Walter’s Perspective: If I Were King


It’s a political, as well as a military question, whether to send Americans to fight another war, in addition to the two wars they’re already fighting.

It’s a tough question for not only the president, but the Congress.

How would you answer it? Would you send our young men and women to death in Libya?

If I were in charge, say if I were king, would I send Americans to die in Libya? I’m not sure.

One thing I would do for sure if I were king is make it for sure that any politician who votes for war has to send his or her children to fight it.

If the big shots in Washington want war, that’s their decision, but I’d make them pay the price everyone else has to pay.

In other words, there would be no Capitol Hill special treatment or pulling strings to stay out of the war.

If I were king, I’d see to it that politicians put their feet where their mouths are. That way I would know who in Washington is more into making speeches than providing homeland security.

That way, the country would know better whom to send to Washington.

  • MADD

    If I were King, I would do away with all those stupid DUI laws and get my drink on!

    • Bill

      Are you MADD that you are an alcoholic?The first thing alcohol in it’s abuse is to affect the area of the brain that contains logical thinking!Therefore the only thing left is idiot!

  • Concerned

    I agree with Walter. It’s about time our politicians’ kids are required to serve. What’s good for one is good for all. If their kids had to serve, I wonder if the US would be as quick to send our troops overseas every time a country has civil unrest. Does anyone monitor Selective Service anymore? I know of a few 21+ individuals when told they need to sign up they responded, “I’m not signing up, I’m not going to war.”

    Keep up the good work, Walter!

    As for the comment from MADD, you are an idiot. I lost a niece at the age of 20 to someone who got his drink on!!


    One thing we overlooked on this topic..

    The number of pregnancies that would increase because young females would be attempting to avoid the draft that would be sure to come if Americans were called to war again.
    Does this country even HAVE a Selective Service anymore?
    How much more effort would high school and colege students put into their studies if they knew that failure would automatically qualify them for military service?

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