the corporate takeover use to read “The City Colleges of Chicago consist of 7 separately accredited Colleges managed by a central office.”
      Reference – Higher Learning Commission website:

      Referencing the February Board Report (available to all since the CCC is a public institution at ccc.edu/brpublic ):

      Why is the CCC spending $890,117.00 on the an outside agency to redo the 8 City College web sites (7 Colleges + District)? Oh that is right, the CCC terminated a lot of the service people last October.

      Why is the CCC spending $500,000 on two ad agencies when they have a new Marketing Director at $130,000 to run the marketing staff. Never mind the new job posting for a Director of Marketing and Branding. Are these positions running no one? One would think that if you have directors you have people to direct.

      Looking at the change in location areas in the board reports why are service people essential to the managing of a college being transferred to the District Office and how is that helping the students?

      This is the big question that some one answered:
      Why is the CCC spending in excess of $300,000 on a search and screen team for the selection of the new Presidents at the 7 City Colleges. The previous method in which a president for a college consisted of: 2 members of the faculty, 2 students, 2 members of the community, faculty council leader, representatives from the unions and a whole host of people that were involved in the institution and community where that president served. This isn’t about redefining the president’s job description to basically say in writing what they all do. No, it is about getting rid of the Presidents who disagree with new policies and replacing them with “yes men/women” and getting the people displaced by the incoming Mayor jobs.

      All of this rhetoric about “saving money” when it takes several weeks to get supplies for the schools due to “new policies” and approval procedures. They are trying to say they are fiscally conservative (or trying to be) so why are we making purchases and setting new policies and worrying about “Image” when that money listed above could have been funneled into student programs, scholarships, staff AT THE COLLEGES, and technology AT THE COLLEGES instead of revamping a building that the 7 City Colleges truly does not need.

      Lastly, the 7% Graduation nonsense. I ask CBS to ask the CCC how they got that percentage and what they used as a comparison. Students, for the most part, DO NOT come to 2 year schools to earn a degree. They come to get comparably inexpensive credits in gen eds and possibly some career specific courses and transfer them to a 4 year.

      • Bob Lew

        I forgot to add one thing to this. Hopefully the CBS team has seen this and now hopefully any viewers that aren’t aware will see it. Within this blog there are “Open Letters” that have been written anonymously but factually correct detailing most of the new procedures and expenditures.


    • CCC Survivor

      That’s the same B.S. that you posted on the last article. Have a real conversation about the issues that are being raised. Or won’t Queen Hyman let you?

    • CCCstudent

      CCC says they are serving students. I can’t print my papers b/c there’s only 2 old copiers at my college – and they always jamming. Where’s the money for students??

    • Let's Tell the Truth

      All of the new advisors, tutors, and mentors were hired under a grant and are not being paid through CCC funds. The training and involvement of faculty, staff, and students in the “change process” is a joke. These were people who were hand picked with very little experience. I have been with CCC for over 15 years and I maybe recognized 5 of the 60+ names of the reinvention members. One would think that they would want to involve those with the most experience, especially since they have zero. Both them and the new high paid administrators at District spend most of their day calling the campuses asking people who do the real work mundane questions

  • Friend of OHC Faculty

    In the efforts of transparency, the CCC leadership should provide a detailed breakdown on their claim of “Centralized back-office functions (for example, security and technology) at the District office and eliminated redundancies, including reducing costs by $30 million.” Failure to do such shows that they are just spouting things without any credible source backing it up. Of course, they are not educators and would not know anything about providing sources.

    • Respondent

      Great point… Cheryl is quick to demand accountability from everyone else, but will certainly fail to be accountable herself. She also speaks of being data driven, yet there seems to be little data (or no models of this kind of extreme centralization) that support the decisions being made.


      I hate to see students lives being hijacked by thoughtless and emotionless business people like Cheryl.

  • anonymous

    Thank you for covering this story. Please do not stop. There IS a story here- keep following the money.

  • CCCObserver

    Thank you for covering this story. But dig deeper. Doesn’t anyone wonder how Hyman got her job? The woman cannot put together a grammatically correct sentence. She has said publicly that she earned a “Bachelorette ” degree. The City Colleges are far too important to those most in need, to allow this continual mismanagement to persist. Which consulting firms keep getting the contracts? How many of those consultant firm associates are on the CCC payroll? Hyman needs these consultants because she is completely unprepared for the duties of Chancellor. She suddenly went from managing 10 people to thousands? With no higher education experience on top of it! She is an embarrassment to the city and the City Colleges. We can only hope that our new Mayor will recognize this and appoint someone with experience and the ability to really reinvent the City Colleges. I think Hyman’s goal is to do as much damage as she possibly can prior to Rahm taking office and replacing her. Her days are numbered.

    • Observer 2

      It was reported that in a meeting of local businesspeople, that Ms. Hyman referred to Brian Fabes, CEO of the Civic Consulting Alliance, as the co-chancellor. The consultants are so deep into the operations that they are even given authority to the chancellor’s title.

      • Onmywayout

        What the heck is a co-chancellor? Furthermore, as a student I am interested to know what was her record if success or performance like at ComEd. I learning more and more about this reinvention stuff and am wondering what are here ideas based off of. From the little I know about her and have observed I don’t want to be anything like her after I transfer to IIT. If she is what CCC produces maybe I should go to Oakton or across town to Morraine Valley. She looks down on us like we are hopeless and pathetic while she publicly talks about these changes are all about us. She’s a ghetto chick that made good for herself but has truly forgotten where she came from but hadn’t let go of those hood-like tendencies. Sad. I didn’t know who she was when she came to my campus. But she looked constipated, I guess she’s so full of it that she can’t hide it by the look on her face. All frowned up -,Not a good look.

  • CCC Survivor

    Seconding “anonymous” above. Keep digging. This is a corrupt system that values political favors and bureaucratic control over empowering educators to actually, ya know, educate.

    Instead, they keep tenure track faculty so busy with B.S. “service” and “tenure projects” (which have no relationship to what academics actually do in the larger higher ed community and are “judged” by administrators who have no qualifications for such judgment) that they don’t have time to actually work toward changing the system for the benefit of the students. Which is exactly what they want. The tenure process at CCC is a personality test, designed to identify those faculty who resist the B.S. so they can be fired before they get tenure.

    Please – investigate the tenure process at City Colleges. Then ask any other member of any academic community if the tenure process makes any sense or adds any real value to the colleges or to a professor’s field.

    • Anon

      The tenure process as it stands now the above is correct. Previously (before District Office took it over) the Vice President of Academic Affairs or the Dean of Instruction, who is usually a former faculty member or someone who has been in higher ed for long time though that is sometimes not the case, at the school reviews it a faculty member’s portfolio to see if they are qualified to hold a position as protected as tenured faculty.

      • SOS


        Just shut up, Seriously, who are you protecting?

      • I SOS your SOS

        If you had read the first sentence you would see… no one. That is how it USE to be done (of course there were District guidelines but the President at the school had a larger impact on who got it), now it is just a cluster of madness with the District Office. Ya the tenure portfolios were big, bulky and required at least some work to be done. Why should the schools grant tenure to someone just because they teach at the school for a few years? Just pipe down and go work on your binder.

        It is fact that the VP of Academic Affairs at a good number of the City Colleges have classroom experience (Daley and Wright I know for sure). Same with Dean of Instruction. There are some cases where that is not true. I personally think that for someone to hold those positions that they should have extensive classroom experience. Amazes me how many people don’t inform themselves of their boss’ background and then get mad and tells someone to shut up when it is pointed out that they are not all mindless administrators who don’t know anything about higher ed (at least at the College level….District the previous statement about mindless so far holds true).

      • CCC Survivor

        The tenure binders as they stand now are filled to the brim with pointless busywork. They are designed to be unnecessarily burdensome and time-consuming in order to distract tenure-track professors from what should be their real work. If you “just do what you’re told” and fill up your binder and get tenure, they figure you’ll continue to just do what you’re told as a tenured professor. And by that time, you’ll be too tired and burned out to try to fight for change in the system. Which, again, is exactly what they want.

        I know the exact backgrounds of the people who evaluated my tenure portfolio. As a result, I also know that they were completely unqualified to judge me on my merits as a professor or a scholar. Not that they would ever care about professors being scholars, as evidenced by my former campus’s crackdown on letting us use professional development money (that we’re entitled to by contract!) for travel to academic conferences in our fields.

        Anti-intellectualism. Just do what you’re told. Teach what we tell you to teach the way we tell you to teach it.

        This is why I left. This is why I’ve actively dissuaded people from applying for teaching jobs in City Colleges. It’s a corrupt, disgusting system and it needs to be dismantled and started anew if any real education is going to take place.

  • Chicago Taxpayer

    I work very hard like most for the money I earn. As a taxpayer, I am extemely disapppointed to read how my tax dollars are been wasted at the City Colleges. If there nothing behind this story by doesn’t Hyman grant an on camera interview to set the record straight? Jay, I hope you continue to look into this story and press for that interview — ON CAMERA. What does the next mayor think about all this?

  • CCC Observer 3

    The CCC teacher, Keith Jordan, who said he has the utmost confidence in the chancellor was her math prof when she was a student at Olive-Harvey in the 90s. They must be friends.

    • CCC observer 3,761

      Why of all the teachers did Jay Levine interview HIM?

    • Let's Tell the Truth

      By the way, Hyman received a D grade in that remedial class

  • teach

    The people who actually work and study in the seven city colleges have had it UP TO HERE with “reinvention”. All that is being reinvented is a gigantic public relations campaign for the same old mayoral cronies. Good for you, Jay Levine, for finally publicizing the irresponsible spending, lay-offs, and patronage hiring at District Office since Daley appointed Ms. ComEd, Cheryl Hyman.

    City Colleges is NOT FAILING — read some national reports like IPEDS or HLC, people (Greg Hinz)!

    There is NO NEED for a District Office to exist except to bleed more taxpayer money for business execs who have NO background in education to create anxiety and “busywork” for the college teachers and staff who are already over-burdened!

    The District Office needs to be AUDITED, INVESTIGATED, and DISSOLVED.

    • SOS

      Teach 2X

      Jaw dropping truth…truth. Teach and teach again.

  • HaHa

    It is sad because, just like any organization or educational institution there is room for growth and change within CCC. This current attempt at education reform/restructuring is a good living case study and example of WHAT NOT TO DO!!! The problem is that the chancellor is so rude, ghetto, thick headed, unprofessional and tends to spew off a bunch of poorly crafted statements when confronted wirh a question or comment that her PR team has not proactively designed a response for. She also lacks a comprehensive understanding of the mission of community colleges is uneducated on the rules of governance mandated by CCC ‘s accrediting body. Her and her leadership team annoyingly quote statistics that are not accurately represented and have idiotic, idealistic metaphors to describe what CCC faculty and staff should do to support her agenda. It’s a disgrace that she is a CCC alumna and has a lack of respect for faculty and staff. Her approach is all wrong and leadership style is distasteful. Objectively speaking, CCC can and should strive for improvement, (maybe CCC should have made her work on her English before allowing her to graduate), however, the premises and hypothesis for which she is basing her decisions on are LOADED with fallacies on top of the fact that she is just simply a terrible person to work with or for. The board should focus on replacing her with someone who understands academia, specifically community colleges and has also developed a track record of effective leadership and fiscal management. She making knee jerk decisions without the proper understanding and her newly hired, high paid yes men are just searching for any piece of information that supports her agenda. Is she spending money to research what best promotes success? Is she listening to the people who actually serve the students at the colleges? Is she using sound judgement to make carefully planned decisions? Has she set realistic goals and provided adequate time and resources to impact REAL change? A BIG FAT NO to all of the above. She deserves a grade of F, do not pass go, do not continue to make life working for CCC full of silly and baseless policy changes that change like your favorite restaurants daily lunch specials, do not continue to pass down unreasonable bureaucratic staff workloads that impede stellar service to students. Go back to ComEd, if they even want you back. Even with all the political B.S. taken out the picture, Chancellor Hyman is just a horrible leader and simply a person with some deep rooted psychological issues much like most of the new Vice Chancellors she has hired. I guess crazy likes company just as much as misery!!!!
     And as for Keith Jordan,I met him a few times and over the past 4 or 5 years I’ve come to find out he’s a kiss up that needs to be fired for a variety of reasons so he will agree with whatever the chancellor says or does if he thinks it will keep him in her good graces (especially since she was his former student and she has praised him publicly).

  • Blame enough to go around

    This seems a bit of a witch hunt. Hyman does not work alone. The Board members are:
    Martin Cabrera Jr., Chairman
    Terry E. Newman, Secretary
    Everett Rand, Member
    Rev. Albert D. Tyson, III, Member
    Gloria Castillo, Member
    Nancy J. Clawson, Member
    Regina M. Hawkins, Assistant Board Secretary

    More information can be found at the Board website, http://www.ccc.edu/BoardMembers.asp
    They are all guilty of the misdeeds occurring at CCC and should all be held accountable. Mr. Levine should request interviews with these people.

  • luv my job

    Mr, Levine, thank you for finally bringing this story to light. There is much more information to the mishandling of the City Colleges of Chicago by Chancellor Hyman. Before she was placed on her pedestal by the out going Mayor Daley, there were many strides that had been taken to improve the learning environment for our students. It seems that she didn’t care what some of the presidents had accomplished before her arrival. As it has been stated in several comments, she is a very rude person who curses at everyone at the drop of a hat and looks down on everyone except those who she has brought in to CCC. This is no longer about education or the students. It’s all about the MONEY! CCC is quickly becoming a business. Despite what she has stated many times, it is NOT about the students. Also, staff are suffering because of the recent hiring that has occurred. Many staff that are not unionized have not had a raise in several years now. It is said that if you mention raises to her, you risk losing your job. Morale at campuses are at a all time low. Dedicated staff are now looking to resign or to retire. Many CCC employees are also alumni. These people are proud to say that after receiving there education at CCC they decided to stay and assist in the education of other students, whether it is in the classroom or in servicing the students through student support. We all know that when the Presidents are let go (sorry, when they don’t ace the “interview”) many of their support staff and administrators will also find themselves having to re-apply for their positions. We already know what that will end. Finally, all CCC staff members have to take an ethics test each year and are expected to pass and adhere to the CCC ethics policy. Who will take Cheryl Hyman hire to take her test? How many rules of the ethics policy has she broken? There definitely needs to be an investigation and hopefully the incoming Mayor can put a halt to what Ms. Hyman and her team are doing to students, faculty and staff.

  • SOS

    Thank you CBS for exposing this pathetic attempt at improving education in Chicago.Perhaps we should begin with almost ex -mayors attempt at destroying the city before he jumped ship.He also controlled the media outlets such that not one of the chose to cover these so called reinvention charades.
    Are they reinventing the wheel at taxpayers expense?
    Why would I want to attend a school that advertises it’s lask of success.How musch is being spent on ads on CTA buses and trains.What is the real meaning of those ads? THOSE ADS ARE MEANINGLESS.
    Do these vice chancellors have job descriptions? Did the system not produce successful students and profeesionals before this under previous chancellors?

  • enquirer

    Way to go Jay! Keep on this story taxpayers need to know the truth.
    Enough of this Smoke and Mirrors.
    Will there be more hires of friends and family of Daley?
    Will Daley have a new job as another well paid administrator or consultant at the City Colleges?

  • Former Student

    Former student of CCC and now VP

    It’s amazing how we are quick to judge the leaders who are put in positions to make transformational change. You try moving a mountain. The Board and Hyman have a difficult task…. transform a system that has failed. I was taught by 20+ professors at CCC and I could only point out ONE that inspired me. That is the root problem !
    Students need educators who are advocates and mentors – how many of our CCC educators truly inspire students to stretch themselves and prepare for 4 year Universities or to enter the brutal workforce? That is what we need to continue to focus on – and we should start by holding the Presidents of the school accountable… No different than any other Institution regardless of TENURE. Give the new Board/Hyman time to TRANSFORM and we can only see what happens. I wasted 3 years in the CCC system and then realized I needed to go elsewhere. Recently earned an MBA from Loyola.

    • Gato

      @former student- You spent 3 years in the CCC system? That’s a long time. Sounds like you need a special ed teacher, not ready for prime time with college professors.
      I attended Wright College in the 90’s and in two years earned the gen ed credits I needed to transfer to DePaul.
      I had a great experience at Wright. Thanks to a quality, inexpensive education I was eventually able to earn a degree from DePaul. I could not have done it with city colleges.
      It’s sad to see this story. Sounds like the students and their parents need a “reinvention” not the faculty.

    • CCCstudent

      I am a CCC student and I have many teachers who inspire me. But, I’m not at all inspired by Cheryl Hyman

    • CCC alumni

      Hey former student … whatcha doing, looking for Hyman to hand you a job? Or maybe you already have one. Ha ha

    • CCC Survivor

      Former Student: You try inspiring students when you’ve been beaten down and demoralized by an administration that does not value education.

  • Ferguson

    Give ’em hell Jay! As a Chicago taxpayer I am disgusted to hear about the waste and apparent patronage going on with the new administration at city colleges.
    The chancellor, a former ComEd employee, is following their marketing slogan a couple years back- “What do you do with your power?” She’s abusing it!!!!
    A driver??
    We’re closing public schools and she has a driver???
    Jay, get her on camera and grill baby, grill!

    • SOS


      Get her. Be careful. She bites. She may want you fired. I would not be surprised if she is in an emergency meeting right now discussing it with her legal team.

  • http://haroldlounge.com/2011/03/24/notes-from-yesterdays-fc4-meeting/ Notes from Yesterday’s FC4 Meeting « The Harold Lounge

    […] by PhiloDave on March 24, 2011 As you might have gathered from Jay Levine’s report and the correction in the first comment, the March FC4 meeting took place yesterday at Malcolm X. […]

  • K Cronin

    Great to see old school investigation reporting. Watching the report with Bill and Walter on the set was classic. Excellent job!

  • CCC Alum

    Google “Cheryl Hyman bankruptcy” … The basic question is how do we expect someone who couldn’t handle her own finances to handle the finances of a huge public agency? Channel 2’s reports shows exactly what we *should* expect — someone who appears set on driving the CCC into bankruptcy, too!

    But let’s give her the benefit of the doubt regarding the her personal bankruptcy — anyone can have health problems, divorce, job loss, etc., that can cause such a development. Most of the Google results, though, are for the ridiculous lawsuit she filed against a creditor who erroneously pursued a debt after she had filed her bankruptcy. The creditor had a valid defense, but the lawsuit shows another recurring development in Hyman’s character: She is a greedy opportunist to the highest degree, even when the courts and the press (and the students, and the faculty, and the laid-off employees and…) don’t agree with her. Can’t wait to see if the new mayor agrees with her.

  • ax2grind

    Why does she have 3 secretaries?

    • ItsOutofControl

      One to fetch her Harold’s Chicken, one to do her personal grocery shopping and one to cover up her misdeeds. Just my guess

  • StopTheFoolishness


  • StopTheMadness


  • TruthisPower

    It has become abundantly clear that there is a lack of leadership at the highest level of this Institution since the appointment of Cheryl Hyman. Anyone with any sense of discernment could see that from the very first time she was introduced to various departments and individuals, she was a nasty, mean-spirited, unprofessional and vapid individual, who has no regard for education or for those who value education. In some cases when you have a feckless individual at the helm of an organization, their ineptitude can often be masked by surrounding them with stellar talent, however, all of Hyman’s minions that were hired by her (or dumped on CCC by others) are ill equipped to work at this Institution or simply have no regard for the Institution (notwithstanding that some of them were dumped here from the Chicago Public Schools, which doesn’t say much about CPS either). However, let’s not be so quick to fault Hyman for everything that has occurred at CCC in the past year or so. Some of the blame falls on the soon-to-be former mayor, the former Chairman who had a failed mayoral run and the current board of trustees of CCC (a.k.a. Rubber Stamp for Hyman to run amuck). She may just be a pawn in all of this. However, this still doesn’t excuse her actions or behavior.
    She came in with an obvious attitude and chip on her shoulder, as if she was better than everyone here and others were beneath her and incompetent. This is a woman who won’t speak to anyone or acknowledge anyone (even when you are the only person on the elevator with her and she knows who you are and sees you on a daily basis) unless it’s one of her minions or reinvention lackeys. This behavior coming from a leader of an educational institution is appalling. This institution has been around long before her and will be around long after she is gone (which is hopefully in the near future). Perhaps if she weren’t such a nasty individual people wouldn’t have such disdain for her and she wouldn’t have to be paranoid and have a secured fortress on her floor, which by the way, slows business and productivity down, since no one is allowed to go on her floor without clearance, even if they work for CCC on other floors in the building!


  • TruthIsPower

    She brought in individuals who were supposed to be the brightest of the brightest and gave them undeserved and unearned power and authority, though most lack expertise and/or experience for the task at hand. For example, her little pet Bisarya, pardon me, Dr. Bisarya, is supposedly an M.D. Really? A doctor, yet working for a community college? What happened, couldn’t pass the boards? Didn’t have a good bedside manner? Get real. If he is such a preeminent individual in his field of medicine, why slum with the people you find are beneath you? At least his arrogant attitude suggests that this is what he believes. He isn’t the only person with a haughty attitude. Virtually all of her hires and those City Hall/City of Chicago lackeys hired as part of her so-called “dream team”, all walk around with their noses in their air. She enables this kind of atmosphere, which consequently has negatively affected employee morale.


  • TruthisPower

    There are the countless number of individuals with trumped up titles, who do little to no work. For example, a chief of staff who walks around all day laughing and giggling, and being a complete buffoon, yet people in the District Office are scratching their heads wondering what he actually does all day, in terms of work. Then there is the ‘advisor to the board’. Isn’t the board of trustees comprised of astute professionals and community members who presumably should be advising Hyman? If they need to be advised then that’s troubling, and they should either resign their position or be removed. Similarly, Hyman needs to resign or be removed.

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